Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

May 5, 2023| 10:33 am (PST) | Keyword: Conflict

The Moon is now moving through earth’s shadow and closing out the current eclipse cycle in the sign of Scorpio. In the span between the two eclipses (solar and lunar), you’ve probably experienced events that set the stage as the catalyst for change. For some, situations triggered a more energetic and aggressive approach to life and highlighted persons involved in the military, a police career, or entrepreneurs holding the immense self confidence necessary to work on endeavors that seem to defy insurmountable odds. For these individuals, the tendency is to feel lost without a goal or purpose. The available energy suggests the vitality and energy to transform existing conditions and accomplish great feats of strength and psychic concentration. This might include probing, the search for different options, and the willingness to confront in pursuit of information. As a result, this can be a time of jolting news where the truth is revealed. The events that unfold over the coming months are likely to focus on persons with strong Scorpio in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign).

However, in a time of extremes and with the enormity of such strength at the disposal, the caution is also not to infringe on the rights of others with less power. A fated event is fused with an influence that grants the love of challenge, but also a rashness of action and headstrong attitude that leads one to overestimate personal strength.

The Moon inspires those who want to give aid to others, particularly in working with women or children, and while fused with the Part of Popularity, may give rise to some acclaim. This might reveal a leader with a mission, the desire for a mission, or to be identified with a cause. It can mean to work with victims or to become one through great success or great loss. Over the duration of this cycle, alliances hold special significance and are tied to optimism, a lucky chance, or a blissful realization with the Jupiter|Uranus midpoint sitting atop the asteroid Union.

The current influence can endow you with the strength to act decisively due to an unwavering conviction of what you consider to be right despite attempts to intimidate or coerce you otherwise. You’ll be making decisions that influence the direction of your life over the next few years with an impact over both your immediate and distant future. These choices may include career, marriage, leaving home, moving to another country or making a total lifestyle change.

The Moon is parked in the house most consumed with creation and the desire to birth something highly personal. With governance over love, romance, children, creative expression, entertainment, sports, and speculation, these are the areas emphasized for change bringing your sense of personal power into view.

This means a more emotional projection in relationships and the strong possibility to begin a new romantic relationship, especially with the Part of Sexual Attraction linked with the North Node. With the Moon in the house of self-expression, you may find it easier to express your needs and desires. If you’re not involved romantically and haven’t been for a long while, it’s possible you’ll meet someone during the coming year and this connection will mark a “first” for you in some way. It can underscore a significant relationship, sexual relationship, moving in together, or the start of dating the person you’ll marry or who’ll become your life partner. If you’re in an established relationship, the advice is try to avoid upsetting changes during the year.

Whether married or not, you’ll feel a deep and compelling emotional connection to a new person. Events can trigger questions as to whether you are friends or lovers. In fact, you may be involved in a hidden love relationship or one with a clandestine quality to it. A significant event is conjoined to the Part of Secrets and the asteroid Cupido lending an interest in love, relationships, beauty, and art with the Part of Lust in opposite aspect. For one reason or another, you may find it difficult to be openly attracted. Perhaps there are differences between you, others may disapprove of your relationship, or either of you may be already committed to someone else. On the other hand, it could be that the two of you choose to spend more private time alone with each other. The nature of this relationship may not include sexual involvement, though it’s highly possible that as emotional fulfillment and intimacy deepens between you, a sexual connection will also develop.

If you do become involved in a romantic relationship, it will be marked by greater emotional depth than usual and intense feeling. In fact, because of this, you’ll have difficulty hiding feelings and keeping the relationship a secret. Emotions can vacillate depending on how well the relationship is going and whether or not you can see each other. Negatively, intimate personal or family relationships involve conflicts that are very apparent and produce subtle insights into psychological complexes. The relationship planet, Venus, is traveling in arm with the star Polaris suggesting single-minded ideas about relationships or a closed attitude to sexuality. Issues may include obsessions, compulsions, addictions, jealousies and control. In a marriage or love affair, you may reach a crisis point that requires you to redefine the entire nature of your relationship.

Friends and other relationships are important and you’ll examine the role they play in your life as well through increased socializing and interaction. You’ll be drawn to new kinds of friends and old friendships may fade away due to a shift in interests or circumstance. Engaging in group activities and working with others provides insight through exchanges that offer you an effective way to accomplish your aims. When you are sociable, you’re attracted to people, places and things that offer significance and quality to your life. Those who are at peace, wise or self-possessed are especially attractive to you.

This strong need to relate emotionally can manifest in any number of intense personal situations taking your relationships and partnerships through profound and significant transformations. The protective and nurturing instincts you possess activate the strong desire to take care of someone, although if overly expressed, carry the potential to create dependency issues or a savior-victim dynamic. You may feel an unusual degree of selflessness in the call to take care of a loved one in need of help or participate in charitable activities. It’s in your best interest to help only those who’re truly in need and those whom you’re qualified to help. In some cases, changes in your relationships with children occur. You may be more involved and especially concerned with their well-being. Your children are more emotional and may require extra love and attention from you, particularly if your relationship or home environment is changing. Perhaps they’re leaving home, moving to another state, or entering college at a distance. For some, a child will return home.

Alternatively, you may feel angry about having to meet the needs of others and will experience power struggles in trying to balance those needs with your own. You may feel divided between personal and professional goals or find it difficult to balance time and activities. A link with the star Castor means learning to live with polarities, enduring the ups and downs, or juggling two lifestyles. But you can undermine yourself by using anger as an excuse for self-defense or by allowing yourself to be exploited by others. A more constructive use of the increased energy is to take corrective action or work off energy physically or intellectually.

If the focus is not relationship oriented, you may be content with your own company and desire seclusion. It may be that you’re taking this time for inner healing and comfort or have decided to devote yourself to more emotional or spiritual qualities rather than efforts toward material pursuits or worldly achievements. Outer beauty may not be as highly valued as the inner qualities you seek and having money is not as important to you as the quality of life you’re living. If so, spirituality may deepen allowing you to meaningfully engage through everyday experiences for greater understanding. As part of the process, meditation, reflection and introspection can be fundamental for evolution. The interest in higher consciousness and spiritual truth can herald a period of great enlightenment, especially if you’re open to exploration. As a result, you may be involved in mystical experiences that could significantly affect your life, your understanding and your perception of your purpose. On the other hand, you may need to protect yourself from others who try to force you to pursue religious or philosophical systems which do not fulfill your needs or are inconsistent with who you are.

You might also choose an artistic or creative means of emotional expression such as painting, writing, or music. Talent and income is linked together by the Part of Entertainment and Part of Influence. This is a cycle to assert your drive for achievement, and opportunity presents for you to show the world what you can do. The preference is likely to be for working independently on your own projects that require self-initiative and self-motivation, rather than working with others. This is supported by your ability to conceive a plan, work harder and longer, and follow it through to completion. The emphasis is on self-actualization and developing strengths that were previously unrealized. The retrograde Mercury in Taurus accentuates resources, security, and financial stability, and while the present may not be so much of a concern, a lack of funds in the foreseeable future may be important if there’s financial uncertainty. Perhaps it’s difficult for one reason or another for you to determine the amount of money you’ll be able to earn. However, you may ultimately decide that emotional fulfillment overrides this concern.

If interested in career, this is a good time to undertake new studies or training that can help toward advancement. However, there could be confusion around a course of study, curriculum or where you’ll attend. The Part of Academia is retrograde in the work sector and it may indicate a lack of motivation, goals or funding or you may end up just thinking about going back to school. Nevertheless, you’ll try very hard to move ahead in your profession, career, social status or reputation and an easy flow of opportunities related to these areas can arrive. You’ll achieve greater progress if you’ve worked hard for this success in the past. It could be to your advantage to network and make business connections now in order to plan for future career developments. Creative ideas and communication with superiors can help you to move forward. In fact, you may receive greater responsibility or be asked to play a greater role in the decision-making process in your work environment. But without changes that improve efficiency, work may become more tedious, detail-oriented, or repetitive.

If you’re unhappy with present employment, this is an excellent time to change jobs and you may get a new job with little or no effort or serendipitous encounters may lead to benefit. You could end up doing something totally different that what you’d anticipated. These changes will often be initiated by others where unexpected situations encourage you to change your direction. As a result, your goals are in flux and subject to radical revision. The opportunities you encounter may relate to a new field of interest which allows you to easily transition into a new career. If self-employed or in need of clientele, clients may begin to come to you of their own accord without you actively seeking them. Perhaps you expand, relocate your business, make new connections, or branch out into new areas of growth. The caution is to avoid missteps that compromise your business ethics or put you in a position that demands uncomfortable concessions. Mercury’s backward motion incites a review of holding principles and being honest in all business dealings.

Lastly, there’s a focus on the protection of health, the guard against illnesses, and ailments of the stomach. Eat healthy and avoid excess as you may be particularly prone to stomach upset.’

In truth, you may participate in any situation that will provide you the deep emotional experience you’re seeking at this time, but the keyword for this cycle is conflict, and references the aggressive energy to achieve as mentioned above. The personality is one disposed to travel, adventure, and change. With vigor, it’s possible to attain a position where personal influence will have sway over many, yet the inclination is to take from others more than one is willing to give. The lesson is in learning to lean back into a more peaceful life, otherwise by reason of strange influences, disaster will be the end.

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