New Moon in Gemini

May 30, 2022 | 4:30 am (PST) | Keyword: Cherishing

The moon is slowly moving through the sign of Gemini stimulating mental activity and exchanges with others. The curious energy of Gemini will emphasize persons with special scientific and intellectual abilities concerned with the practical application of knowledge. For some, past experiences and training can assist in solving problems. On a personal level, situations that occur during this cycle are meant to encourage you to establish deep mental connections above superficial encounters and the events that unfold are likely to include a person with strong Gemini in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising) or Mercury in the first house.

This influence also makes you highly sensitive to the environment and those within it. You can feel overwhelmed by scattering your energy and the tendency to attract people who need your nurturing or assistance. Your response, however, is generally one of sympathy and understanding, especially when matters involve family members.

On the other hand, it may be you who is either emotionally demanding or struggling in silence because of depression or a history of emotional trauma. Withdrawal from others may be motivated by a decision to review past events as you work to recover and heal old wounds. This may include an examination of circumstances involving serious disagreements or lack of understanding where one party felt they were not dealt with fairly or didn’t receive a fair share of the money. In some cases, these may have been funds or assets jointly owned or inherited. One may feel that manipulation and aggressive or underhanded attacks were unwarranted and the lingering hurts led to vindictiveness, hostility, and a lack of cooperation between opposing parties.

Of note with regard to finances, this period isn’t conducive to seeking a loan or making financial investments at this time. If signing a contract, give it serious deliberation with the clear understanding that it’s legally binding. However, you’re likely to meet with delay and frustration in trying to reach agreements. Doubt, mistrust, and lack of faith in others are exacerbated by a dearth of opportunity, assistance, or unfavorable conditions that may include slanderous accusations against your reputation. As a result, you may feel your hard work goes unrecognized while others reap benefits with far less effort. But the aspects are also stimulating the degree from the November 2021 eclipse in Taurus, which aside from a connection to wealth, can indicate a positive effect after situations of loss and tragedy.

Although you’re learning to protect yourself from emotionally damaging situations, personal growth is possible if you use this period to access and understand your emotions, especially if you’re in the habit of suppressing your feelings. The current situation is one where your personal actions place the focus on your physical body, appearance, or independence. The resulting events will impact your environment and/or siblings because of new information that changes the familiar patterns but carries the potential for a positive outcome that may influence greater creativity, more involvement with children, or an encounter with a lover. The circumstances are driven by decisions related to your career or social standing–marriage, divorce, parental status, etc.–that determine whether to establish or sever a partnership.

Because this is a new moon, it will include a new beginning in at least one area of your life (look to the house of Gemini in the natal chart) and offers positive conditions for travel, negotiating, resolving conflict, and elevation through partnership or marriage. This moon signifies love, friendship, and affection and can indicate a new friendship or love, or the intensification of a current relationship. However, these relationships must be handled with great care because of an inherent duality in this energy that harbors the potential for feelings to change from attraction to repulsion. The degree of the Leo|Aquarius axis falls at a master number on the friends-or-lovers houses and with two fixed signs suggests difficulty in adapting or adjusting. This can indicate the parent-child relationship or relationships where one partner plays the role of creative, enthusiastic “child” and the other the cool, detached, responsible “adult” where each is both attracted and repelled by the polarity. It also describes the relationship between the individual and the collective–what is right for me versus what is right for the group.

The keyword for this cycle is cherishing. By definition, this means to hold something dear, to lovingly protect and care for someone, and to keep a hope and ambition in one’s mind. Upcoming events may be characterized by the need or desire to remember the value of those closest or hold fast to your dearest desires. The message is also about those willing to sacrifice self and self’s desires to aid the suffering and unfortunate.

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