Love Notes: Week Mar 17-24, 2023

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You’re determined but be careful of where the intensity of that fire is directed, especially if the battle is one of feelings versus fact. Something unexpected is putting your tenacity to the test and wearing on your physical endurance. A series of mishaps, missteps, or hard falls indicates it’s time to reassess your position on matters and behaviors that have brought you to this very moment. Questioning the current path brings illumination about how to realign body, mind, and spirit. Perhaps the habit of living inside your head has numbed you to your physical self and the more tangible aspects of life. A reassessment confirms you don’t need to force or push things to happen once you become more present and deliberate in choices. When you begin to actually get the lesson (and get it sooner), a practical approach to living brings the victory with less struggle.


  • Seeing into past lives
  • Revelations concerning the past
  • Self-awareness that past conditioning affects your relationship
  • New information related to something from a long time ago
  • New perspective related to the past–a need to think outside the box
  • May be dealing with an ex or old lover from the past
  • A relationship with someone due to unfinished business OR awareness that you’ve agreed to continue the love in this incarnation


  • Awareness of projection or behaviors reflected back (yours/others)
  • Illusions about wisdom (you/others)
  • Knowledge/truth–the wisdom to recognize a facade–it’s all just an illusion
  • Life is an illusion and we’re all players in the game
  • Some aspect of self, your relationship, or partner is illusory and not as it appears on the surface–wisdom that forces one to look in the mirror (self/others)
  • Seeking inner peace rather than the excessive preoccupation with appearance–to “appear” happy, financially stable, attractive, successful, etc. in order to attract
  • Wisdom to discern superficial relationship concerned predominantly with looks
  • A need for spiritual guidance–refusal to see the truth (you/others)
  • A need to take a closer look at matters and apply wisdom
  • Opening to a higher self to cut through illusion


  • Balanced portfolio–investments, assets, etc.; generational wealth–inheritance, investments, assets, royalties
  • You/partner may come from family with a great deal of wealth, power, influence
  • Wearing game face possibly to negotiate property
  • Keeping distance–staying within perceived elevated social status when dating/socializing/marrying; arranged marriage
  • Successful juggling–masking issues that may connect to government, property or assets
  • Managing the responsibility of large estate or historical property
  • Balance in government or concerning institutions
  • Putting on a game face when dealing with powerful individuals or wearing the mask of conservatism


  • Reconnecting to socialize or in a social setting; a need for recreation or down time
  • Playful banter or joking about getting back together
  • Making peace with a partner to reconcile past hurts
  • Time out before a reconciliation; reconnecting with someone you previously separated from; make up after break up
  • Luck involved or lighthearted approach to working out terms or issues
  • Letting loose (possibly speech) in relationship counseling or therapy
  • Counseling or therapy because of letting loose (going too far, excessive behavior, pushing boundaries)
  • Enjoyment of a reunion
  • Letting loose (emotions)–falling in love again


  • New love–interest, object
  • Collaborative efforts or partnership related to a new love–interest, pursuit, activity
  • Beginning stage of relationship; meeting a new potential partner (social, business, romantic)
  • New love that may involve friendship
  • Collaboration to create conditions for new love–need for playfulness and socializing
  • Celebrating; courtship
  • New love is in the works or on its way–may feel like a kindred spirit
  • New relationship on the immediate horizon


  • Surprised by age, history, or heritage; surprised at how someone has aged/matured (or not)
  • Shocked by age difference (May-December romance); relationship with someone much older who is likely to be more established financially
  • Unexpected news–becoming a parent–a need to open to new possibilities
  • Gift of vintage wine
  • Surprise from or for parents; concerns related to age; older couple
  • Someone you’ve known for a long time–blast from the past; unexpected encounter
  • Unexpected news related to the past; surprised by the wisdom of someone
  • Relationship will improve over time
  • Age and experience are factors; experience assists in making alliances


  • Haunted property
  • Power outage
  • Spirit messages and the connection to powerful individuals
  • Contemplation, inner listening regarding traditional values or conservatism
  • Taking a closer look at what may be hidden concerning a property
  • Revelations from hidden sources that may involve government, wealth, power, or assets
  • Revelations concerning history–personal or otherwise (yours/others)
  • Self awareness because you/partner may come from a family with a great deal of wealth, power, and influence
  • Old money; generational wealth–inheritance, investments, assets, royalties
  • Self-awareness due to underlying current about staying within perceived elevated social status when dating/socializing/marrying; arranged marriage


  • Waiting in vain for positive change or renewal; something feels like its taking forever to change
  • An ending leads to a new beginning; relationship may start again in new form
  • Facing the truth–may be related to a second chance
  • Transformation–making positive personal changes because of relationship; relationship undergoing positive transformation
  • Coming alive again–relationship may reawaken feelings and desires you thought were dead; revitalization of a relationship
  • Change after a period of quiet–coming out of isolation; re-entering the dating scene; social butterfly
  • Sense of renewal after putting a situation to rest
  • Changing your appearance (may be long wait for appointment or process (color, straightening, perm, etc.); might have been a long time since you’ve changed appearance


  • A need to tread lightly in matters of seduction
  • Happiness, laughter, enjoyment–seduction is vital in maintaining the passion in relationship
  • Putting it out there about a hidden affair
  • Taking a risk concerning a temptation; secret or clandestine affair
  • Boldness in making a seductive play–taking a risk (you/other); playing the role of seducer or seduced
  • Heavy flirtation–putting it out there; sexual innuendos
  • You find the boldness of a person seductively intriguing


  • A love of games, amusement, entertainment, thrill-seeking
  • Not a serious relationship–a need to bring more love into your life
  • Self love over friends with benefits
  • Transportation concerns; giving/receiving a ride
  • Open heart–relationship is mutual fun ride that may/may not develop into something deeper; relationship offers excitement and pleasure of companionship


  • Giving guidance to children; children leaving home; a focus on children
  • Moving forward or moving on from decision to have children; children are impacting the relationship
  • Aimlessness–need for orientation in matters involving children; naivete or immaturity (you/other)
  • May be involved with someone from your childhood
  • Dating someone younger (you/other); a need to remember childlike exuberance of romance (or about life) moving forward; playful interactions
  • Motivation or drive–a focus on something new; creating or following a plan


  • Romanticizing the past (you/other); history of romance or relationships
  • Exhilaration of connecting with someone from the past or addressing past issues
  • A romance from the past or past life; agreement to continue love in this incarnation
  • A need to open to love–past conditioning affects relationship
  • May be dealing with an ex or old lover from the past
  • New relationship or moving relationship to the next level (may feel extremely familiar or as if you’ve known them in the past); honeymoon phase
  • Unfinished business; something from a long time ago

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle, Love is a Garden Affirmation Deck, Dream in Color, The Alchemist Astrologer; The Good Tarot, Collette Baron-Reid; Mystical Healing, Inna Segal

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