Love Notes: Week Nov 18-25, 2022

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You’re grappling with intense emotions of grief that may be due to waiting in vain for a desired change in circumstance or a relationship. Perhaps you’re unhappy or disappointed because of an emotional wounding, betrayal, or rejection.

On the other side of the coin is the wave of grief that comes with having to face the truth in the aftermath of an ending. In this case, the catalyst for profound transformation is caused by the sadness of separation or death. The clock has run out, both literally and figuratively, taking with it any room for blame, finger-pointing, or guilt.

Healing family issues is at the root of closing out a painful chapter that requires putting to rest old anger or patterns of relating that have been indoctrinated through conditioning or parental influence. Once resolved, you’ll no longer need to attract situations or people to re-enact the drama of the past. It’s only then that you’ll understand your own role and accountability to make the kind of decisions that allow you to take control of events to redirect a better outcome. For some, that could mean walking away from anything that doesn’t align with your soul.


  • Gratitude to or appreciation for Scorpio person (sun, moon, rising)
  • Inheritance; items belonging to those who have passed
  • Expensive jewelry or luxury item; contentment; abundance
  • Release of taxes, large sum of money, or debt
  • Appreciation for life in the awareness of the inevitability of death; an ending or transformation that results in completely different circumstances
  • Clinging on to OR releasing something of value–shift in scarcity consciousness
  • Profound and unsettling change because of or that affects valuables or value system


  • Need to release self-repression before moving ahead
  • Discussions about the future
  • Vitality (physical/emotional)–it’s been a long road; reaching the end of the road
  • Expressing joy (may connect to nature, planning a road trip, travel)
  • Looking ahead to doing what you love
  • Planning a future together; long-range plans


  • Second chances–thinking about how you can start over or revitalize a situation/relationship
  • Fantasy, inaction–mesmerized by beauty or change in appearance–relationship may reawaken desires and feelings you thought were dead
  • Focused on changing your appearance; making positive personal changes because of relationship
  • Seeing through cosmetic appearances
  • Relationship undergoing positive transformation
  • Start of something–relationship may start again in new form; revitalization of relationship
  • Playfulness; re-entering the dating scene; social butterfly
  • Renaissance–letting creativity loose; rebirth–all is possible


  • Children and sports; Leo child; fearlessly taking action–need for balance and grounding where children are concerned; health or vitality of a child; growing up; awareness of a child’s strengths–high self esteem
  • Children are impacting the relationship
  • Childhood romance; may need to remember the childlike exuberance of romance
  • Strength of a bond from childhood; may be involved with someone from your childhood
  • Childlike essence of creativity
  • Starting something new
  • Dating someone younger


Advice Card
  • Running away from religion, zealots, new age beliefs, spirituality, God, etc.
  • Realization that you/other left because of focus on spiritual growth rather than relationship
  • Taking off to spiritual retreat, conference, etc.; starting a journey that may be spiritual in nature (physical, emotional)
  • Feeling spiritual connection to a foreign destination
  • Spiritual endeavor is successful; reaching new heights in spiritual understanding
  • New horizons–searching for spiritual truths, beliefs, religion
  • Relationship brings spiritual evolution; relationship’s purpose is spiritual lesson
  • You share deep spiritual connection; core values align
  • Freedom to believe as you choose; faith, belief
  • Something takes off successfully–answered prayers


Advice Card
  • Thwarted desires concerning an opportunity
  • Opening the door to desire–temptation toward someone/something; decision surrounding lust or seduction
  • Fantasies or unexpected encounters that tie to an opportunity
  • An opportunity presents that allows you to create beneficial changes provided that you take the initiative


  • Travel ticket, itinerary, travel schedule, passport, paperwork or documentation related to travel
  • Looking through papers, receipts, ledgers, accounts, quotes, contracts, etc.
  • Looking for the best price; comparison shopping; weighing options–negative comparisons; outbidding or outmaneuvering
  • Exploring the reasons for criticism; red flags–issues related to drama, rashness, unreliability; mental record of perceived wrongs; self righteousness, unwilling to compromise (you/others)
  • Trading favors (sex, power, money); competition for love and affection; having to pay a high price for relationship
  • Pushing boundaries (positively or negatively)
  • Expansion; extreme competition–need to try something new; power plays; one-upmanship


  • Thinking positively of an old love; memories of romance or pleasant shared experiences that influence relationship
  • Romanticizing memories with a rosy tint; sentimentality; nostalgia for the past
  • Creating memories together–new relationship or moving current one to the next level
  • Remembering the honeymoon phase of relationship
  • A need to open to love rather than reveling in memories
  • Old loves may reappear


  • A need for change in perspective about relationship; a need to recognize inner beauty
  • Some truth is becoming glaringly obvious as time goes on (someone may be attractive on the outside but not on the inside); empty package; too much focus on the external
  • Perspective about beauty or someone highly attractive
  • Taking a closer look at self-care–luxuriating, pampering yourself
  • Brilliant perspective (yours/others)
  • Preference for seeing only the more positive aspects of person/situation


  • Unexpected news–surprise at being rejected (you/others)
  • Relationship likely to remain platonic–not enough mutual interest to move matters forward; wrong love choice; incompatibility
  • A blast from the past–surprised at how you feel (especially if you were once highly motivated)–disinterest, lack of attraction; for whatever reason love has withered away
  • Unexpected encounter–rejecting being caught off guard or not wanting to be taken by surprise
  • A need to open to new possibilities after being rejected or to reconsider something you once rejected
  • Surprise (positive)–unexpected news after being initially rejected


  • Distant (aloof)–being oblivious or self absorbed (you/others); known for just taking off
  • Recognized for the ability to go the distance (physically, emotionally); may need to go the distance with a partner in a difficult situation
  • A light in the distance
  • Self-expression reaches new heights; higher perspective; rising above it all
  • Letting yourself shine–above the rest; creativity
  • Confidence skyrockets; long reach of influence–light to others; change in the wind puts you in the spotlight
  • Long distance relationship; fireworks–whirlwind relationship
  • Holiday; taking a trip or vacation with a partner
  • Confidence to make the first move


  • Liquid courage; wine bar setting; vintage wine; issues of alcoholism
  • Concern for aging–a need to relax or for movement or exercise
  • Success that may arrive through relationship with someone much older and likely to be more financially established; May-December romance
  • Confidence instilled (or undermined) by your parents; need for self appreciation and love
  • Confidence in parent, role as a parent, or long term relationship
  • Recognition of parents, ancestry, heritage
  • Faith in establishing relationship where you grow old together; older couple; confident that relationship will improve over time
  • Riding high–you still “got it”; aging like fine wine
  • Success–experience assists in making alliances; confidence as a result of age, experience, and/or wisdom

Image: A Funeral, Anna Ancher

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