Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 14, 2022 | 4:51 am (PST) | Keyword: Mistakes

The moon is hurtling through the sign of Sagittarius quickly bringing matters to a head. This moon compels the emotional need to have your beliefs and ideals heard and respected. However, there’s a cautionary note regarding contracts, publications, higher education, or verbal or written statements that may provoke lawsuits.

Positively, the emphasis is on those inclined toward intellectual or scholarly pursuits with an interest in spiritual healing and psychology as it affects the work and health of the general population. The objective is to bring relief or a breakthrough by probing the hidden meaning or sacredness of life. Those who possess the gift of eloquence can inspire and stimulate the minds of the masses through a message of unwavering faith and optimism that uplifts and offers hope. With farsighted ability, these persons can anticipate future needs and conditions in a manner that makes them good industrial planners and trouble-shooters. At the center of situations is likely to be someone with strong Sagittarius in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising) or Jupiter in the first house.

Sagittarius and the opposite sign of Gemini rules travel and communication. Both short and long trips may not work out as planned due to chaotic conditions. Tainted water or food consumed when visiting other places can cause illness that might require hospitalization. Additionally, fraud and deceit can occur in financial matters or communication can be problematic causing you to lose track of dates, time, and appointments. It’s also possible that difficulties will arise in connection to relatives, neighbors, foreigners, or those living at a distance. Nevertheless, opportunities do exist through unexpected changes or last-minute plans. If the energy is used to your advantage, legal matters, publications, and travel can take an upward turn for the better on your behalf.

The urge to partner means that much of your energy will be directed toward a primary relationship (romantic, family, or business) that requires one of you to fulfill the role of nurturer. Support may take the form of caring and concern, although a disparity suggests the dominant partner has more knowledge, expertise, status, power, or control.

Under stress, the inequities in your relationship can provoke a dependency dynamic that ultimately leads to rebellion if a partner feels dominated or invalidated. In other cases, the sense of powerlessness creates a fear of walking away from destructive situations. Both responses can be largely contributed to past experiences that make it difficult to objectively address conflict.

In some cases, you may discover a conspiracy surrounding you stoked by gossip, rumors and deception by a secret enemy. Alternatively, self-sabotage occurs when the need to accept social graces and parameters as important is perceived to be a threat. This can manifest as excessive jealousy, possessiveness, and trust issues. Blockages in love can be ascribed to different tastes in art or entertainment that influence leisure activities with loved ones or creates a sense of isolation from others. Relationships that lack emotional reciprocity or fail to live up to your expectations will become increasingly difficult to sustain. The impact on health may affect blood sugar or cause throat inflammation because of unarticulated anger. Other illnesses appear as a result of trying to please others rather than taking control for yourself. If this is the case, you’ll need to examine the motivation to remain in an unhealthy alliance. Discernment is a factor in keeping good company and maintaining awareness of how associates are impacting your life.

In fact, the keyword for this cycle is mistakes indicating negative conditions induced by a failure to listen to advice or heed the voice of reason. The error of erraticism threatens heavy losses, particularly where money and speculative ventures are concerned. The energy is a closed door and the message is to end any arrangement that’s no longer working. The painful choice may be to resign, get a divorce, or any other major decision meant to bring closure to situations that have become untenable. Rather than dwell on the past, you must accept that matters have reached the point of diminishing return. You’re now encouraged to cut your losses and clear the way for a new beginning.

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