1st Quarter Moon in Virgo

June 7, 2022 | 7:48 am (PST) | Keyword: Foreknowing

The moon is now moving through the practical sign of Virgo highlighting health, service, improvement, and repair. Some have the ability to analyze situations and find the quickest solution based on knowledge from subconscious past experiences that provides the ability to penetrate into the workings of karmic law. However, if your function includes a care-taking role, heavy obligations can cause depression and you should take precautions against being psychically drained by the negative conditions of those around you. Upcoming events will focus on persons with strong Virgo in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising).

In the negative, a myriad of issues will crop up surrounding communication or the handling of duties because of misunderstandings, lost messages, or delays in the receipt of documents. This is not the cycle to sign on the dotted line or invest in schemes or the promises of others. The likely outcome will be a disconnect between word and deed or a connection to a con. Double-check all instructions, orders, output, or requisitions to avoid confusion. Errors or problems that delay the shipment of goods or services can provoke challenges in business.

Conflicts can also arise with colleagues because of their use of misleading tactics and it’s best not to reveal personal secrets to coworkers as unfavorable news or gossip might begin to circulate. In fact, you may have to confront someone regarding the deceptive role they’ve played against you or your reputation. The strong need to communicate underscores even casual conversations with an emotional depth. In some instances, your knee-jerk reaction to situations prompts the impulse to speak without adequately giving thought to your words. Habits and reactions cause you to switch to automatic responses without fully considering the demands of the moment and brutal honesty may reveal more than is in your best interest or the interest of others. Additionally, mixed messages to or from others can indicate indecision or inner conflict with regard to matters. These situations require the careful integration of thoughts and feelings to arrive at meaningful dialogue.

It may be interference from relatives or neighbors that impinges on work performance. Your mother, mother-in-law, or women in general may strongly oppose your ideas, although there is sensitivity regarding new domestic conditions and changes involving family members. For some, exchanges of animosity that focus on domestic pets could result in police activity.

The stress of these dilemmas compounded by overwork can detrimentally affect your nervous system or create health disorders. Be aware of hypersensitivity or allergies to certain foods or medication, but also of psychosomatic illness. Aside from the possibility of getting lost when traveling, you can also get sick from water or foods that don’t agree with you. Fortunately, this is an excellent time to get a health checkup and financial gain related to health matters may come in the form of a refund check or news of covered medical expenses.

In intimate relationships, the influence of this moon translates conflict into erotic passion. It signifies love, and especially sexual love. This same energy is auspicious for the achievement of heartfelt desires and the beginning of creative projects.

To that end, possible improvements in the work arena attributed to paying close attention to detail, neatness, and order can prompt a financial increase. You may decide to upgrade your professional wardrobe or purchase equipment or tools that can assist you in operating with greater efficiency. The current energy supports writers, psychologists, artists, counselors, astrologers, or any task that calls for uniting the conscious with the unconscious mind. Perhaps you’re teaching, writing, or doing public speaking because of a desire to express your ideas to as many people as possible. This encourages you to become actively involved with neighbors and the community at large, and as a result, you may be more of a public personality, especially in your field of expertise. Remember that your words carry weight and this makes how you present yourself and the lasting impression you make very important.

The keyword for this cycle is foreknowing and some may possess intuitive and psychic abilities that allow for deep meditation and the diagnosis of illness by spiritual means or through work with hospitals or institutions. It can indicate responsibility for taking care of people who are emotionally, psychologically, or mentally ill and disoriented. If this is a student of the prophetic who commands respect through the use of skilled judgment, this person will prove a trusted guide, especially to the masses.

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