3rd Quarter Moon in Pisces

May 22, 2022 | 11:42 am (PST) | Keyword: Clemency

Expect matters to come to rapid conclusion with the moon speeding through the sign of Pisces. This energy is one of introspective self-analysis and necessitates withdrawal in order to dream, visualize, create, recover, and recharge. The desire is to attempt large-scale endeavors that are not always practical or realistic; you must actively work to apply your inspiration if it is to be effective. It’s likely that those with strong Pisces placements in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising) are integral to upcoming events.

This cycle can be clouded with confusion making it difficult to deal with both relationships and practical matters due to muddled thinking that proves problematic for business or personal affairs. Pisces rules secrets and you should be particularly mindful of revealing any sensitive information to the wrong person and also when signing important documents. If not, you can be misguided, outfoxed, or taken advantage of through the influence of others. Likewise, disregard gossip or news from less than credible sources. In some cases, fraudulent intentions are the motivation behind the misrepresentation of the facts.

The cautionary note is seeing an accurate reality of people and situations as opposed to self-created illusions or projections that leave you vulnerable to exploitation and easily drawn into the emotional problems of others. In some cases, siblings and neighbors struggling with issues or ill health may be the focus. Your reactions are largely based on a personal history that spurs you to act with compassion in an effort to heal others through the experience of your pain, but you must also learn to remain calm and detached from the negative conditions of those whom you help if you’re to provide real assistance. For some, the overwhelming urge to partner can lead to dependency issues or emotional instability that provokes extremes of see-saw behavior manifesting in a range from peaceful, meditative states to impassioned tirades.

This cycle will place emphasis on a primary relationship with a nurturing element that has a significant effect on your moods and actions. On a larger scale, there’s the ability to influence the public through an appeal to feelings. Personally, loved ones, partners, and even business relationships are vitally more important to you as a source of security and support. If your role in partnership is one of assistance, you may be prompted to relate on a regular basis with caring and concern. If this is a relationship that isn’t intimate in nature, one of you is likely to have more knowledge, expertise, status, power, or control where one gives and the other receives.

Even long-standing existing relationships will tend to experience a shift where one of you will need more support emotionally, financially, or physically. The weaker partner will have difficulty in making decisions or handling problems while the stronger partner becomes responsible for the well-being of the relationship. In the negative, this can reinforce polarizing roles of stronger versus weaker or traditionally defined gender-based, male-female roles. Your response to this dynamic will either be to adapt your behavior to please or placate your partner, or resent and rebel against his/her influence.

In a tenuous relationship characterized by power struggles, one of you may be afraid to leave despite or because of destructive behaviors driven by excessive jealousy, possessiveness, or lack of trust. These deeply emotional conflicts make it exceedingly difficult to be objective. In fact, you’re highly sensitive and susceptible to being manipulated as well as unduly influenced by former negative relationships that left you wounded. Confrontations with women, both positive and negative, are likely to more intense than those with men. However, if you’re to establish healthy relationships of any kind, you must first address the psychological repercussions of past experiences.

In matters of love, emotional sensitivity compels you to lead with your heart, rather than your head, and for some, you may meet someone and become romantically involved. While true love relationships will develop a greater intimacy, those with unmet expectations can be emotionally draining and challenging. Strained alliances will become increasingly more difficult, yet you might choose to stay in non-productive relationships that offer little potential. A faulty dependence on relationship can exaggerate the importance of appearance or the notion that a relationship is the panacea for dealing with life when, in fact, the relationship as a remedy is as much a part of the problem as everything else.

Eros, asteroid of passion and compulsive attachment, is sitting in the cluster of stars known as the Pleaides indicating situations connected to sorrow. Typically, the Pleaides brings strong feminine energy but also hardship. It has been linked to death, loss, and grief, but also comfort to those in mourning. Coupled with Eros, there may be a correlation to sexual interest, reproductive organs, or whether sexual encounters are fulfilling. Under planetary duress, it can register as physical displeasure, sexual issues in the work place, sexuality in the role of parent/authority, or interference with sexual fulfillment due to professional demands.

The tie to Eros may signify other “turn-ons” as well regarding the end of a cycle involving real estate or a monetary cycle that requires filing bankruptcy or finally pulling out of debt. Unfortunately, debt is indicated but a new financial cycle is on the horizon.  Of further note, is a tight connection between Scheat and Mars that in the extreme may point to an accident, tragedy, or suicide.

Fortunately, this is still a cycle that favors love, marriage, friendship, and good will. If you’re seeking love, the influence is a positive sign that it will appear. You may experience a strange type of luck that, in truth, is actually karmic protection due to past good deeds. This energy will inspire you to create or appreciate art, beauty, romance, and social engagements. While not conducive to travel, it does grant a positive answer in general to inquiries and can indicate health and recovery from illness.

The keyword for this cycle is clemency suggesting situations that require mercy and/or leniency. It may highlight those who are familiar with suffering, but who, nonetheless, benefit from or through those who are older. Despite stature or importance of life position, there remains a sense of limitation that can motivate one to relieve the pain of others. For some, this includes a fateful event involving a Capricorn (sun, moon, or rising) or someone with a prominent Saturn in the natal chart. These people will help you plan for the future and enable you to build new structures on the old foundation.

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