Love Tracks|Venus in Pisces

Where to Find Love (and Venus )

April 5-May 2, 2022

Venus points the way to love and if you’re still in search of…

Venus in Pisces brings idealistic longings for the perfect lover that can easily lead to self-delusion and a lack of self-control. Before reality sets in, love can be intoxicating, magical, and romantic. But beware of projecting what you wish to see onto others as opposed to clearly seeing people and matters as they are. Secrets, hidden affairs, and clandestine trysts are possible during this period. Venus in Pisces is easily seduced, impressionable, and willing to sacrifice for the love of her dreams–until she wakes from an infatuation rife with disappointment and disillusionment. The current energy can provoke the tendency to try to “save” losers, addicts, and shady individuals unworthy of your time and emotions.

However, Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces and this lends itself to deep and unconditional love. The compassionate nature is aroused and you’ll be attracted to partners who can offer a deep and soulful spiritual connection–someone who is emotionally sensitive, sympathetic, and understanding of your needs. If you’re lucky, this cycle might even mean that the love of your life shows up.

This is the placement of dreamers, visionaries, artists, musicians, and mystics. To that end, it can be a highly creative cycle that focuses on a love of music, art, and the inclination to mysticism.

Aries|Venus 12th House Transit

You may be content with your own company or desire seclusion. Inner qualities are more valued than outer beauty. Emotional fulfillment overrides concerns for money. May care for loved one or participate in charitable activities. Attraction to those who are wise, self-possessed, at peace and offer significance to your life. Especially vulnerable in love relationships–tendency toward savior-victim relationships that may involve addiction or mental disturbance. Hidden relationships or difficulty in openly expressing attraction due to circumstance. Choice to spend private time alone with partner.

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Pisces:

  • I willingly make necessary sacrifice for my partner.
  • My relationship is built on trust without secrets.
  • I protect the privacy of my relationship.
  • I value time alone with my partner.
  • I know the difference between longing and love.

Where Aries Can Find Love & Benefits: Through places of confinement such as hospitals, retreats, rehabilitation centers; places that connect to secretive matters; through medical, religious, or charitable institutions.

Taurus|Venus 11th House Transit

Excellent period for group and social activities, building friendships, and networking through mutually beneficial exchanges. If single, more likely to play the field. If partnered, you might make changes in existing relationship that allows for greater freedom. Questions of loyalty could arise if you feel restricted by your alliance. Attraction to individuals who may not want or be ready to fully commit. Desire for independence can lead to temptation to have an affair (sexual or not) or strong attraction outside of relationship. Blurry distinction between friends and lovers.

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Pisces:

  • I allow love to develop through friendship.
  • I am clear about my attraction.
  • I honor mutual commitment.
  • I support my partner’s dreams and expect the same.
  • My independence is not threatened by partnership.

Where Taurus Can Find Love & Benefits: Through participation in clubs, associations, groups, or organizations; through friends; a friendship that turns to romance.

Gemini|Venus 10th House Transit

You will be making important decisions that affect your destiny–ie. relocation, career change, self-employment, marriage, etc. Those in authority are favorably inclined to help and advance your career or status. Could experience conflict between partnership involvement and career demands.

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Pisces:

  • I am comfortable openly expressing my love.
  • I value the wisdom, maturity, and experience of my partner.
  • I balance the demands of home and work.
  • I willingly accept the responsibility of relationship.
  • I release obsolete views of love and status.

Where Gemini Can Find Love & Benefits: Through career, promotion, or with a boss or employer; through parental connections; with an older individual; through or with someone of authority or status; through or with a government or public figure.

Cancer|Venus 9th House Transit

Consciousness-expanding experience concerning beliefs about intimate relationships. Review of the past with strong focus on one particular relationship to determine whether association is still valid (may be a challenging union due to unrealistic expectations). Assessment triggered by real or perceived threat to relationship will either reaffirm desire to commit or underscore disappointment in the shortcomings of your connection. May travel overseas or find romance with a foreigner. Relationships will challenge preconceived ideas about culture and concepts of beauty. Attracted to persons who are different from your past experience.

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Pisces:

  • I allow that love may look different than what I envisioned.
  • I honestly examine my beliefs about relationship to determine if they ring true.
  • I can lovingly agree to disagree and still maintain a solid partnership.
  • Love is an adventure in the discovery of myself and my partner.
  • I welcome my partner’s perspective.

Where Cancer Can Find Love & Benefits: Through colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning; through long distance travel; through religious or spiritual matters or connections; through social media; with an individual of a different culture; on airplanes, on a cruise, at a lecture.

Leo|Venus 8th House Transit

Pleasurable sexuality intensifies in a love relationship. New relationships will be both intense and complicated with lasting impact for better or worse. Magnetically and inexplicably drawn to certain individuals. One particularly compelling relationship may force you to address fears, insecurities, and psychological complexes. May attract money through partner, joint ventures, or unearned funds. Negatively, relationship struggles involving sex, money, and power. Money for your use may not be given to you, money may be used as a tool for control with strings attached, or your financial vulnerabilities may be exploited. Control issues where either party uses fear, intimidation, jealousy, or manipulation in the attempt to gain power.

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Pisces:

  • I examine the real motivation behind my actions and those of my partner.
  • I’m not afraid to “go there.”
  • I don’t need to control my partner when I am in control of myself.
  • I recognize that power struggles are rooted in feelings of powerlessness.
  • I have the power to attract what I desire.

Where Leo Can Find Love & Benefits: Through metaphysical matters; through activities involving wills, inheritance, legacies, funerals, and the death of others; matters of a secretive nature; through friends of an employer; through friends in business or professional life.

Virgo|Venus 7th House Transit

Best placement for improvement in all relationships. Relationships can improve or deteriorate depending on your ability to effectively relate, negotiate, and compromise. You may surrender your will for a higher good and mutual benefit or you may fail to stand up for your rights and allow a relationship to suppress your personal identity. Inner conflict between satisfying your own needs or those of a partner. May placate a partner rather than stand as an equal–relationship becomes more important than self-preservation. Favorable period for making peace with others.

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Pisces:

  • The price for peace with a partner does not include my peace of mind.
  • I am willing to compromise for the benefit of a win-win.
  • I successfully balance my partner’s needs with my own.
  • I am always working to improve my relationship.
  • I don’t have to lose myself to give to my partner.

Where Virgo Can Find Love & Benefits: Through or with counselors, advisors, representatives, agents; through or with business partners or associates; through connections or activities with grandparents; through connections or activities with third eldest sibling.

Libra|Venus 6th House Transit

Practicalities override personal pleasure. Good working relationships and pleasant work environment. Beneficial changes in health when you avoid overindulgence, sweets, rich, or fattening foods. May develop a strategy to improve diet and exercise regimen to maintain quality of life. May become romantically involved with a coworker or in a work setting.

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Pisces:

  • Taking care of myself is an act of love.
  • I am practical about love but not at the expense of love.
  • Love is not a burden to fulfill.
  • I don’t need to judge myself or my partner.
  • I accept human frailties in love.

Where Libra Can Find Love & Benefits: Through work or a coworker; through institutions related to health, fitness, or diet; at a restaurant; through connections with an aunt or uncle; through or with a tenant; volunteer activities; a clothing store.

Scorpio|Venus 5th House Transit

A great cycle for having fun, entertainment, and enjoying yourself. Greater confidence in creativity and self-expression. Improvement in relationships with your children. Feeling free and comfortable to be your most authentic self. Very attractive to the opposite sex and may start a love affair or romantic involvement. Strong attraction not yet developed into full-fledged commitment. For some, disagreement about where union is headed. If partnered, outside influence or children can disrupt relationship.

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Pisces:

  • I enjoy the game of romance.
  • I’m willing to take a gamble on love.
  • I can let my inner child out to play.
  • I love to love and be loved.
  • I take my time before committing.

Where Scorpio Can Find Love & Benefits: Through activities related to fun and entertainment; through matters dealing with children; activities involving creativity or a hobby; by attending concerts, shows, museums, or casinos; through socializing at parties; while on holiday; bars; theaters or schools; by participating in games or sports; and through connections with the second eldest sibling.

Sagittarius|Venus 4th House Transit

Quiet time at home or entertaining guests. Seeking sanctuary from the outside world. Emphasis on comfortable domestic environment–may redecorate, renovate, or buy beautiful items for the home. Improvement in relationship to parents. Inner healing and recovery.

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Pisces:

  • Home is where the heart is.
  • I am safe to love.
  • It’s okay to lean on my partner.
  • I protect my relationship.
  • I am not chained to unhealthy patterns of the past.

Where Sagittarius Can Find Love & Benefits: Through family contacts; home environment or gatherings within the home; dealings with land development and real estate.

Capricorn|Venus 3rd House Transit

Increase in social life and interactions with neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances. Ability to influence others through communication and skills of negotiation. May be involved with endeavors involving craftsmanship or making beautiful objects by hand. Learning activities or advancement in education may lead to academic honors or recognition.

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Pisces:

  • I am flexible in love.
  • I am willing to go beyond the superficial.
  • I share my ideas with my partner.
  • Clear communication is the foundation of my relationship.
  • I learn about myself through my partnership.

Where Capricorn Can Find Love & Benefits: Through correspondence, advertising, promotional activities, or phone calls; through short travels, commuting, or ground transportation; in the neighborhood, through or with a neighbor; school, classes, lectures.

Aquarius|Venus 2nd House Transit

Ease in attracting people, money, or material possessions. Financial opportunities present with little to no effort. Available funds through the sale of property, investments, refunds, or interest. Desire to work toward long term goals that may include major purchase. Negatively, debts and shared resources are problematic. A reassessment of values toward either an increase in materialism or greater spiritual appreciation for life. Ethical and moral review concerning monogamy, spending practices, service fees, or allocation of funds.

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Pisces:

  • Manifesting the love and relationship I desire is easy.
  • Shared values are important in relationship.
  • I can have both love and money.
  • I pamper myself and my partner.
  • I am faithful and demand the same from my partner.

Where Aquarius Can Find Love & Benefits: Through financial institutions, while making purchases; dealings with music, art, or luxury items.

Pisces|Venus 1st House Transit

Personal compromise, if necessary, because of desire to relate to others and avoid conflict. Passive demeanor can mean failure to defend personal rights. Divided attention between your needs and those of others. A challenge to protect yourself from the demands, requests, and intrusion of others for time alone to pursue your own interests. Will tend to attract those who make excessive demands on your time. Solitude to focus on creative projects or to escape an undesirable situation. Self-made benefits and opportunities through your own efforts and abilities. May decide to improve your look, image, persona, or personal brand.

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Pisces:

  • Time for myself allows me to recharge so that I fully connect to a partner.
  • I make healthy compromises that don’t come at my expense.
  • I’m not afraid to confront delicate issues.
  • I am not a prisoner to my partner’s demands.
  • I define myself in this partnership.

Where Pisces Can Find Love & Benefits: By initiating social activities and being outgoing; positive expression; activities involving self-improvement; or through connections or dealings with grandparents.

Image: Venus and Adonis, Anonymous

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