Love Notes: Week Jul 1-8, 2022

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You could be taking a backward glance to recognize the splendor of a person, situation, or place. Situations may take into account heritage, ancestry, or cultural history, the admiration of a large estate or historic site, a personal history, or a legacy that provides for new possibilities. Your value system or perception of value determines how compelled you feel to acknowledge the influence and the possible tie to your destiny. Events encourage you to take an objective step back to change perspective and recharge your confidence. The process includes the acknowledgment of your inherent worth that inspires you to make an effort to get what you deserve despite powerful individuals, tradition, or a history that may say otherwise.


  • Confidence in wearing a mask (physical, figurative)
  • Masking high self-esteem; false confidence; masking lack of confidence–need for self-love and appreciation; presenting false face in relationship; someone very different than presentation (you/others)
  • Putting faith in something false; falseness in others affects confidence
  • Success through false means (you/other); secret agenda
  • Person acting in pretense to have best interest at heart
  • Recognition of ulterior motives; false friend, gossip, liar, opportunist, impostor, con, player
  • Trying to stay out of the limelight or be recognized
  • Riding high at overcoming the haters


  • Control issues result in pushing boundaries (you/other); domineering or aggressive behavior
  • Authoritarian behavior curbs sense of adventure (you/other)
  • A need to wake up and take control of a situation; one partner taking on most of responsibility for or in relationship
  • Excessive demands–someone may be seeking the royal treatment or have a sense of entitlement (you/other)
  • Taking control of an adventure (trip, pursuit); new horizons (mentally, physically)
  • Control over change; change in control
  • New perceptions about the choice to “go underground” (you/other)
  • Falling down a rabbit hole of information–working to become an authority on subject


  • Ego-based decisions; decisions that trigger ego
  • Self-righteousness or refusal to compromise (positive/negative) in decisions
  • Decisions reflect someone behaving with a big head and small heart (you/other); relationship is hindered by arrogance, selfishness, or ego
  • A need to make a decision but pride prevents one from taking action
  • Decision connected relationship that needs mending


  • Shocked by sexual innuendos; unexpected news concerning a temptation or hidden affair
  • Surprise at finding new person or interest intriguing
  • Surprise seduction–a need to open to new possibilities
  • Playing the role of seducer or seduced–secret or clandestine affair
  • Surprising a lover–seduction is important to maintaining passion of relationship
  • A blast from the past–may be related to someone you are/were very attracted to
  • Unexpected encounter involving heavy flirtation


  • Wearing a mask at every opportunity
  • Discernment about whether to open the door (literally, figuratively)
  • Determining the validity of an opportunity or whether you want it–seeking a deeper truth
  • Opportunity allows you to open a door to look underneath the surface for truth
  • Masking how you feel about “an opportunity”
  • Wearing your best game face to work with opportunity–hiding true self
  • Opportunity presents that allows you to make beneficial changes provided that you take the initiative


  • Magical reality–creating a fairyland for your children; dreaming of having children
  • In la-la land in matters related to children–need to sort out fiction from reality
  • Mental health challenges related to childhood; mental health concerns for children
  • Believing in a childhood dream; dreams/vision; dreams for your child’s future
  • Overactive imagination (i.e. jealousy, insecurity) because of dating someone younger (you/other)
  • Fantasizing (may be about someone/something from your childhood)
  • Connecting to your inner child–creativity, active imagination, play
  • Something new requires the use of imagination


  • Coming to a clear understanding–time to stop struggling, acceptance of what is
  • Clarity about the attainment of success and recognition
  • Clarity about achieving a goal–basking in the glow of success
  • Gaining greater truth or clarity in relationship; something about your interactions brings important issues to light
  • Success at gaining clarity–hidden revealed; light-bulb moment


  • Invitation to reconcile; extending olive branch–making peace with a partner to reconcile past hurts; relationship counseling or therapy
  • Extending/accepting invitation because of need for community or to get out of shell
  • Opportunity to reconnect with someone you previously separated from
  • Working out issues or terms surrounding invitation (date, time, etc)
  • Invitation to socialize–may be a reunion; meeting a new friend
  • Opportunity to make up after a break up; falling in love again
  • Reconnecting with someone brings the start of a budding romance


  • Rushing into a situation involving getting roofied
  • Sorting through memories to determine the nature of the experience–desire, love, lust
  • Unable to remember the last time you experienced true passion or found your bliss–a need to find it
  • Flood of old memories
  • Past memories make it difficult to move forward or put a situation behind you ( may involve passion, anger, intimacy)
  • Feelings of anger OR passion related to distorting the past with revisionist history or glorification (you/other)
  • Overly sentimental; longing for the past or a former lover; holding on to intimate memories
  • Following your bliss relates to something you remember


  • Inability to stop making negative comparisons; self-righteousness; mental record of perceived wrongs; resentments
  • Drawn into continuous warfare where score-keeping plays a role; tit-for-tat behavior; one-upmanship; extreme competition
  • Something difficult to resist (person, activity, pursuit, object) comes with a price; having to pay a high price for relationship; competition for love and affection
  • Red flags warn of being sucked into something
  • Trading favors (sex, money, power); power plays
  • A love of sports, winning, competition, keeping up with the score, gambling
  • Attracting what you desire by outmaneuvering the competition; bidding war; finding the best price through comparison shopping
  • Receipt for something you love; unwilling to compromise–love of luxury
  • A love of organization–record-keeping; paperwork connected to bringing ideas to life


  • Recognition that you’ve been rejected or why you were; rejection affects confidence
  • Being oblivious or self-absorbed–one person investing more time and energy without a return (you/other)
  • Recognition that love has withered away for whatever reason; disinterest, lack of attraction or mutual feeling
  • Rejecting receiving recognition or being in the spotlight
  • Rejected for your self-expression OR feeling inhibited to express yourself
  • Confidence in rejecting something not right for you–incompatibility; wrong love choice–this relationship likely to remain platonic
  • Recognition of creativity after experiencing rejection


  • Taking a closer look at whether this relationship is making one of you feel trapped and unable to progress; you/partner may need greater freedom
  • Looking behind the curtain at what’s been bottled up inside (you/other); uncomfortable changes make you take a closer look
  • Trapped behind the curtain
  • Poof–now you see me, now you don’t–looking for an escape route (you/other); relationship never fully develops
  • Wanting to reveal yourself–a confining situation is hindering your from sharing, expressing, or making the most of your best self
  • Magic potion; magic in a bottle; waiting to release your magic
  • Magic connection–feeling butterflies; a need to notice the magic of everyday
  • Creativity in development; positive inner transformation

Image: Architect’s Dream, Thomas Cole

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