Full Moon in Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse

May 15, 2022 | 9:13 pm (PST) | Keyword: Poesy

The moon moves rapidly through Scorpio, the sign of her fall, inciting a challenging and emotional need for power and control. (Eclipses operate in pairs and to fully understand the current influence, please read the post about the solar eclipse that took place in the opposite sign of Taurus on April 30th.) The highlight is on situations of intensity and drama that have the potential to push matters to emotional extremes. This energy can provoke you to be high-strung, restless, nervous and irritable, and because of this, it will be important to consider your words carefully before speaking. Despite the accuracy of your observations or criticism, the delivery can be lacking in kindness.

Aside from the sarcasm and cutting remarks, you also have deep appreciation for practicality, resourcefulness, and quality work and this influence makes for excellent scientific researchers, engineers, and business analysts. You’re capable of addressing crisis or difficult situations with decisiveness, determination, and adaptability. This can manifest as a strong interest in healing, meditation, massage, and the use of spiritual energies directed toward concerns of health–physical, emotional, or spiritual. You now have the resolve to end a bad habit or start a diet or you may spend time caring for or nurturing others in support of gaining a better lifestyle. However, while you willingly assist and give of your time to help, this may be with someone who refuses to help him/herself.

The circumstances are likely to involve Scorpio persons (sun, moon, or rising) with whom you may strongly disagree on certain issues. Negatively, events bring possible endings, changes, and severing of ties triggered by drastic action. For some, earnings are reduced due to fluctuating conditions outside of your control or the expected funds from insurance, health benefits, social security, or alimony may be delayed. However, your actions can stimulate the payout for long overdue benefits.

The moon’s close link to the South Node can indicate unfinished business that provokes difficult relationships with women or puts women’s issues and health issues in focus. Emotionally, your response to this moon’s energy may be the experience of discomfort in a crowd, anxieties, changes in mood and temperament, melancholy, blocked emotions, or excessive fear or paranoia. It’s possible that personal, domestic, or family changes may bring some upset. These situations can emphasize a struggle with male figures or participation in violence as either perpetrator or victim.

However, with the moon making a trine aspect to benefic Jupiter, there are also opportunities for business and financial success that arrive without much effort on your part in connection to creative activity or a fortunate decision. This is a good time to make corrective changes in the work environment that bring success, advancement, and monetary gain. For some, the focus is on the trappings of wealth; exquisite furnishings and arranging of the surroundings. A fated or major event may alter your circumstances or introduce a relationship that affects you personally. This Jupiter sits on a degree that prompts being brought to public attention or involvement with persons not previously known that might include officials, bank representatives, clergy, highly educated or wealthy persons, or fortune hunters.

On a more spiritual note, this moon is part of a powerful and rare configuration called the Star of David, also known as a Grand Sextile, a Star Tetrahedron, and the Creator’s Star. The symbolism represents enlightenment and the divine link that connects heaven and earth. With this formation taking place in the elements of water and earth, the shift for the collective is toward the feminine principles embodying mutual empowerment with less focus on reaping the reward of a rat race world. This blessed influence encourages you to use any creative gifts for the benefit of others and for the environment rather than for mere personal gain. A good example would be a social or humanitarian cause that allows you to use the full range of your talents and skills.

In fact, the keyword for this cycle is poesy and may highlight those who are gifted with words, lyricism, or creative expression that kindles emotion. These gifts may arouse feelings of envy from others, but under powerful protection from the Universe, you have little to fear.

The moon also sits in the house of the hidden stirring up a pronounced need to maintain privacy for any number of reasons. It may be that you don’t feel like socializing very much opting instead for a more reclusive lifestyle. Perhaps you’re trying to hide the extent of an emotional wound or find it difficult to adequately express intense emotions because you feel misunderstood when you do. A lack of understanding from or connection to others as the result of social isolation or new surroundings may be a contributing factor. Alternatively, your motivation for withdrawal may be for extra time and privacy to pursue your own interests.

However, some situations can expressly warrant discretion for very particular reasons. This may be a secret affair or a romance with an individual you’re seeing who may not want to be seen in public or to get involved emotionally. On the other hand, you may be stoically hiding your emotions to protect someone who is ill. Whatever the conditions, you’ll want to keep secrets to yourself to avoid certain reactions that such a revelation might cause. However, there are important lessons in learning to share your innermost feelings with someone you trust.

Unfortunately, this moon’s energy can signal the onset of arguments and conflict. While you must be assertive to attain your goals, and perhaps even confrontational at times, the warning is to be aware of personally behaving too aggressively. Some situations will evoke feelings of loss and sadness that highlight a painful inevitability you’d prefer to avoid if given the choice. However, the only remaining choice is to prepare for the pain and sorrow while trusting that there is a purpose and order, and that the current suffering will pass.

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