Love Notes: Week Jan 27-Feb 3, 2023

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs:There is no intoxicant more dangerous than the passion of love; intoxicating both the holder and the beholder,” Huseyn Raza. An intense magnetism sends the siren song for a close encounter. This irresistible urge to connect is based on strong desire, physical attraction, and in some cases, pure lust. But trying to control other people or external circumstances is likely to lead to frustration. If you’re experiencing control issues surrounding the tempo of your relationship based on the outlined script in your head, you might find yourself in the midst of a rewrite, if not a recast of the characters. Relationships require time and effort without which one of you may feel misunderstood, undervalued, or unappreciated. If this is about more than the physical, the key to this time frame is the kind of communication that creates the sense of safety for both parties.


  • Turning the light on–literally, figuratively
  • Clarity about the possibility of resurrecting a relationship
  • Change as a result of greater awareness
  • Light bulb moment–how to make changes or why change occurred
  • Gaining greater clarity or truth in this relationship
  • Renewal–something thought dead has new life
  • Coming to a clear understanding–moving on from the old
  • Something about your interactions will bring important issues to light; hidden revealed


  • Disappointment surrounding an invitation or opportunity (you/others)
  • Need for community or to get out of your shell to heal a broken heart; socializing
  • Heartbroken because of hurt, loss, betrayal, separation, or break up of relationship (you/other)
  • New friend or budding romance helps heal a broken heart
  • Opportunity arrives after a disappointment


  • Confidence about gaining control; authoritarian
  • Success–confidence due to skill and mastery; recognition as an authority (topic, talent, position, etc.); riding high
  • Placing confidence in those in authority
  • Control issues as a result of an overabundance of confidence (you/others); domineering or aggressive behavior
  • Excessively demanding (you/other)–need for self appreciation and love
  • Someone expecting the royal treatment; sense of entitlement; one partner taking on most of responsibility in or for relationship


  • Family member without a place to stay; unable to find accommodations
  • Family member without a will; being written out of a will (you/other); losing inheritance
  • Behavior related to past influences
  • Rebelling against the system or family; not doing what’s expected; breaking the mold
  • Losing OR returning to a property (may be one with memories involved)
  • Memories–nostalgia for a place/time that no longer exists; reveling in the past
  • Unable to trace family roots; no memory of or history
  • Difficulty moving on–may be connected to partnership with someone from a different social status; issues surrounding marrying down (you/other)


  • Money for travel; travel related to a financial opportunity; expensive trip
  • Pushing boundaries (positive/negative) where finances are concerned
  • Expansion–may be through family business or shared financial goals
  • Need to try something new to improve financial situation; career/work may take priority over relationship
  • Workaholic; finances are affecting the relationship
  • Relationship with superior, colleague, client, coworker or in a work setting
  • Overseas investments; global banking
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry–real estate, investments, banking. etc.


  • The good fortune to have some solitude–need for rest, withdrawal; seeking sanctuary
  • Mulling things over–thinking about blessings or luck
  • A pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise (may happen when you’re alone); lucky opportunity that brings meeting with someone of interest
  • Fortunate occurrence could begin at the next quarter moon
  • Re-energizing–fortuitous stroke of luck; wish fulfilled


  • Renewal and rebirth in some area of life; new beginning
  • Healing; coming out of isolation
  • Need to encourage positive mindset–relationship may reawaken desires and feelings you thought were dead
  • Making positive personal changes because of relationship; relationship undergoing positive transformation
  • Revitalization–relationship may start again in new form; second chances
  • Re-entering the dating scene; social butterfly
  • Changing your appearance


  • Appreciation for room or intimate setting
  • Trying to hold on to something you deem valuable or beautiful (object, accommodation, person)
  • Jewelry/memento of someone highly valued ( may have had intimate connection)
  • Abundance–money spent on accommodation or intimate partner
  • Luxury connected to bedroom or intimate space; honeymoon, romantic getaway
  • A show of appreciation or gratification (physical connection, gift)
  • Enjoying life; contentment–relationship deepening in ways that may lead to greater physical/emotional intimacy


  • Rejecting the money; rejecting anything that costs too much
  • Rejecting a reading, forecast, or prediction concerning the future
  • Rejecting something connected to the future
  • Need for clarity concerning why relationship fails to move forward romantically
  • Manifesting with your thoughts–careful–what you expect you receive
  • Trying to determine if there’s lack of attraction, disinterest, incompatibility; one person investing more time and energy without a return
  • Possibilities after being initially rejected; arrival of good fortune after a lack of interest


  • Matters related to inheritance, large sums or money, or debt; release of funds
  • Sexual passion; desire, love, lust; inevitability of physical connection
  • Anger or passion connected to Scorpio person (sun, moon, rising)
  • End, transformation, or regeneration of intimate connection
  • Rushing into an intimate relationship
  • Profound and unsettling changes (reproductive health, relationship, intimacy)
  • Making a lot of money following your bliss


  • Aimlessness or need for orientation–may be due to inexperience
  • A focus on birth, conception, fertility; trying to conceive; adoption
  • Baby announcement, baby shower; new baby (or pet) in the home
  • Birth of self empowerment–harnessing personal power
  • Manifesting plans/dreams–may be the birth of a child, project, endeavor, relationship
  • Leadership role in creation; fertile period (child, project)
  • Birth of something new; initial stages


  • Illusions concerning or behind a message–revelations from hidden sources
  • A need for contemplation, inner listening (you/others)–refusal to see the truth; behavior reflected back
  • Self awareness about appearances–image, looks; excessive preoccupation with appearing happy, financially stable, attractive, etc. in order to attract
  • Superficial relationship concerned primarily with looks (you/other)
  • Projections; something about self, your relationship, or partner is illusory and not as it appears on the surface
  • Power of persuasion–it’s all an illusion
  • Note on a mirror
  • A need to take a closer look at spirit messages; mediumship

Image: Flirtation, Eugene von Blaas

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