1st Quarter Moon in Cancer

April 8, 2022 | 11:47 pm (PST) | Keyword: Liberty

The moon moves slowly in deliberate measure through the sign of Cancer suggesting that a situation will evolve over time. Although Cancer is the sign that rules the hearth, a restlessness during this cycle can indicate a sudden change of residence. The destined home may be on an island, boat, or a location with close access to water that also offers some measure of privacy. In the family dynamic, individuals will tend to want a great deal of independence that will allow for the pursuit of personal interests and the freedom to come and go at will. Whatever your feelings about family, for better or worse, they’re closely connected to your destiny and a strong influence that affects your spiritual development.

Alternatively, the home may be used as a meeting place for friends and group activities and close friends can become like members of the family. There’s also a special interest in allowing children to develop intellectual acuity through a free and unique approach. Those with dominant Cancer in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising) will be central to events connected to this moon phase.

The effect of this moon is one that stimulates intuition, occult abilities, and perhaps mediumship, especially for those who hold strong psychic strengths, physical and sexual power of regeneration, and the ability to overcome extreme obstacles and setbacks in life. For some, this will demonstrate as an intense and expressive desire to assert the personal will to achieve a goal. The objective may be to structure your feelings and present them to the public in the form of writing, acting, or healing. This may be to voice the dissatisfaction of the common people or because you see yourself as part of a struggle for the rights of the silent majority. Highly responsive to the mood of the audience, the public may respond positively to whatever you offer.

The moon’s influence also unleashes sudden and unpredictable emotional behavior indicating that someone in your inner circle may need counseling. As you gain greater awareness of your own emotional needs, you’ll begin to recognize the psychological influences and motivations behind the decisions of others. These insights may come through formal training in psychology and exchanges with others in the role of a professional therapist, counselor, or astrologer just beginning a practice. However, increased empathy can be a painful experience when you’re exposed to the darker side of human nature and may require that you periodically withdraw from the world to protect your privacy.

Alternatively, the exposure may be the result of associating with persons who are disturbed on some level. Regardless of the setting or circumstance, these emotional encounters provide the opportunity for you to understand yourself and how power struggles and issues of manipulation play out through your interactions. Holding tightly to negative memories or perceived wrongs can indicate holding others hostage emotionally. The ensuing complications in relationships can manifest as ambivalence, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, jealousy, guilt, unexplained anger, sexual compulsions, helplessness and unconscious feelings that undermine conscious actions.

Justifiably so, these circumstances provoke you to carefully consider the repercussions of your decisions, especially if you feel a responsibility toward others. Intense situations could place you in a delicate position that requires tact and diplomacy, particularly if you’re counseling professionally. As you gain experience in addressing challenging scenarios, you’ll come to rely on a growing awareness that influences your conscious approach. Highly intuitive, perhaps even psychic, you depend on your hunches, right or wrong, to guide your actions.

Cancer’s correspondence to domestic affairs will also incite being overly possessive about property or the desire to have greater control over something jointly shared causing financial power struggles where you or your partner fight over how to handle money or pay the bills. If you’re in an arrangement involving shared resources, the amount of money you receive is likely to change either positively or negatively. Your own personal resources may decrease in a way that leaves you with a greater feeling of inequality and dependency, although this may very well be as a result of valid circumstances that you have chosen. Important lessons are directed toward persons who may be subconsciously materialistic and involved with finances, personal belongings, and valuables. This individual may face occasional difficulties in earning a living or maintaining a certain level of material comfort for the purpose of evaluating the image of self-worth.

In the negative, you may receive a negative answer to your questions. There’s the warning of misfortune on the horizon, particularly with regard to health and travel. This cycle can also mark a period of depression or disappointment. While you cannot direct events, you do have power over perception and how you respond to challenging situations. Although frustrating, this is a fleeting influence whereby cultivating acceptance, emotional stability and the understanding of the purpose behind matters will lighten the burden.

The keyword for this cycle is liberty denoting unsettled tendencies with a strong desire for freedom and liberty of movement. Upcoming events may involve an individual who becomes highly restless if held to one place for long. With a nature that is willful, erratic, and impulsive, this person is not well-suited for ordinary life, may have frequent changes of employment, or feels compelled to make sudden changes. On the other hand, perhaps you’re seeking release, greater latitude, or deliverance from a restrictive situation.

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