Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries is a very different lady than the one we left behind in Pisces. Pisces is a watery sign of receptive energy in rulership of a house that is secretive, hidden, mysterious and prone to victim-savior relationships. Aries, on the other hand, is an action-oriented cardinal sign less willing to sacrifice and given to movement, usually on impulse. Because of this, Venus in Aries quite easily finds herself rushing with abandon into a love adventure and openly acknowledging her desires fueled by the passion (or foolhardiness) to go after them.

Venus and Mars together are a sexy pair indeed indicative of this cycle’s energy. In the sign of Aries, her influence over relationships may provoke you to pursue the target of either your love or your lust. The chase, the conquest is the spark that ignites love (or whatever); where it leads or ends is of little importance. Naturally, when you play with fire there’s the possibility of getting burned. This means that a desire for change can propel you headfirst into an ardent and passionate affair that burns out just as quickly as it started. Love at first sight or a fight for love are strong motivators that compel you to initiate an alliance based on romantic dreaming that may eventually become a nightmare relationship where love is a battlefield.

Creatively, this placement stimulates the development of talents or skills and the wish to produce something of beauty or participate in something pleasurable.

While individuals with this placement need an amorous lover and intensity in relationship, they have a strong sense of self that must be respected by a partner and this is often a point of contention. The American counter-culture of the 1960s is associated with the political slogan, “make love, not war,” but with Venus in Aries, both may drive the connection.

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