Solar Tarotscope|Sagittarius

Sagittarius, it’s your call (unless you let others make it). Can you perform? A rite of passage has occurred, or will, that signals a major life change and a spiritual awakening. This milestone development marks an important ending of one phase of your life to make way for a new cycle. The process requires that you take stock of all that’s gone before to help clear the way for the opportunities ahead. This year (2022-23), you’ll reach an intended goal that takes you upward and one step closer to a higher plane of personal evolution. It may be a career change, promotion, new direction, or new lifestyle as the result of a momentous choice or decision. New experiences will come with your new position, but the most important advancement will be how much control you’ll gain over your life when you realize you no longer need the validation of others to make you happy. Perhaps you question the wisdom of certain choices, but recognize that ruminating on the past is a waste of time that offers little toward your future. It’s procrastination, a lack of purpose, or failure to answer the call to action that’ll force you to face facts, deal with issues you’ve tried to avoid or thought were resolved. While you may be reluctant to let go, this year marks a time of seeking closure in matters of regret and remorse about mistakes you’ve made and those of others. A deep understanding becomes transformative and allows you to experience unconditional love. You’re getting a second chance at something you’d like to revive or do better–don’t blow it by playing a sour note.

Card Deck: Tarot of Mystical Moments, Catrin Welz-Stein, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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