1st Quarter Moon in Cancer

March 28, 2023 | 7:32 pm (PST) | Keyword: Publicity

The Moon is drifting through the sign of Cancer placing emphasis on home and family. In some cases, the goal is toward marriage as the means of establishing a secure home life, and this moon is positive for questions regarding love and marriage or the achievement of a goal. This period will highlight feminine strength and the sacrifices that women make without glory or personal fame as they quietly work behind the scenes giving of themselves to help or benefit others. The influence heightens the ability to emotionally understand and appreciate women, nurturing qualities, and domesticity. Alternatively, perhaps you work with the public, large groups of people, or your career may involve protecting or taking care of people. Nevertheless, an inner restlessness stimulates the urge to get away from the daily routine and you’re likely to be changing life objectives or making changes related to travel plans or a move. Persons with strong Cancer in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign) will play a central role in these events.

Certain situations that take place during this cycle puts focus on those who’re most comfortable in working with money or the resources of others. In fact, money or gifts may come through unusual sources or unexpected events that change your financial situation. This can be money through your spouse, business partner, or through a bank or other financial institution without any special effort on your part. Funds may come to you through an inheritance, insurance, settlement, legal action or joint financial venture, or the payments may be due to profit sharing, retirement funds, royalties or disability.

While not strongly emphasized, with Libra as the rising sign situations may connect to legal matters, involvement with the legal system, or consultation with a lawyer, or you may become involved in a legal dispute related to relationships or business partnerships. Asteroid Ambrosia is sitting on the Aries point which might indicate the sweet nectar of victory in a lawsuit, contest, or other competitive activity that plays out before the public and involves persons unknown involved in matters.

Sexuality may also be a defining trait, and it’s possible that a sudden romantic attachment will greatly affect or change your life. The sexual side of your relationship may be stimulated lending a greater intensity or pleasure to any love relationship you’re involved in. However, this love relationship can also be more complicated. There may be something unconventional or unusual surrounding this romantic interest as you have a tendency to be drawn toward certain individuals for reasons you may not clearly understand. One relationship may be particularly compelling and will offer the opportunity to face your fears, insecurities and psychological complexes.

Whether you’re falling in or out of love keep in mind that your beliefs about experiences and relationships also tends to attract your expectations whether positive or negative. Variable moods and impulsive behavior contribute to emotional outbursts or hypersensitivity. Control issues tend to dominate in a relationship where either or both of you uses fear, intimidation, jealousy or manipulation in an attempt to gain money, sex or power over the other. In these cases, money intended for your use may not be given freely or at all or given with strings attached. Help that is needed fails to arrive. If you’re financially vulnerable, you may allow yourself to be controlled, but the tendency is to rebel against restriction. If so, this cycle will be marked by psychological evolution and confrontation.

More positively, the emotional need is to seek out fresh experiences that enrich your perspective through exposure to ideas and concepts that are novel or revolutionary and through changes to your socializing patterns. Perhaps you take up studies or a passion for a particular subject inspires you to teach a course that has real life application. You may wish to explore less popular or less mainstream styles of thinking. Travel to foreign lands or within the country can also provide benefit through friendships with new people who’re foreign or who come from a totally different background that you’ve never experienced.

All of these possibilities are meant to help you evaluate beliefs through the test of daily life. This new undertaking, experience, or event with much activity may be lacking family support causing you to go it alone. There’s a desire to bring reform through knowledge and that may mean society’s values are challenged. The beliefs that are useless must be discarded for those that are more consistent with your current life position and philosophy. In some cases, you may be asked to explain your beliefs in a public forum or through teaching and writing. On the other hand, the need may be to accept and understand customs or social problems, or issues beyond your sphere of knowledge. Emotional feedback you receive provides insight into which beliefs actually work on a mundane level. Through this testing phase of review, you learn to approach life in a way that works for you emotionally, spiritually and physically.

This is a cycle that should inspire you to play to win by focusing on worthy goals that challenge you to be your best self. Any victory received must be tempered through the governance of head and reason and the extension of generosity. The keyword for the cycle is publicity which suggests attention given to someone or something through the media or promotional information concerning a product or service. This could mean coming before the public in some way, and while it may not assure wealth, it can secure favor.

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