Solar Tarotscopes|Leo

Leo, you’re taking a step back this solar year (2022-23) to close out old chapters to pave the way for new beginnings. While you wrap up unfinished business, there’s the tendency to keep others at arms length or reveal the bare minimum in an effort to maintain sanity. Although this period may be rather stressful at times, you’re seeking a deeper truth that leads to greater awareness about yourself and about life. The focus is now on your own physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health with the Universe there to offer guidance and protection while you gain important knowledge and understanding. Much of the action takes place within and behind the scenes. Perhaps it manifests through study, research, meditation, or simply quiet reflection. In some cases, your role will be to shed light that gives rise to the examination of significant issues and a great deal of what you learn will often come through tense exchanges with others. Humbling lessons will teach you to question what you think you know as you confront criticism and situations based on the notion of winning through moral and intellectual superiority. In some cases, a Virgo person (sun, moon, or rising) will serve as either the sparring partner or the light switch of illumination.

Card Deck: Tarot of Mystical Moments, Catrin Welz-Stein, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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