Uranus Goes Direct

Uranus has turned direct completing the revolutionary process you’ve undergone to restructure your hopes, dreams, and expectations concerning future goals. Because of your assessment during the retrograde, you may have decided to move in a completely different direction than first anticipated. In some cases, these changes are initiated by others where unexpected situations encourage you to change course. It is because of someone else’s personal changes or uncertainties, that you’re provided an opportunity for movement in a new future direction. As a result, goals are in flux and subject to radical revision with new goals that are unprecedented for you and a major departure from past expectations and dreams. While others may be the catalyst for these changes, the new goals are completely your own and suggestive of your own individual needs. As you gather new information, you’re likely to make adjustments throughout a trial and error period that results in several false starts before full implementation.

Change also takes place within your social circle as an attraction develops to new kinds of friends while some old friendships fade away. This might be attributed to a marked decrease in common interests, sudden attractions, and/or separations. Your interests may shift leading you to join new groups and meet new friends while spending less time with old ones.

Infrequently, you may have a conflict with a friend or your friend becomes unpredictable or involved in an upsetting situation. Perhaps you’re unable to rely on old friends or groups for support since new circumstances are meant for you to function independently. You need freedom to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself and don’t want to be restricted by people or outmoded ideas. Your response will be either to seek greater freedom through the groups you identify with or rebel against their standards.

Uranus in forward motion indicates a time of risk-taking and personal growth from new goals that are vastly different from your norm. You may experience tremendous peer pressure when taking a gamble, especially if you fear what others think, but attempting to maintain the status quo or the old environment while striving for innovation can cause great anxiety. However, your new associations will tend to support fresh endeavors while still lending a sense of belonging.

Your first revolutionary act could be to subscribe.

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