The Sensualist | Venus in Taurus

March 16 – April 11, 2023

Venus has moved into earthy Taurus where relationship serves as the portal for pleasure and physical gratification. Enjoyment derived through the senses is the nucleus of experience, and inspires a love of luxury and interest in the arts. Given its rulership over resources, Venus in Taurus might also persuade you that love equals financial stability and physical comfort which suggests an attraction during this transit to the archetype of provider–a partner who contributes not only emotionally, but materially as well. What else you hope is provided for depends on your value system and your beliefs. While strong personal powers of attraction stimulate the desire for physical connection, at the heart, Taurus is rather conservative leaning most towards the character traits of steadfastness, loyalty, and faithfulness. At this time, you like commitment and a common purpose in relationships.

In fact, relationships will play an important role in your accomplishments. Social ease, a pleasing personality and creature comforts are indicated, and with it the potential for success in pursuits that cater to the happiness or entertainment of others.

However, some of your beliefs regarding intimate relationships will need to be validated, and Venus will offer you a consciousness-expanding experience for personal growth. She prompts you to examine your personal philosophy giving you the chance to explain to yourself why you believe as you do while also working to establish moral guidelines that are consistent with your intimate experiences and needs.

As a result, sexual issues and shifting urges either on the upswing or decline could fall under your consideration. You could begin a karmic attachment or fall in love, but you’ll most likely focus on one relationship in particular to determine whether the association you share is still a sound, valid, or legitimate relationship. Because you’ve probably experienced some difficulty within this connection, it’s possible you have unrealistic expectations. You may review the past to determine why you came together in the first place, and this assessment will either reaffirm your commitment or make you realize that the relationship is falling short of your desires. The trigger for this review process could be your belief that an internal or external threat to the relationship exists. An example would be a real or imagined perception that you or your partner are no longer satisfied or that there’s interest in someone else.

In some cases, the concern is to restore life to something left for dead–a pursuit, relationship, or ambition. It may be the actual process of recovery from loss or the death of someone close as a consequence of accident or illness. However, it can be simply the death and rebirth of a situation.

With a connection to the Jupiter|Uranus midpoint, your experience could be happy feelings of love that lead to a sudden engagement or a changing and inconstant love life driven by rash decisions. Perhaps arguments cause the need to take a stand and confront an issue, especially with a retrograde Lilith stirring up the inclination for vindictiveness that centers on divided loyalties, sexual suspicions, and rivalry for affection, commitment or fidelity.

But the Venus link to Juno, asteroid of marriage, indicates that the effort is to keep the peace or work at making compromises that may include discussions surrounding money, art, or values. Perhaps you realize how much you appreciate a partner because of the positive points and strengths of the relationship. Your destiny is linked with the need to develop harmonious and balanced connection with the appropriate use of affections.

Aside from romance, you may also seek to define ethical codes of behavior with regard to your business partnerships through group discussions with others. A stellium of concentrated energy involving finances suggest issues concerning joint finances or money from outside sources, and the need to deal with taxes, loans, or insurance matters.

Additionally, educational pursuits may provide answers to the problems you face. In fact, you can benefit through studies materially, intellectually and/or emotionally, and learning should be an enjoyable experience with warm and sociable relationships with classmates and professors.

Generally, this is a good time to travel overseas because of increased attraction to foreign places, cultures, or people. Finances could increase due to foreign business interests that are profitable or a romance with a foreigner is possible. You’re interested in persons who are different in terms of your past experience and new advantageous acquaintances can broaden your perspective. Even if you can’t travel, you should engage in activities that challenge your preconceived ideas about culture and beauty.

The axis related to learning, communication, travel, expansion and beliefs is emphasized by its placement on the Aries point indicating events that take place in the public eye and involve persons previously unknown in affairs. With Leo as the rising sign, creativity, romance, financial speculation, or children may be part of these circumstances. The caution is to guard against the tendency for extravagance or setbacks in relationship or career because of an excessive focus on pleasure. If not careful, you’ll scatter your energy aimlessly pursuing interests without really accomplishing anything.

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