Full Moon in Virgo

March 18, 2022 | 0:17 am (PST) | Keyword: Labor

The moon makes haste through the sign of Virgo invigorating you with great vitality and the zeal to inspire others with greater enthusiasm in the performance of tasks. For some, this is as an excellent teacher or someone who works with young people. With the ability to influence the attitudes of others in subtle ways, you’re not likely to remain a subordinate and may assume a position of leadership and authority. The attention to detail this moon encourages also produces skilled artisans and the aptitude to express yourself artistically or in a creative way. The tendency is to dramatize your work or profession and you may display surprising determination in your efforts. This is a good period to apply yourself toward career development and any kind of public relations or work in sales. All matters that have been pending for some time related to health or work will culminate in fruitful conclusion at this time. Persons with strong Virgo in the natal chart will play a key part in the events that unfold over the next two weeks.

Important change or adjustments will take place concerning your career or in the professional sphere that may be beneficial. This could be with regard to job duties or opportunities for advancement that are long overdue. If seeking a promotion, this is a good time to present your case to superiors supported with facts and figures. As a result, you may play a more public role in the company, move to a position of public service, have greater involvement with the public, or receive recognition that boosts your reputation or brings accolades for your job performance. Finding yourself squarely in the public eye will also make it more difficult to maintain the boundaries between your public and private persona and any publicity you receive may be either positive or negative.

Negative transitions could indicate the loss of a job, demotion, company instability, or employer conditions that affect your security. Be aware of possible deception through coworkers or confusion regarding instructions, orders, or output. The frustration you experience may stem from upsetting changes of schedule, shifts, or departments. Even so, you’re likely to be part of the decision-making process in matters that directly affect you materially.

The relationship axis for this moon’s chart rests on critical degrees emphasizing an urgency to partnership related affairs. The proximity of the Pleaides suggests alliances that connect to bereavement, mourning, sorrows, tragedy, and possibly death. This can be related to the end of probate, excessive tax burden or inheritance issues, or the financial responsibility left by someone who has passed that is too much to bear. The emphasis is on a new financial cycle that first requires you to close out some monetary matter. In fact, the resource axis sits on the Aries point provoking new situations and the introduction and involvement of new persons previously unknown to you in these affairs. This might involve filing for bankruptcy, addressing concerns related to real estate, or finally pulling out of debt.

In the larger world context, it’s worth mentioning the energetic confluence of several stars, notably Capulus with ties to Moscow, Russia and its current yoke to Algol. Both of these influences are rather ruthless and together represent passionate energy, at times, brutal, savage, and violent. The conjunction to the North Node denotes a successful warrior whose focus and assertive action carries the possibility of leaving a trail of destruction. Zosma is also high in the heavens stoking a desire for independence to such a degree as to prefer death to servitude. Personal freedom is valued above all else, whether emotional, spiritual, or physical which clearly illustrates the saga between Russia and the Ukraine.

The “one-shot” opportunity for success during this cycle may connect to a person with a great deal of idealism who wants to see only the best in everything, in every person, in every situation, even in every problem. This person will demand quality in all relationships in order to seek personal illumination and purpose in life. If this is you, the personality will shine through partnership and may lead to alliances with wealthy people. The goal is to use talent, skills, gifts, and assets for the attainment of resources needed for personal expression. The keyword is labor and this may signal the effort applied toward securing financial success. However, this endeavor transcends beyond just the material; work may serve as a form of prayer where you willingly meet the challenge of demand. In fact, you may be one who works hard and denies yourself much and are therefore entrusted with delicate missions, important duties, or an expected task.

But this influence also speaks to the labor of a futile chase. There’s an impulse to fight with those whose temperament is contrary to your own. This suggests that it’s the right time to leave a hated or passionless career and there’s positive indication if you choose to end a relationship or leave a job. It’s also an auspicious energy for moving house. The advice is to remove yourself from uncomfortable situations that go against your nature.

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