Tete-a-Tete| As Luck Would Have It | Apr 5, 2023

Daily Love Advice – Your Guide to Navigating Relationships

A change of fortune is affecting the level of intimacy between you or another. Perhaps you’ve taken a gamble on love that leads to a deepening of an emotional and/or physical bond or a romantic getaway has (re)ignited the spark of desire. Despite certain choices of the past, those decisions that seemed to initially work against you have paid off in the long run through a changed perspective and more meaningful exchange. The improved connection comes with the understanding that sometimes you have to do more than your “fair” share if you want to make matters better.

On the other hand, impatience, failure to open to new opportunity, intolerance, or resistance to beneficial change could send your relationship spinning in the wrong direction. As a result, either of you may feel like the relationship is in a rut, your connection is out of sync, or the alliance is a dead end.

Image: Card Party in the Home of Elis Schroderheim, Pehr Hillestrom

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