Solar Tarotscope|Cancer

Cancer, you’re looking much more closely at your relationships, situations, and any seeds you’ve planted in the past that have now begun to sprout. This is a solar year (2022-23) where you’re sure to receive exciting news and new opportunities that require immediate action and decisions on your part. Although the tendency is to look outward, the answers are actually within. This is a period to experiment with possibilities as any boredom indicates it’s time for a shift despite plans that aren’t fully developed as of yet. While still a novice in some area of life and unsure of exactly what you want, you’ll learn to take the right steps to fulfill a passionate desire once you sort through your emotions.

A year dependent on adaptability places the material focus on short-term investments related to innovative concepts, new products, and unusual ideas. These pursuits may center on endeavors involving communication, travel, transportation, advertising, media, or sports. If you’re single and the quest is for love, you’re likely to attract a partner who’s sexy, fun-loving, and exciting. Open expression and affection offers an exhilarating experience for as long as the relationship lasts. However, an element of unpredictability suggests that just when you’re ready to settle down, both your lover and the story line are apt to change. And while a well-established relationship that’s fallen into the doldrums could use a jolt of energy, you’d do best to avoid unilateral decisions when making choices that also affect a partner.

Overall, there’s a wellspring of creativity and resources upon which to draw if you can manage to stay grounded long enough to take advantage of what’s available. Inconsistencies, instability, unfinished projects, and superficial involvements that lack forethought can take you off course and throw you off-kilter with intrigue. Instead, use this year’s energy to infuse your life with fresh hopes, dreams, and ideals.

Card Deck: Tarot of Mystical Moments, Catrin Welz-Stein, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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