Love Tracks|Venus in Aquarius

Where to Find Love (and Venus )

March 5 – April 5, 2022

Venus points the way to love and she’s still traveling through the sign of Aquarius for the next few days. If you’re still in search of love…

Venus in Aquarius brings modern and progressive views concerning love and relationship. Unusual tastes might connect you to persons who run the gamut between eccentric geniuses to living-on-the-fringe drifters. During her trek through this sign, you’ll place premium value on friendship, sometimes more so than romantic connections. Nevertheless, although you enjoy socializing and contact with others, independence is still highly prized. However, you might decide either to stay single or suddenly enter into commitment. Surprise is the modus operandi while Venus is here. One thing is for sure, you’ll want a partner who can provide mental stimulation and grant you the freedom to be you. Any restrictive demands that make you feel chained and bound will have you eyeing the exit sign in no time quick.

Swans usually mate for life barring some unusual occurrence. Perhaps it was once your intent to find someone suitable for the long haul or maybe that kind of arrangement feels much too conservative for your personal taste. Nevertheless, if some of your recent choices didn’t turn out to be what you’d hoped for or you haven’t been excited by what’s on offer, you might have decided to withdraw or isolate. A growing indifference in response to being repeatedly disappointed could have you questioning the future. The current monotony of life is draining your enthusiasm for relationships and creating a sense of dread about even entertaining the thought of new prospects. But this myopic view is likely to cause you to miss out on any good opportunities that actually present. While you may feel disillusioned, being emotionally unavailable only serves to keep you in a rut and validate your worst fears. For love to materialize, you’ll need to find the root of deep dissatisfaction about life and a reason for renewal.

Aries|11th House

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Aquarius:

  • I balance mind and heart in my connections.
  • My relationship is built on love and friendship.
  • I share my dreams and wishes with my partner.
  • I don’t intellectualize my emotions as a defense mechanism.
  • I recognize the reward of relationship.

Where to Find Love: Through participation in clubs, associations, groups, or organizations; through friends; a friendship that turns to romance

Taurus|10th House

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Aquarius:

  • It is more important how I view my relationship rather than what others think.
  • What I believe about love on the inside manifests on the outside.
  • I hold authority over my role in relationship.
  • I feel free to make my needs known.
  • I don’t hide my feelings.

Where to Find Love: Through career, promotion, or with a boss or employer; through parental connections; with an older individual; through or with someone of authority or status; through or with a government or public figure

Gemini|9th House

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Aquarius:

  • I am open to new perspectives about love.
  • I recognize there is always more to learn and love about my partner.
  • I celebrate difference.
  • I am learning the language of love.
  • I am willing to go the distance in a relationship.

Where to Find Love: Through colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning; through long distance travel; through religious or spiritual matters or connections; through social media; with an individual of a different culture; on airplanes, on a cruise, at a lecture

Cancer|8th House

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Aquarius:

  • I believe love allows for second chances.
  • I recognize my limitations without using boundaries to block love out.
  • I don’t need emotional crisis to create transformation in my relationships.
  • I still choose love even when beliefs are worlds apart.
  • Love is a series of endings and beginnings.

Where to Find Love: Through metaphysical matters; through activities involving wills, inheritance, legacies, funerals, and the death of others; matters of a secretive nature; through friends of an employer; through friends in business or professional life

Leo|7th House

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Aquarius:

  • Commitment is not a threat to my independence.
  • I choose partners that share my values concerning love.
  • I am my own agent in seeking love that serves my highest good.
  • I can agree to disagree with my partner and still feel validated.
  • I am with my partner because I want to be, not because I need to be.

Where to Find Love: Through or with counselors, advisors, representatives, agents; through or with business partners or associates; through connections or activities with grandparents; through connections or activities with third eldest sibling

Virgo|6th House

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Aquarius:

  • I choose the well-being of self and my partner as a priority.
  • I need to get out of my comfort zone in matters of love.
  • All work and no play makes for a dull relationship.
  • I put routines in place that stimulate love.
  • Partners are not projects.

Where to Find Love: Through work or a coworker; through institutions related to health, fitness, or diet; at a restaurant; through connections with an aunt or uncle; through or with a tenant; volunteer activities; clothing store

Libra|5th House

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Aquarius:

  • I make time for fun in my relationship.
  • I am willing to take a chance on love.
  • I never risk what I am not willing to lose in love.
  • I allow my inner child to dream wild dreams of love.
  • I practice safe sex.

Where to Find Love: Through activities related to fun and entertainment; through matters dealing with children; activities involving creativity or a hobby; by attending concerts, shows, museums, or casinos; through socializing at parties; while on holiday; bars; theaters or schools; by participating in games or sports; and through connections with the second eldest sibling

Scorpio|4th House

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Aquarius:

  • I can break with the past to find a relationship that feels right for me.
  • I don’t need to relive childhood patterns to reconcile false beliefs about love.
  • I can be rooted in love and still be free.
  • New places bring new faces and new loves.
  • I will not allow my insecurities to make me afraid to go deep.

Where to Find Love: Through family contacts; home environment or gatherings within the home; dealings with land development and real estate

Sagittarius|3rd House

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Aquarius:

  • I remember that love is in the details.
  • I don’t trivialize my feelings of love.
  • It’s okay to believe in love even when you can’t see it.
  • I deserve more than superficial encounters.
  • The truth will set me free.

Where to Find Love: Through correspondence, advertising, or phone calls; through short travels, commuting, or ground transportation; in the neighborhood, through or with a neighbor; school, classes, lecture

Capricorn|2nd House

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Aquarius:

  • I am clear about my values in love
  • My partner is not my possession
  • I know my self worth
  • I choose what is fair rather than to abuse power over resources
  • I am secure with the truth

Where to Find Love: Through financial institutions, while making purchases; dealings with music, art, or luxury items

Aquarius|1st House

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Aquarius:

  • I love freely and without reserve
  • I can step out of the friends zone
  • I’m not afraid to take the initiative or make the first move in love
  • I don’t rebel against love for the sake of seeming independent
  • I surprise my partner with a willingness to commit

Where to Find Love: By initiating social activities and being outgoing; positive expression; activities involving self-improvement; or through connections or dealings with grandparents

Pisces|12th House

Relationship Affirmations for Venus in Aquarius:

  • My own healing is the catalyst for change in relationships
  • I trust my intuition to guide me in love
  • I work through any discomfort to reach understanding
  • I am not a prisoner of love
  • I trust that what is hidden will come to light

Where to Find Love: Through places of confinement such as hospitals, retreats, rehabilitation centers; places that connect to secretive matters; through medical, religious, or charitable institutions

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