3rd Quarter Moon in Aquarius

April 23, 2022 | 4:56 am (PST) | Keyword: Defending

The moon zips through Aquarius making quick work of the task at hand. This may be as a result of individuals who have unusual intuitive and clairvoyant ability. These persons often see further into the future than the logical mind can and have an expanded ability for penetrating insights into social conditions and trends. There’s a desire to bring change to people’s attitudes, perhaps as the researcher or social activist. If this is you, a strong humanitarian desire to help the underdog can produce much good if efforts are directed with wisdom and practicality. Those with strong Aquarius in the natal chart (sun, moon, and rising) will tend to be central to circumstance.

During this cycle you can express original ideas and creative imagination in an organized and practical way and may use this as a way of organizing the group or rebelling against it for the greater good. This may be in the role of reporter interested in the stories of events and people or a career which is in some way involved with the stories of human nature or restoring order. If you’re a writer, a popular story or novel could be released. There’s also group involvement for the purpose of sharing feelings about significant issues or problems. An example might be counseling sessions or any other setting that offers the opportunity to address strong emotions without impunity or the burden of emotional responsibility.

You’re also probably working on a dream or goal that is important to you despite receiving support or not. Your personal commitment to a project, cause, idea, or belief may require that you gather information to assist you in making a decision or choice. The goal is to reassess your present and future objectives to ensure that they truly reflect your own needs and desires.

In many cases, friends and acquaintances will provide the mechanism emotionally and financially that either furthers your goals our undermines them. Impulsive spending on friends and social functions can bring upsetting and unexpected expenditures. Additionally, significant others may prove unreliable if they feel threatened by your independence or vice versa. On the other hand, it may be you who refuses assistance as you strive for greater self-reliance. If you’ve been single for a while and now romantically involved, you may fear giving up your freedom for the demands of a committed relationship.

Steps toward independence may include going off to school, relocating, living on your own, becoming self-employed or self-supporting. Regardless of the desire for autonomy, circumstances are likely to create a sense of anxiety due to matters that are in flux and because of frequent changes to your plans. Some of these changes will be annoying disruptions that affect your routine, shift, and work schedule. In fact, a fateful event is scheduled that may indicate the end of or a change in the employment cycle if you feel you’re not getting enough out of your job.

Unfortunately, there’s also the tendency to place oneself in unsettling situations and the suggestion of a misfortune that may tie to the unexpected illness of a friend or a tragedy. The moon is separating from Pluto marking a situation characterized by intense emotions, control, and/or suffocating relationship issues.

In the positive, this is a period where needs and desires will be fulfilled through the nourishment of maternal love. Lucky circumstances bring support from a source precisely attuned to your individual needs.  This cycle may herald the arrival of a new baby, the birth of a fruitful project, or the creation of new art or ideas. With the moon sitting atop an earth trine meant to manifest abundance and security, there are a positive answers to questions regarding the approach of good fortune. The advice is to act in a loving and nurturing way, but avoid the danger of being smothered in an all-consuming “maternal” environment.

The keyword for this cycle is defending which suggests you may have to act from your principles to defend ideas, beliefs, yourself, or others. You may feel concern for those who have suffered at the hands of others, been subject to rumors, or that your own life journey is one of struggling against criticism. But with the use of a refined mind geared toward sincere and humanitarian effort, you may be destined to advance, gain power, and have influence over others with the objective of bringing relief. In doing so, the way granted will be elevation and peace.

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