1st Quarter Moon in Gemini

March 10, 2022 | 2:45 am (PST) | Keyword: Menace

Even though quick action succeeds at this time, the moon lingers in the sign of Gemini with the goal of being purposeful, conservative, and ambitious concerning the use of ideas and intellectual abilities. This may be used in support of forging new paths for one’s family, tribe, or society. Part of this may include the desire to make life better for all or to manipulate the social order for better or worse. The emotional need is for mental stimulation and exchanges with others. In accordance with this wish, you may be eager to achieve status through your ideas, speech, educational writings, and research accomplishments, although you’re apt to be more cautious, guarded, and calculated in communication due to excessive worry. However, some will be very savvy in business and political strategy, especially in advertising and the use of the news media. Those with strong Gemini (sun, moon, or rising sign) in the natal chart will be at the center of matters.

The need for strong leadership is revealed through the influence of this moon and the link to a catastrophe indicating a time when volunteers are needed. There’s a focus on the ability to succeed in the face of crisis and to repair, mend, improve, or reform as the means to serve others on a material level in some manner. This might possibly manifest as an attraction towards relationships with people from a minority group. Perhaps you become more involved with others if you’re in a healing profession, one which inspires understanding, or dealing with emergencies. For others, this is simply being more emotionally connected to co-workers.

Despite the emphasis on communication, confusing messages can be problematic in both business and personal affairs. In the mundane, the impact of the Venus/North Node midpoint sitting on Scheat points to the social order confronted with change. However, on a more intimate level it indicates independent ideas concerning relationships that are likely to invoke concerns about boundaries (or lack of) or the rejection of any involvement that feels inhibiting. This could suggest a love union under dire stress and/or the experience of tragedy because of or related to it.

During this time, discretion is advised so as not to reveal secret information to the wrong person. It goes without saying that you should disregard gossip or unreliable information. Additionally, you’ll need to take extra care in the signing of papers or in situations where others may fraudulently distort the facts. Without cautious reserve, you may find yourself vulnerable to being outmaneuvered, exploited, misinformed, or misguided due to the wrong influence of others.

Even though the accent is on communication, it’s possible that you’ll repress emotions or fail to reveal the full extent of your feelings. Perhaps you’re putting emotional considerations aside in order to focus on more immediate necessities. This may be to deal with changes in working conditions, dietary habits, or intellectual, emotional, or physical health. Circumstances may provoke daily routine changes that are complicated and stressful. You’re likely to respond by making decisions that either directly or indirectly impact your job or areas of life that will affect your job consequentially.

While the first inclination is to worry about matters at hand, it’s helpful to acknowledge through a lens of realism the silver lining that may be hidden in the storm clouds. The inability to stifle your anxieties can intensify tension and irritate digestive difficulties. In fact, health can become an overwhelming preoccupation that drives you to adjust your daily commitments and reassess your priorities. This could be due to physical changes related to pregnancy, breast-feeding, aging, fitness, hormonal imbalance, or weight gain or loss. Be especially aware of the possibility for a lapse in focus or errors in judgment that cause mistakes in drug prescriptions. You might also recognize the influence of exercise and diet which can prompt you to develop a more health-conscious lifestyle. This is likely to include a review of the emotional fulfillment you experience through your work involvement and relationships that affect your health. In some cases, it can be other people’s emotional or physical health that concerns you–siblings, neighbors, or a woman that is close to you.

Fortunately, this influence is also working to establish success, particularly in business and trade. Prayers to receive wealth and abundance through your endeavors will be answered. This may bring exciting and unexpected good news connected to family, neighbors, or pertaining to activities of an intellectual nature. For some, this will involve work connected to electronics, technology, or media or you might discover something that helps you develop greater efficiency in your work. However, the requirement is that you must ask for assistance before receiving it. Likewise, others may request help and the advice is to respond with open generosity. This is not the time to act on envy or out of spite. The manner in which you give will serve as a reflection of what you can expect to receive.

Actually, mental outlook will play a large factor in upcoming events. Should you choose to take a fatalistic view of life you may act in ways that cause you suffering and sorrow. Rather than attempt to stifle memories, allow them to reshape your life by turning thoughts to all that is higher, real, and true. The keyword for this cycle is menace. This can suggest being a menace to yourself through negative thoughts or behavior or the unfortunate circumstance of having to deal with people or situations that threaten your wellbeing.

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