Love Notes: Week Apr 29-May 6, 2022

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: To remain safe, it’s best to chart a course of direction by creating and following a plan that’s mindful of the destination. To that end, you’re at a crossroad where you could be looking at how secure you feel in moving forward or moving on from a situation or a relationship. In either case, you’ll take a closer look at your alliances and the level of commitment to a belief or pursuit. Will you show up or pull a no-show? Where are you headed? Down the aisle are on the other side of it? Toward an expectation far into the future or far away as possible from anything binding? To the point of no return or nowhere fast? In circumstances where the rubber meets the road, only you can decide where this thing leads. Remember that you’ll receive as much love and satisfaction as you choose to let in.


  • Some truth is becoming glaringly obvious as time goes on (may be pertaining to a trip or issues of freedom)
  • Choosing to see things as you wish; running away (from the truth, situation, relationship)
  • Perspective about taking off–from work, for a trip, to go overseas
  • Heightened awareness; journey of the mind; new horizons (literal, figurative); freedom of thought; reaching new heights in perspective
  • A need for change in perspective about your relationship (may involve you/other leaving)
  • Preference for seeing only the more positive aspects of another person or situation helps in something “taking off” or reaching success


  • Guidance concerning issues of control; domineering or aggressive behavior (you/other)
  • Taking control (or the need to) because of excessive demands; sense of entitlement; someone seeking royal treatment (you/other)
  • A need to seek direction on how to gain control (of situation, asset, health, finances, etc.)
  • In control–offering guidance; authoritarian; dealing with authority figures or acting as one; one person taking most of responsibility in or for relationship
  • Great mastery or skill
  • Self-mastery; exploring the psyche (yours/others)
  • Control over intuition; spirit guides lead the way; open to inner voice


  • Angry about having to get on the road or take a trip; road rage
  • It’s been a long hard road–shift in scarcity consciousness (or the need to)
  • Traveling a great deal; traveling for work or gain; travel connected to nature; scenic road; expensive trip
  • Something down the road (literal, figurative); great expectations
  • A love of travel; travel to a loved destination; traveling to pursue a passion
  • Looking ahead; long range plans (may pertain to reaping the fruits of efforts)
  • Gratitude–on the road to abundance; expectation of prosperity in the future
  • Relationship is in the distant future; planning a future together as a couple


  • Mysticism–secrets of past lives
  • Secrets from the past; secret history (yours/other); history of keeping secrets
  • Past conditioning affects your relationship (may involve secrets)
  • Reliving the past–history with someone from previous incarnation; love agreement to continue relationship in this incarnation
  • Something you’re not seeing or something you’re hiding related to matters from a long time ago
  • A need for something to come to light concerning the past; unfinished business
  • Stirring up the past–may be dealing with an ex or old lover


  • Diving right into an interest that has become a passion
  • Time to act–to find new love or because of new love; a need to take the initiative
  • Diving head first into relationship; courtship; starting something–beginning stages of relationship
  • Good timing concerning new love (person, object, interest)
  • Meeting a potential partner (business you love, social, romantic)
  • New love is in the works or on its way; new relationship on the immediate horizon


  • A need to avoid impulsiveness in or about romance
  • A breakthrough in romance; romance suddenly takes off
  • Romantic date; invitation
  • Romantic gestures–playing the role of knight in shining armor or being courted by one
  • Sudden inspiration or insight concerning romance and dating
  • Unexpected visitor or news related to romance


  • A need to open to new possibilities to find the answer or solution
  • Surprised at finding the key (literal, figurative) or solution
  • The key is an element of surprise
  • Unexpected news–a solution to a difficulty or challenge is imminent
  • Unexpected encounter leads to discovering a clue, finding the answer, unlocking a secret, or solving a mystery or enigma
  • A blast from the past–someone’s heart or an opportunity that was formerly closed may suddenly open for you


  • A need to find your bliss/passion–lack of expression; not communicating because of following your bliss
  • Failure to contact or communicate (you/other); ghosted; stood up; not writing back because of anger
  • Misunderstanding caused by rushing into a situation
  • Not finding the right words to express desire, love, lust
  • Upset that you didn’t send/receive message; the wrong message; someone “not getting the message” (you/other)
  • Missed appointment (may connect to reproductive system)


  • A need to be frugal in matters related to home and domestic matters
  • Taking a risk related to property (to purchase, second mortgage, insurance, refinancing, etc.)
  • Chance to entertain at home; happy home situations; experiencing domestic bliss
  • Possibilities tied to property or home affairs–redecorating, renovation, moving, or moving in together
  • Luck involved–may be purchasing a home or new property; opportunities related to real estate


  • Desire to make a decision
  • Decision concerning new love (person, object, interest, pursuit, passion, place etc.)
  • Hypnotic scent
  • Decision about or because you share strong attraction; intense sexual chemistry
  • Decision about physical attraction; sexual encounter; desire, passion
  • Magnetism because of your decisions


  • Illumination concerning the birth of a child–baby announcement, baby shower, birth record
  • Giving advice–may be related to a new baby in the home; awareness of issues related to birth, conception, fertility
  • Getting information or solving a problem about trying to conceive, adoption, or starting something new
  • Fertile period (children, creativity, financial etc.)
  • A need to take a leadership role to start something new; initiating
  • Birth of something new (pursuit, project, relationship, etc); initial stages (may be learning or coming into awareness)
  • Birth of illumination–gaining knowledge, insight, or understanding


  • A need for action to address unresolved issues that affect the way you engage with others; inability to get past chronic negative behaviors that damage or prevent relationship
  • Not letting go of old wounds and resentments (you/other) that may be tied to unexpected gift or opportunity
  • Escapism–trying to get away from negativity; relationship saddled with baggage from past conditioning, ego, childhood patterns, past relationship
  • Travel related to a passion; traveling to see someone you feel passionate about; travel plans; spontaneous trip
  • Hopes and dreams (may be related to a destination you love); results surpass expectations
  • Happy chance development that allows you to finally put away old baggage; beneficial outcome to negative situation

Image: The Wedding of Jacoba of Bavaria, Countess of Holland, and Jan IV, Duke of Brabant, 10 March 1418, Jacob Joseph Eeckhout

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