2022 Jupiter|Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

Jupiter, the god of sky and thunder, and Neptune, the god of water and sea have now joined forces. It’s a planetary combo that can manifest as either over-the-top dreams or twisted truths. The last time this magical dreams-come-true duo was together in the sign of Pisces was in 1856 and this aspect won’t occur again until 2188. For those favored by fortune, the influence may herald great happiness and beneficial gains through unforeseen circumstances or without any effort.

In the positive, you may be blessed and protected in all matters related to healing or you may finally set plans in motion to take that trip of a lifetime (near the water?). This conjunction could be the kick-off to your studies or a surge of creativity with expression through the arts–painting, music, film, photography. Perhaps the focus is on metaphysical interests or religious pursuits. A boost of psychic energy means that following your intuitive hunches could lead to big returns.

Jupiter loves to go big and while a charitable disposition and heightened compassion grant the ability to give love to those who need it, it also brings the possibility of generosity overdone. In the negative, the chance exists of medical misdiagnosis or a need to deal with addictions or pathological inclinations. Highly impressionable and easily seduced right now, it’s easy to get carried away with “the vision” in contrast to a very different reality. Negative aspects can trigger Jupiter’s link to the law–be careful of political conflicts, illegal substances, and entanglements involving stolen goods. Way too trusting under the influence of Pisces, you could find yourself swindled out of personal funds and possessions. The advice for any important decision–get it in writing.

Images: Jupiter, Heinrich Friedrich Fuger; Neptune, Neopolitan School

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