Full Moon in Leo

February 16, 2022 | 8:56 am (PST) | Keyword: Conciliation

The moon is slowly drifting through the sign of Leo as you tend to matters that place you on center stage. While situations are largely about you, your nurturing instincts are nevertheless aroused prompting a strong desire to take care of someone. When taken to the extreme, this can result in dependency issues. Perhaps this is a period where you invest a great deal of time and energy into your children and feel pride in their accomplishments. It may be that your children require extra love and attention from you, especially if your relationship or home environment is undergoing change.

Additionally, you have a strong need for financial security for yourself and for your family. This can be motivated by financial concerns and/or an increase in child-related expenses. The effort to create stability may include business dealings or financial speculation involving restaurants, farming, real estate, and food processing and distribution. The desire may be to provide a base for others or to build an idea, institution, or object to be used as a foundation or springboard for the future. Persons who have strong Leo in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising) will be key players in upcoming events.

Extremely sensitive, your intensity can make for a skilled actor and dramatist and you do, in fact, have a need for recognition, applause, and approval on the stage of your life as it’s playing out at this time. As a result, your interactions will tend to be more emotional opening the doorway to romantic possibilities. Venus and Mars are now intertwined and could usher in a new romantic connection that’s likely to be significantly different as it marks a turning point from past experience and possibly a first in some way. With Venus parallel to the star Sirius, you might be getting serious as you search for the divinity within relationship.

For some, the initial attraction may not begin with sexual involvement but can eventually lead to physical intimacy or an extra-marital affair. Circumstances may contribute to lingering questions about how to define the relationship or where it’s headed. Vacillating emotions coupled with an obsessive focus on when you’ll see this person can cause you to lose your objectivity while confusing intensity with desire and need with love. Even when this is not the case, the strong demand to relate emotionally can manifest in any number of intense personal situations that move a relationship toward the direction of greater emotional depth. This might also manifest through loyalty in personal friendship.

Alternatively, you may decide to devote this energy towards an artistic or creative means of emotional expression such as painting, writing, or any other experience that provides emotional fulfillment. Conditions are conducive at this time to illuminate the poet, artist, or talented musician. You need activities and/or an occupation that allows for freedom of thought and movement as the current influence compels you to be resourceful in reaching for ever-expanding levels of self-expression.

Negatively, situations can manifest because of living on the edge of crisis where habits, endeavors, or unexpected developments concerning investments prove to be either financially lucrative or financially draining. These circumstances may arrive as a result of trouble through women, the possible breaking off of a relationship with a woman, or a separation through loved ones, children, and friends.

You may be faced with heavy burdens or important decisions that rest squarely on your shoulders. Alternatively, important tasks could be perpetually postponed or excuses made to overlook obligations. What you desire to achieve may be at cross-purposes with what you feel is your responsibility. Whatever the case, an inability to work toward mutual agreement can cause individuals to create turmoil in response to restrictions. With the moon in the sign of Leo, you can expect high drama, and in some cases, high blood pressure as emotional outbursts take a toll on health. There’s a tendency to be consistent or rigid in social views and ideas and a dogmatic approach and unyielding attitude in the face of any opposition attempting to prove you wrong may provoke erratic behavior and extremes of physical responses that are detrimental to well-being.

In the mundane, the military may take focus and/or an individual highlighted who is brave and naturally gifted as a military strategist and independent thinker with a quick mind. Communities may stand firm in their positions or a group could take a stand in the break with tradition as society experiences a shift in establishment thinking.

However, on a personal level any conflict you find yourself embroiled in is actually an opportunity for self-improvement by taking responsibility for self and your own demons. Externalizing problems and projecting onto others only creates the outward manifestation of unresolved issues that lie within. Sometimes this will involve reconciling the struggle to maintain very different beliefs while still a part of the mainstream. The keyword for this period is conciliation and points to those with the capacity to exercise discrimination in the affairs of daily life through tact, understanding, and diplomacy. Those in possession of these qualities are able to bring quarreling factions to a peaceful union.

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