3rd Quarter Moon in Leo

November 16, 2022 | 5:26 am (PST) | Keyword: Proportion

The Moon is slowly drifting through the sign of Leo allowing for plenty of time for matters to unfold and those with strong Leo placements (sun, moon, or rising sign) are likely to be at the forefront. The emotional security you seek is now validated through being front and center with all eyes on you. This cycle marks an ideal time to focus on career development and professional opportunities that can manifest as a significant change that affects your career, job duties, professional sphere, or social status in some way that is beneficial.

However, the notice you receive may be either positive or negative given certain facts that come to light that are difficult to keep private. The attention might come as a result of greater dealings with the public, public service, or recognition of your job performance from the company in which you’re employed. To that end, your reputation plays a significant role in how you’re recognized and perceived. The push for publicity is well-supported by an excellent influence for any kind of public relations work, sales, advertising, or promotion.

In the negative, you might also have concerns surrounding job security or company stability. A lot of celestial activity is taking place around the South Node in this moon chart which indicates a limiting effect requiring much effort or sacrifice to bring matters into form and gain understanding of the material world of money and power. It may be events from the past, family, established regimes, issues of old family history or “here we go again” experiences that feel draining in the process. In fact, it is the strong belief driving events that aside from abilities, sacrifice is the price that’s part and parcel of success if it’s to arrive or even have value. The principle is also one in which opportunity comes through luck and love, but with a string, cost, or consequence attached.

Familial relations continue to fall under review. The Part of Father and Part of Discord sits at the midheaven in opposition to the Part of Daughters accentuating how you relate to and are affected by your father or someone like a father to you. In some cases, this influence caused you to attract cold and withdrawn partners. The lesson is to value yourself in order to build self-esteem.

Unfortunately, internalized, unresolved issues can manifest outwardly as conflict with others. The likely cause is the tendency to externalize problems that exist within and project them onto the people and things in the environment. Matters connected to the physical self and your independent actions require caution as areas of vulnerability that carry the potential for unbecoming behavior. Karmic debts and past obligations force movement to address previously neglected problems.

The keyword for this cycle is proportion and could showcase those with artistic excellence and creativity where harmony and symmetry is important. It might also indicate appropriate parameters by which to gauge pride. Perhaps your experiences will encourage you to make a comparison of your share to the whole, to examine whether your actions or responses are appropriate to the circumstances, and if the reward gained is proportionate to the effort expended.

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