New Moon in Sagittarius

November 23, 2022 | 2:57 pm (PST) | Keyword: Mutiny

The Moon is moving quickly through the sign of Sagittarius as are matters at hand. It’s a cycle that emphasizes belief systems and the ideals behind them and the gift of oration and eloquence plays a significant role in inspiring others to follow on faith. In the positive, this might mean breaking down social or emotional barriers or taking up a common cause, whether a personal or social battle, or protection for the environment. This could play out as a fight for the underdog or lead to strikes and ensuing industrial turmoil. Those with strong Sagittarius in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising signs) will be at the center of events.

However, some will talk a good game while offering grandiose ideas, big plans, and sometimes unattainable goals, yet may evade any real responsibility. This time frame is characterized by self-righteousness and domination through outspoken speech as a show of self-professed intellectual superiority that exploits subjective and fearful thinking. It’s a time of anxiety and worry and a need for objectivity that may be difficult to find given that society is divided due to extreme polarization. At the forefront, for better or worse, may be the explorer or activist; those who’re willing to take risks or take on a challenge-oriented approach to life. But it’s important to remember that while certain paths are paved with good intentions, they may not lead to the intended destination. You want to be heard and respected, but truth must allow for differing perspectives.

The events of this period are likely to be profoundly transformational through intense experiences that offer a glimpse into the psychological motivations behind the actions of others as well as a greater understanding of your own emotional needs. Emotional encounters are intertwined with power struggles and manipulation and you’ll observe how these issues play out with others and those with whom you’re involved.

The vehicle for these insights may underscore financial concerns and activities involving shared resources, budgets, loans, taxes, insurance, wills, or investments motivated by the death of some situation or condition. These circumstances require careful consideration, especially if responsibility toward others is part of the decision. Some deliberations are compelled by a need for surgery, others are prompted by possessiveness concerning property or the desire for greater control over a jointly held asset. If you share funds, the amount of money you’ll receive will shift and debts may go up or down.

For some, these emotional exchanges place you in a delicate position that calls for tact and diplomacy, particularly if you’re dealing with someone in your immediate circle in need of counseling or you’re working as a professional counselor in a therapeutic capacity. As you develop a growing intuitive awareness, you’ll use this knowledge to inform a mindful approach.

For others, concerns are directed toward sexual activity that may or may not be problematic in some way. The focus may be on associations based purely on sex or an unsatisfying sex life with the potential for infidelity. Your need to experience others on a deeply emotional level will attract people and situations that allow you to do so. However feelings of ambivalence, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, jealousy, guilt, unexplained anger, helplessness and unconscious patterns can undermine conscious actions and complicate relationships. Lilith may be stoking the fires of repressed anger, criticism, and rejection and prompting vindictive behavior as a result of the inability to resolve conflict or to beckon you to experience the forbidden.

Fortunately, you’ll be quite capable of maintaining emotional equilibrium in the face of emergencies or a potential crisis situation. In fact, you may finally address a fear or experience some form of rebirth in the aftermath of a loss. Although events can evoke feelings of loss and sadness as an inevitable part of life, they can also inspire trust in the process and its purpose with the awareness that the current suffering will pass.

But this strongly depends on your level and ability for self-restraint. The energy indicates the need to be steady and assertive to attain your goals. While matters may require that you be confrontational when it counts, it also suggests your manner of behavior (or that of others) is too aggressive or argumentative.

The keyword for this cycle is mutiny and represents persons or actions by a free-spirited group whose passions take control bringing the tendency for rash judgement and regrettable actions. Mutiny is an open rebellion against those in power or refusal to obey authority. (Haven’t we seen this before?) As a result, some will be drawn into litigation and all manner of dispute which tempts aggressive action and threats. (Something I would never advise, but especially so during a Mars retrograde.) The danger is in losing the better parts of self in the corruption of low vibration behavior. But Mars does have a lifeline of saving grace for any misconduct–perhaps it takes the form of an old friend, changing styles of governance, a partnership that proves fortunate, or the illumination and willingness to learn a new skill in order to deal with a problem.

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