1st Quarter Moon in Scorpio

August 5, 2022 | 4:06 am (PST) | Keyword: Distraction

The Moon is quickly moving through the sign of Scorpio prompting an energetic and aggressive approach to life. The energy may center on those attracted to military or police careers or aggressive entrepreneurs and industrialists. Immense self-confidence and willpower is the fuel for tackling even projects with seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against them. Tremendous vitality and energy can be used to transform existing conditions and to accomplish great feats of strength. The events that unfold will connect to the integral role of a Scorpio person (sun, moon, or rising sign.)

During this cycle, you may find the strength to act decisively and in defense of what you consider to be right. However, the caution is not to use the emotional need for power and control to infringe on the rights of others with less strength or power. This influence will kindle a love of money, or conversely, a social conscience focused on pushing the established order to provide for the material needs of others.

In some cases, the strong emotional projection outward can attract the possibility of a new romantic relationship or intense personal experience that marks a momentous “first.” It could be the first significant relationship, sexual relationship, live-in, or the start of dating your future spouse. It could also be the first time in a long while that you are emotionally involved with a new person. Regardless of social status or sexual involvement, you’ll feel a deep and compelling emotional connection to a new person. It could be chance meeting or brief encounter that leads to positive unexpected developments or serves as the catalyst for new experiences.

For a relationship that turns romantic, intense feelings are likely to develop into a deepening intimacy accompanied by sexual connection. The depth of your emotions will make it difficult to conceal both your feelings and the relationship. In fact, you may find it easier to openly express your needs and desires. Your emotions will be dependent on how well the relationship is going and whether or not you can see each other. However, emotions can also vacillate if you’re grappling with questions as to whether you’re friends or lovers or struggling with value conflicts such as extra-marital affairs.

Your protective and nurturing instincts are also aroused when people need help and support, but can create dependency issues in the relationship if overly expressed. Perhaps you’re more involved with children and especially concerned with their well-being or increase in child-related expenses. Fortunately, legal or academic matters involving children have the potential to work out beneficially. It may be that your children are more emotional or require extra love and attention from you, particularly if your relationship or home environment is changing.

Negatively, the situation that provides deep emotional experience can manifest as living on the edge of crisis. Necessary adjustments may be the result of upheaval surrounding children or a love affair. Issues may involve a child heavily in debt or expected funds from insurance companies, health benefits, social security, or child or spousal support that’s delayed. In problem relationships, deep-rooted survival instincts cause you to fear the risk of letting go. Without a middle ground, you’ll do whatever you deem necessary whether it be self-sacrifice, self-improvement, or self-destruction. Questions surrounding self-love may be rooted in the early family dynamic and a keen sense that the father’s love was lacking. As an adult, you may feel incomplete, that you’ll never find love, that you can’t be fulfilled without love, or until you feel truly loved.

If relationship is not the focus, you may choose an artistic or creative means of emotional expression such as painting or writing. The moon’s attachment to the star, Alphecca may promote an interest in children, religion, song, poetry and/or theatre. The desire may be to leave a legacy in the more creative and emotional side of life. However, the choice of expression can be either financially lucrative or expensive to maintain.

There’s also an accent on the protection of health from illnesses and ailments of the stomach. The advice is to be careful of eating to excess as you may be particularly prone to stomach upset in this cycle. This would be a good time to start a healthy diet or exercise routine and to schedule medical appointments and procedures.

The keyword for this cycle is distraction and with so much intensity of emotion, the mind is disposed to wander and become distracted by the events of the moment. You’ll need to apply concerted effort to concentrate and avoid scattering your thoughts and energy. You can do well enough if you attend to one thing at a time rather than risk the loss of your labor through carelessness.

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