3rd Quarter Moon in Pisces

June 20, 2022 | 8:10 pm (PST) | Keyword: Misconception

The moon is tightly linked with Neptune in the sign of Pisces placing the emphasis on those with exceptional psychic abilities. These persons may be actively involved in the occult or associated with secret aspects of scientific research or with secret organizations or groups. Generally, the influence stimulates the dream state and imagination and your focus may tend toward creative interests. More emotionally detached during this cycle, there is an ample reservoir of willpower and determination to overcome obstacles as you prepare for a new phase of experience. The belief is that the highs and lows of life are all part of the process. Events that take place over the next week are likely to connect to a person with strong Pisces in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising) or Neptune in the first house.

An ongoing theme surrounding communication continues this month as you attempt to broaden your audience through teaching, writing, or public speaking. You may be considered gifted or persuasive in ways that inspire successful ventures. In the positive, this energy produces original and progressive thinking where the arts, cuisine, or care are concerned.

However, many will use their platform to challenge social conventions for better or worse. This can put forceful or abrasive people in the limelight. Emotional tension centers on the ability to work independently of the views of others. The negative of Pisces is at play lending an element of confusion to matters through unreliable sources, fraud, and the distortion of truth or facts. The written or spoken word is inextricably tied to outcomes making it especially important to think before you speak. This can prove challenging when the impulse to react causes you to inadvertently blurt out thoughts best left unsaid. Highly impressionable right now, you can have difficulty accurately assessing situations as well as the potential to be misguided or exploited.

The effect of the fixed star, Scheat, doggedly remains a pressure point in situations. Over recent months, its appearance in significant placements has affirmed negative events. The fatalistic interpretation taken from classic texts indicates worry, loss and gain of friends through criticism, and danger of accidents, especially by water when paired with the moon. For some, siblings or neighbors may be the focus due to emotional problems or ill health. With Jupiter in near proximity, problems might involve religion, law, medicine, or education. Some examples of how this could manifest may be through problems associated with expensive tuition fees or trouble with studies. A lawsuit may arise, the bad timing of jury duty could undermine a business endeavor, or issues concerning signing legal documents related to land or property may be the dilemma.

Uncertainty surrounding stressors that affect the mundane aspects of your life such as the hassle of paperwork, relationships with siblings, or car maintenance will force you to change familiar routines related to blocked partnership. These situations tend to create tension through restlessness, fluctuations, or the faculty to grasp information and make it nearly impossible to return to the old way of doing things. At the crux are concerns about children, lovers, self-expression, or self-employment where an extended effort to push for the desired agenda has yielded little result in achieving security financially or emotionally. It’s possible that women are the source of these frustrating experiences that provoke emotional depression or strain in relationships due to their lack of support or cooperation, or disapproval.

More positively, benefit may arrive as a gift, gain through a hidden resource, or inspirational insight for money-making. Your endeavors are now in a state of completion ready for harvest and requires that you actively apply effort to achieve a goal with single-minded focus despite distraction. Guidance is available for the asking to help realize your potential and assist you in overcoming obstacles or challenges. In fact, while confidence plays a vital role through your belief in the ability to win, you shouldn’t refuse help when offered. The keyword for this cycle is misconception indicating a possible misdirection of energy. Chains of your own making come from peculiar ideas until the power of observation leads you to greater understanding.

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