Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Mercury moves backwards as the mischief maker from now until June 2nd while running interference in all matters related to communication. Expect the requisite delays, misunderstandings, lost mail, and issues with technology and transportation as per usual. The retrograde is always a review period, and in this instance being in an air sign, pertains to matters from around three months prior that involve some form of expression. With Mercury in regress, you may have to confront situations that aren’t working particularly well, especially in matters where articulating ideas clearly is crucial or avoiding gossip are concerned. There’s a tendency to talk about trivial, inconsequential everyday affairs, keeping up an incessant chatter about small things, and perhaps annoying others who want to be free to think their own thoughts. This nervous energy requires an outlet and golfing or an exercise program may provide a release.

For some, strong interest lies in understanding and communicating about domestic and family affairs. This can manifest as a curiosity about food, diet, farming, real estate, and business affairs. During this cycle, certain situations may require that you exert a concentrated effort to resolve dilemmas stemming from insurance companies, inheritance, social security, retirement funds, alimony/child support, or dealings with the IRS.

Additionally, this is a good period to reflect on ways to regenerate some aspect of your career, persona, status, or reputation to your benefit. Perhaps you’re opening up to a new line of thought, study, or ideas that support intelligent solutions to everyday household problems or involve the use of practical ingenuity. For others, the communication field may become important due to a growing interest in writing, speaking, television, entertainment, or lecturing with the point of exchanging ideas. You may be dealing with large groups and working to influence the public through the art of persuasion. In fact, your skills in expressing yourself might make you a good teacher, student, or writer as long as you don’t get lost in bits of trivial and superficial information.

You’re also putting a lot of thought into your personal value system–materially, intellectually or spiritually. While Mercury is retrograde, the influence supports making plans for changes that you’ll implement when it turns direct in consideration of getting what you deserve. These changes are likely to involve monetary decisions that affect your immediate financial needs and could relate to expenditures, income, or the household budget. The focus may involve an assessment of what purchases are actually necessary or concern about your earnings relative to the quality of your work output. Ultimately, you may decide that you deserve more money and this can prompt an effort to renegotiate your salary. Any endeavor toward that end should be supported with factual data and without any overestimation of your worth or productivity.

If you’re self-employed, you may determine that you need to raise your fees. If you volunteer your services, it’s possible you’re feeling undervalued or unappreciated. Direct your energies at this time toward your own needs, rather than persons who drain or deflect you from your intended goals. You may need to have greater awareness about the intentions of others, including power plays, manipulation, or underhanded tactics by those who hold authority. Limit contact with people who don’t support your efforts or respect your desire to avoid situations that aren’t beneficial to you.

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