1st Quarter Moon in Leo

April 27, 2023 | 2:19 pm (PST) | Keyword: Affection

The Moon is in Leo slowly drifting through the sector of the hidden prompting situations involving secretive information despite this sign’s need to be the center of attention. Any enterprises you begin now may have positive influence on the future and some could be working behind the scenes on projects that will eventually showcase excellence in artistic creativity. The perseverance of Leo ensures effectiveness in sales, and self-confidence coupled with a desire for partnership can also endow special ability in areas of public relations, the performing arts, and diplomacy. This influence encourages union, particularly for those who’re highly romantic and ardent in love. Others take notice of persons in possession of unusual charm, grace, and magnetism, and this week’s events are likely to include persons with strong Leo in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign).

While the character of Leo is usually to take center stage, at this time you feel the need to be private about your feelings due to intense emotions that are difficult to express, or dialogue that is misunderstood or not well-received. The Moon is making an opposition to Pluto, which in some cases, will bring confrontation with women who’re uncooperative. But with the Moon sitting in the house of self-undoing, your actions might actually indicate being your own worst enemy. Perhaps you feel that aggression toward you is unwarranted and your response is to become hostile. If not careful, the inability to compromise on a point of contention can push you toward vindictive action or words you later regret. Although you have a strong belief in the correctness of your position or path that motivates the drive to succeed and move forward, you should resist the urge to take any form of revenge.

Alternatively, you may be socially withdrawn or isolated because of a change in environment where you haven’t yet established solid emotional connections. On the other hand, perhaps you’re contemplating the deeper meaning of life and compassion for those less fortunate. You’re inspired to help or lead and to seek solutions to long term problems in order to maintain dignity in family or community. In some cases, you may be hiding your emotions in order to protect someone who’s ill and needs positive encouragement. In fact, it’s possible you’ll have contact with those in need of care and involvement with hospitals or rehabilitation, especially if someone in your life is suffering from a drug or alcohol problem. You’re especially sensitive and may willingly assist, however, this may be with someone who refuses to help him/herself, and you or someone else may play the role of martyr or victim.

Certain situations may warrant restraint of your emotions such as a secret or clandestine affair that requires discretion. Circumstances surrounding romantic involvement may require you to be alone or the individual you’re seeing may not want to be seen in public or get involved emotionally. On the other hand, your indecision and the tendency to vacillate can create blockages that make it consistently difficult to reveal strong inner feelings. Nevertheless, you’re seeking to experience yourself through one-to-one encounters, partnerships, and intimate relationships. The planetary influence stimulates you to choose the path of intensity and drama that follows the most passion through strong emotional relationships. If not yet married, your relationship could lack definition or a time table. A lack of commitment or a need for delay in getting married might be attributed to limitations that affect the relationship. Perhaps it’s due to living in different areas of the country, scheduling difficulties, or basic differences in character or economic status. If so, time together may be restricted by work, distance, parents, or other circumstances. The continual flux in the life upsets security and closeness needs.

However, a blatant refusal to love or the inability to trust can lead to denial of commitment and restrictions so severe that the relationship eventually dissolves. Most significant relationships will have an issue that needs to be addressed before the relationship can move forward and develop while established associations will test you with increasing demands. Partnership is inherently challenging but you shouldn’t remain in situations that are detrimental to your well-being.

Whether trying to keep hidden the extent of some hurt you’ve suffered, using solitude to pursue your own interests, or simply a lack of interest in socializing, this is a time when you’ll attempt to keep emotional secrets or matters hidden because of the reaction a revelation might cause.

This Moon is intertwined with the asteroid Casanova. As you may well know, Casanova was renowned for the possibly inflated number of sexual conquests that gave him the reputation as a womanizer. He firmly declared his newly found life avocation as a result of his first sexual experience after which he spent a lot of time gambling and engaging in amorous pursuits without remorse. For some, this might point to issues of fidelity, chauvinism, jealousy, or exaggerated accounts of exploit that pose a dilemma in relationship or of being beguiled by the charm of others. This energy is reaffirmed by the Moon’s link to Hamal highlighting the popular rogue, free-spirited person, or someone who challenges authority in a way that is loved or appreciated by others.

But this period is also about expanding your consciousness through education or travel. The goal is to step outside of your normal experience and expertise in order to push the boundaries that open you to new possibilities. As a result, your belief system may be challenged bringing you to the realization of a major misconception you’ve held. Events cause you to question the validity of any prejudice, intolerance, or belief that has previously guided, misguided or controlled your life. Positively, you may also realize the fulfillment of a strong belief in your own abilities that prove to be well-founded through practical application in your life.

An intense desire for freedom will motivate you to defy limitations because you don’t want your goals to be dominated, restricted or controlled by others. Perhaps you don’t need support from others and will pursue your objectives despite any objections. Negatively, you may act against conventions of society, feel restricted by social norms, rebel, or place yourself in danger. The problem is one of seeking freedom and independence at the expense of security. The paradox is the individual so out of touch with his own ambitions that he’s unable to achieve anything permanent or secure.

The axis that rules over lovers, children, recreational travel and creativity as well as friends, groups, goals, hopes and wishes is emphasized through both a degree of urgency and an interception of delay that presents a (temporary) blockage. With an intercepted Mars, energy tends to be internalized and suggests learning to direct anger and effort at the appropriate target or goal. You or others can resort to unusual tactics for self defense or revenge driven by unexpected spikes of enthusiasm and adrenaline rushes that occur. This period marks the end of a mental cycle where you feel mentally overwhelmed or bored, but can also bring an end to relationships with siblings, cousins or neighbors. Additionally, it’s the end of a spiritual cycle and the release of old belief systems and philosophies that no longer serve a purpose. The change can come as the result of a far-from-home pilgrimage or the end of a self-seeking journey that inspires internal change and self-improvement.

The good news is that after a period of depression, sadness ebbs and fades and your sense of power returns allowing you to experience recovery from an illness or injury or positive indication in questions of love and friendship. The keyword for the cycle is affection and heralds opening heart (and mouth) to express emotion, but also seeking peace from the world, false ideas of justice, and pain. Those who embody happiness will be favored, and if marriage is in the cards, it’ll be a union of souls.

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