3rd Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

February 23, 2022 | 2:32 pm (PST) | Keyword: Valor

Matters will tend to move quickly as the moon surges through the sign of Sagittarius. In doing so, it will highlight pioneers, visionary reformers, and mystics of various types. These persons are motivated by a strong sense of what the future may hold as well as ideals and goals that could be achieved through social reform and the implementation of advanced ideas and scientific methods. The interest could be in improving the circumstances of others through the reform of existing religious, cultural, social, or political institutions. Those with strong prophetic and intuitive abilities, especially regarding the effects of new technological innovations, can hold sway over cultural evolution and influence society through their work. Persons with strong Sagittarius (sun, moon, rising) will be key players in the events that unfold.

Some may develop a fondness for travel that will focus on adventure and experience because of a desire to explore–places, spiritual beliefs, ideas. Perhaps you feel you have a destiny connected to a person born in a particular country, or to the land itself and its cultures, past or present. As a result, you’re likely to have many friends associated with religious, cultural, or educational institutions, or people from faraway places. These persons will stimulate your imagination and motivate you to further explore. They may be instrumental in helping you to record your adventures and insights as well as introduce you to people and places you find fascinating.

With the flow of energy from the asteroid Chiron, you feel compassion for the plight of others. This may stimulate an emotional need for your beliefs and ideals to be heard and respected with an emphasis on befriending those less fortunate and extending a helping hand. Your gift of eloquence can inspire and stimulate minds while promoting hope and optimism in situations where there appears to be very little. In the mundane, this can mean that leaders come under scrutiny or that leaders are empowered.

The theme of deep emotional connection, romantic possibility, and self expression continues from the energy of previous moons this month. This will spark significant relationships that push your evolutionary progress. In some cases, this influence will compel the desire for both physical and emotional intimacy that may possibly lead to infidelity. This might be due to unorthodox ideas concerning marriage, romance, and sexual values.

Regardless of the nature of your relationship, exchanges with others will tend to be more intense, although you may find it easier to openly express your needs and desires. Some situations will manifest as over-protectiveness that induces dependency or possessiveness that causes you to try to limit the freedom of those you love. On the other hand, children or lovers may need more from you because of life transitions or changes in the environment. There are fated experiences scheduled that arrive to encourage higher awareness through love. It can involve children, both your own and/or those under your care. The lesson is to give love without judgment.

Some worries may involve financial or sexual issues that push you to the point of crisis or provoke questions about where you stand in a relationship. Perhaps there’s an unconventional sense of values where money and possessions are concerned. You’ll need to do your best to see things clearly in spite of hidden or confusing elements of situations involving legalities, travel, and foreign affairs. In fact, be cautious of signing legal documents because the possibility exists for fraud and deceit surrounding financial matters, although eventually you’ll be able to reach an agreement or settlement. Additionally, an endless stream of obstacles and delays will plague the week and require that you patiently wait situations out. This might suggest the need to subjugate a desire for pleasure to the needs of the present practicalities through a reassessment of health and work practices.

After overcoming a few challenges, endeavors will receive a green light. This might include personal pursuits, fortunate business dealings, entering into new ventures, future expansion, or the realization of your plans. Contributing factors to your success might be through support from people who are wealthy, educated, or influential, as well as those connected to government, legal, or religious professions. Because this moon sits in the sector of the sky that connects to creativity, you may also choose to use this cycle in efforts that support self-expression through the arts or experiences that provide emotional fulfillment. If so, an unusual artistic flair or talent can emerge.

However, this is a moon that not only requires you apply yourself, but also that you practice self-mastery. You’ll need to gain control over passion, anger, impulsive unbridled actions, or the pursuit of sensual fulfillment that proves to be a distraction. There’s impending success in reaching a goal because of auspicious energy that supports finding what you seek through targeted concentration.

The keyword for this period is valor, which in essence, is the use of great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. This can point to circumstances involving a powerful person of spiritual fortitude coupled with a penetrating mind that assures the rise to a position of prominence. The treachery of those in opposition may bring an ending, yet virtuous actions and spirit will ultimately override any reversal.

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