Love Notes: Week Jun 17-24, 2022

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Perhaps you’re involved in a relationship where one of you is wearing a game face to mask the pain or attempting to hide the full extent of a hurt. The disappointment, loss, or betrayal is a direct result of the failure to properly recognize the true character of a person or situation. On the other hand, you may be trying to discern whether someone you care for is heart-broken about a separation or break-up and how or if you can rectify matters. If this is indeed a true love, it’s possible to overcome the current challenge through honest conversation despite the uncomfortable nature of the dialogue. This is the time to make a valid offer that is mutually beneficial. If you’re moving toward something new, it’s the right moment to introduce yourself, ask or accept a date, or take your partnership to the next level.


  • Aimlessness; disorientation–trying to figure out how to move forward; lack of direction as to how to create positive change
  • Direction given/received concerning transformation (self, appearance, situation, pursuit); creating and following a plan
  • On track with changes in appearance, persona, image
  • A focus on making positive personal change because of relationship; relationship undergoing positive transformation
  • Motivation/drive compelled by relationship that reawakens feelings and desires you thought were dead
  • Forward movement to revitalize relationship; second chances; relationship may start again in new form
  • Forging ahead–re-entering the dating scene; social butterfly; coming out of isolation


  • Family money; family budget; money related to family or domestic matters
  • Money spent due to feelings of nostalgia; past influences that have an effect on your financial situation
  • Memories (good or bad) involving money; using money to create memories
  • Relationship with money; difficulty moving on from situation involving money
  • Family business; shared financial goals
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry (banking, investments, real estate)
  • Relationships based on money; finances are affecting the relationship; financial relationships that connect to feelings of familiarity or security
  • Workaholic; work/career takes priority over relationship (you/other)
  • Work affair with superior, coworker, colleague, or client; relationship (business, social, romantic) connected to work setting
  • Money that comes to you related to the past or from past efforts


  • Taking a closer look at a karmic situation or relationship; karmic revelations
  • Looking behind the curtain for the purpose of relationship–karmic lesson, karmic debt, or spiritual evolution through experience orchestrated by Universe
  • A need to notice everyday magic; awakening to the workings of the Universe and karmic law
  • Soul recognition–connection that has lasted through many incarnations
  • Feels like magic when providence plays a role; divine intervention


  • Baby announcement or baby shower
  • Impulsiveness may result in birth of a child or premature start of endeavor
  • Patience with childish behavior; waiting for someone to “grow up”
  • Waiting to give birth (child, project, endeavor); waiting for a child (birth, adoption)
  • Inexperience or initial stages–time to build foundations
  • Patience required (may be due to fertility issues, trying to give birth or conceive); patience with a new baby in the home (child, pet)
  • Fertile period (conception, creativity, financial); something worth waiting for–almost there
  • Patiently waiting to start something new


  • Subliminal messages involving/to/from children; children are impacting the relationship
  • Revelation from hidden sources concerning children or someone from your childhood
  • A need for contemplation or inner listening (may need to connect to your inner child)
  • Open to spirit messages with the purity of heart like a child
  • Self-awareness with regard to children or situations related to childhood
  • Self-awareness about starting something new or dating someone younger
  • May need to remember childlike exuberance for life and romance; playful interactions
  • Revelations that cause you to start something new


  • Spirituality or beliefs–a need to recognize inner beauty; spiritual versus material
  • Recognition of greater focus on spiritual growth than being in relationship
  • Faith in situation that allows you to pamper yourself; luxuriating
  • Relationship brings spiritual evolution and/or spiritual lessons
  • Reveling in religion, spirituality or beliefs (you/others)
  • Beautiful (inner/outer) spiritual individual; you share deep spiritual connection with someone where core values align; splendor of faith
  • Faith rewarded; answered prayers


  • Beauty of grand or historical gardens
  • Abundant complications; complications that interfere with ease and flow of relationship–third parties, children/partners from previous relationships, office romance, extra-marital affairs; health challenges, etc.; finding it difficult to enjoy life
  • Difficulty in giving/receiving appreciation; misunderstandings; complications caused through gratification or attempts to receive such
  • Issues related to jewelry or luxury items; difficulties related to abundance (amount or lack of); complex appraisal (of something valuable or situation)
  • Difficulty finding your way through a situation (may be due to you/others attempting to hold onto something)
  • Appreciation for the complexity of a situation; enjoyment of solving complex matters; love of puzzles (figuratively, literally)
  • Due recognition after enduring complication or difficulty; contentment


  • A need for self-appreciation and love related to the past
  • Confidence in the past or in dealing with the past; past recognition or success
  • Past conditioning affects your relationship (and the confidence (positive/negative) you place in it or self)
  • Awareness that you’ve agreed to continue the love of a past life in this incarnation
  • Recognition of the past and/or unfinished business
  • May be dealing with an ex or old lover from the past
  • Success in dealing with something from a long time ago; success despite the past; riding high through building on the past


  • A promise to wear a mask
  • Emotional equilibrium in matters concerning a proposal or engagement to be married
  • A need for healthy balance regarding commitments or obligations
  • Masking how you feel about a ring, offer, promise, or proposal
  • Behind the mask of a commitment, obligation, or undertaking
  • Maintaining balance concerning agreements, contracts, unions that are legally binding
  • Successful juggling of professional and personal engagements; work/life harmony; outer/inner alignment
  • Reserve in matters related to socializing; party, social engagements


  • A need to wake up and see the light
  • Coming to a clear understanding about pushing boundaries (you/others)
  • Change as a result of gaining greater clarity or truth in a relationship
  • Clarity about making some changes (you/others)
  • Clarity concerning an adventure–seeking new horizons
  • Clarity about why you or others fell “down the rabbit hole” and disappeared
  • New perceptions–something about your interactions will bring important issues to light
  • Change when the hidden is revealed; light-bulb moment


  • Wisdom related to legacies, wills, inheritance–estate planning; investment portfolio
  • Knowledge or truth that may involve educational, government, charitable, medical, or religious institutions or systems; resume; company packet; renown university
  • Knowledgeable about history, government, real estate, banking
  • Government informant; whistle-blower
  • Tour guide/docent for estate or historical property
  • Apartment, property, or real estate listing
  • Seeking inner peace concerning history (of the culture, country, personal self, past situation); need for spiritual guidance concerning the past
  • Understanding that you/partner comes from family with a great deal of wealth, power, and influence; awareness of staying within perceived elevated status when dating, socializing, or marrying; arranged marriages
  • Old money; knowledge/truth concerning historical or generational wealth–inheritance, investments, assets, royalties
  • Wisdom from or concerning powerful individuals
  • Conventional wisdom, traditional values, conservatism


  • Intestinal issues
  • A need to seek direction–someone is keeping secrets; guidance regarding a secret
  • Exploring the psyche (yours/others)–inability to read emotions
  • Open to inner voice–being discreet is important due to circumstance
  • An element of relationship may be secretive, hidden, or clandestine
  • Secret guidance; spirit guides

Image: The Introduction, Florent Willems

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