Venus in Gemini

June 22 – July 17, 2022

The Triumph of Venus with the Three Graces, Angelica Kauffmann

Venus moves into the sign of Gemini and opens up new possibilities through increased social interaction and the exchange of ideas. Emotions are now ruled by the mind and encourages literary or artistic talent. A coupling with the star Alcyone highlights a love of theatre, art, or rituals. Alcyone has been noted to grant magical power and knowledge and the ability to pass through other dimensions, and for some, this may stir the desire for a life with mystical or magical meaning, especially those possessing a poetic soul.

Venus is charming, courteous, and cooperative in her desire to connect which, at times, may lead to superficial attachments in love. Here in Gemini, she entertains the amusing, flirtatious, fun aspects of relationship, but tends to fear the obligation of true intimacy and this lighthearted approach can easily become a series of superficial encounters. While the influence favors lively and witty companions, it also tends to attract those who create false excitement through a false presentation.

Halcyone, Herbert James Draper

In spite of the preference for a blithe and carefree outlook, Scorpio is rising at the time of Venus’ entrance into Gemini which suggests emotional matters, control issues, and repressed feelings. Although this Venus is set in prime place to diplomatically work through conflict or receive the benefits of teamwork and cooperation, a troubling influence can make it difficult to partner as equals. In some cases, you may allow a relationship to suppress your identity, fail to stand up for your own rights, or feel divided about satisfying your needs versus those of another. At worst, the relationship becomes more important than your own sense of self-identity, and with regard to identity, Alcyone’s connection to homosexuality can also highlight issues or questions surrounding sexual preferences.

Regardless of the challenge, you gain an advantage by sharpening your negotiation skills and learning to compromise with others to create win-win scenarios. The ability to do so will have a direct effect on your success during this cycle and alerts you to your own facility to stay calm in the face of crisis.

However, the impetus behind events is the frustration of delay and procrastination instigated by the refusal to compromise, issues over money or expectations for payment, reciprocity, and conflicts regarding values, taste, or appreciation for art or beauty. Fatalistic interpretations of Alcyone indicate immorality, strong passions, disgrace through women, sickness, or loss of fortune. This star is the brightest of the Pleaides, a cluster of stars associated with bereavement, mourning, sorrows, and tragedy. Additionally, this particular Venus chart also triggers the eclipse degree of November 2021 and its conjunction with the star Algol making partnership and union the vehicle by which you involve yourself in passionate or intense situations in the pursuit of your needs. But before you drown in dread just yet, note that the eclipse energy offers optimism through good news, falling in love, or a joyful peak experience as the aftermath of negative circumstances.

The capacity to accommodate to shifting conditions might involve a relationship, court-case, or the parental relationship as it relates to children, lovers, self-expression, or entrepreneurship. The focus is marriage, divorce, or setting up a business partnership and a correlation to entering a love union or associating with artistic friends. These situations can include changes to the daily domestic routine that compel you to take on greater responsibility through much mental activity and communication requiring your attention. The influence will also energize opportunities for short trips, interaction with neighbors, close relatives, and friends, and stimulate new ideas related to future ventures, particularly where speech, good salesmanship, or skills involving manual dexterity are concerned. This can be the result of a relationship formed because of an overseas trip or establishing or severing a relationship due to ongoing events where the outcome is influenced by the potential for group projects, counseling, or teamwork.

This Venus trek through Gemini is all about a fateful event that is slated to force you to examine the real terms of unconditional loving and giving. The ultimate goal is for you to understand exactly what keeps you from living up to your own ideals and expectations of what real love is and what you tend to use as a substitute for love in its place.

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