Love Notes: Week Feb 25-Mar 4, 2022

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Mark Twain once wrote, “The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice.” This week, how you view the history of a situation plays a significant role surrounding conditions of the past or a history in the making. Either way, the strengths or weaknesses are under scrutiny as well as ties to “the establishment” and a particular perspective that determines what your values are and what you might like to leave behind as representative of your legacy. This might involve the strength of your character, education, vitality, or assets. Perhaps it is the strength of your ego, creative skills, relationship with your children, or a romantic connection that is emphasized. On the other hand, the focus may be on ties to government, political alliance, large corporations, or educational, religious, or cultural institutions. Whatever the case, at the core of every scenario is the personal will directed toward an ability to persuade, influence, dominate if need be, or write the narrative as one sees fit.


  • Time to be more frugal (with how you spend your time or money)
  • Possibilities–the Universe is working to unfold a situation in a time frame that is best and most appropriate for your experience
  • A need to trust that all things happen at the time meant to occur
  • Timing plays a role regarding an opportunity; lucky timing; perfect timing
  • Time to act on an opportunity; taking a risk (may feel time is running out)


  • Disappointed due to a change or trying to create change
  • Brokenhearted because of an ending
  • Facing the truth concerning hurt, loss, betrayal, separation, or break up of relationship (you/others)
  • Disappointed about waiting in vain
  • Transformation of situation that caused a broken heart


  • Feeling young at heart; inner child; creativity; play
  • Renewal of the desire to have children; revitalizing connection to children; children are impacting the relationship; improvement in a child
  • Fresh outlook; new beginning
  • Feeling/looking more youthful (may be tied to better health, fitness, cosmetic)
  • Revitalization through healing (physically, emotionally)
  • Renewal of ties to someone from childhood; dating someone younger
  • Feeling revitalized by doing something new
  • Playful interactions; remembering playfulness of romance


  • Taking a risk–being discreet is important due to circumstances
  • Putting secrets out there (yours/others)
  • A need to tread lightly due to inability to read emotions
  • Happiness, laughter, enjoyment related to relationship that may be clandestine, hidden, or secretive
  • Someone is keeping secrets (you/other)


  • Secret or hidden documents, papers, receipts, statements
  • Something you’re not seeing or something you’re hiding related to documentation, value, price, or comparison
  • Secret bidding; power plays; red flags; extreme competition
  • Competition for love and affection; having to pay high price for relationship
  • Secret trade of favors (sex, money, influence, power); secretly trying to score (you/others)
  • Secretly keeping a record (mental or on paper; perceived wrongs)
  • Secrets–stirring up the past; a need for something to come to light
  • Secretly engaged in warfare–tit-for-tat behavior; one-upmanship
  • Drama, unreliability, inconsistencies tied to secrets
  • Unaware that someone is trying to compete with you; secrets of the competition


  • Recognition of being rejected (you/other)
  • Rejecting recognition
  • Wrong love choice–a need to recognize inner beauty; incompatibility; lack of attraction
  • Disinterest in pampering yourself or outer appearance
  • Reveling in an attraction that is likely to remain platonic rather than romantic
  • Recognition that one of you is investing more in the relationship without a return
  • Realization that relationship will not move forward due to lack of mutual feeling
  • Recognition of true value after being rejected


  • Inner listening about whether to open the door when alone or to being alone
  • Seeking sanctuary through an opportunity
  • An opportunity for solitude–need for rest and withdrawal; opportunity to re-energize
  • Creating opportunity on your own; opportunity presents for beneficial change provided you take the initiative
  • Mulling over an opportunity; re-energizing an opportunity


  • Realization that one of you is more focused on spiritual growth than relationship; understanding true purpose of relationship
  • Spiritual revelations; revelations that come from Spirit
  • New perspective concerning faith, spirituality, or beliefs
  • Revelations regarding or from a spiritual person
  • New information as a result of relationship that brings spiritual lessons or evolution
  • Self-awareness concerning beliefs; a need to think outside the box; new age spirituality
  • Awareness of deep, spiritual connection where core values align
  • Revelation that prayers have been answered


  • Control over travel, vehicle, transportation
  • Thrill-seeking in manifesting plans and dreams
  • Need to take charge of matters rather than getting carried away, going round and round, or ups and downs
  • Veiled attempts at empowerment (you/others) related to friends with benefits or relationships that are not serious
  • Relationship is a mutual fun ride but may or may not develop into anything deeper
  • Harnessing your personal power in a relationship that offers excitement and pleasure
  • Directing your personal power toward enjoyment of life, having fun
  • Taking the lead role concerning amusement, entertainment, fun


  • Time to stop struggling–acceptance of what is regarding new love
  • Attainment of or through new love (person, interest, project, pursuit, object)
  • Recognition of or from a new love; new love is in the works or on its way
  • Basking in the glow of new love; courtship
  • Attainment, success, or recognition in meeting a new potential partner; beginning stages of relationship; new relationship on the immediate horizon


  • Struggling to see things clearly–operating under an illusion about self, situation, person; some aspect of self, relationship, or partner is illusory and not exactly as it appears on the surface
  • Total and excessive focus on appearances (you/other); superficial relationship concerned primarily with looks
  • Preoccupation with appearing happy, attractive, successful, financially secure, etc. as a couple or to attract a partner (you/other)
  • Projections; behavior reflected back
  • Runaway imagination–not what you think; refusal to see the truth
  • Illusions about what is possible–fantasizing, inaction; lack of clarity about starting something
  • Examining what you look like or how you come across to others
  • Illusions (yours/others) about what you’re creating; playfulness; possibilities
  • Seeing through illusions; laser focus–a need to take a closer look


  • Wedding announcement–embracing new self identity
  • Need for change concerning papers, documents, messages, invitations
  • Changing the way you write or communicate for the better
  • Following your dream to be a writer; message pertaining to following a dream; writing out your dreams; messages that come through dreams
  • Opportunity for change that comes as a result of messages, paperwork, writing, communication
  • Transformation that occurs as a result of positive communication; letter/sentiment changes everything; love letter, card, sentiment
  • Written invitation, text message, email, phone call (time may be a factor)
  • You’ll soon send/receive a love message; hearing from someone; making contact

Image: The Four Regents, The Secretary and the House Father of the Leper’s House of Amsterdam, Jacobus Luberti Augustini

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