Love Notes: Week Feb 11-18, 2022

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: There’s a history to consider tied to behavior, wealth, privilege, power, and establishments or powerful individuals that hold dominion over the rules of play. Situations could provoke veiled attempts to leverage influence or outright action toward empowerment through harnessing personal will in the name of a desired objective. The decisions could involve either intense passion or deep anger. Perhaps you fight for or against the established order, but whatever is at stake is likely to be tied to a lasting legacy that has a profound impact on you and yours.


  • Events tied to the next quarter moon (2/23) could be important
  • May be neglecting health and/or appearance
  • Spending time in solitude to heal or practice self-love
  • Seeking sanctuary or dealing with those in need
  • Re-energizing after a time out or a recovery; healing
  • Mulling things over–self-reflection
  • Need for rest and withdrawal–a need to put self first
  • Inner listening–a need for self-dialogue and rediscovery of inner beauty
  • Contemplating an obsession with perfectionism in self; self acceptance including flaws
  • May need to love and appreciate self before getting involved in relationship
  • Solitude as a result of the need to heal, repair, or put things in order (self, relationship)


  • A need for a time out to deal with a broken heart
  • Faulty inner messages that weigh heavily on the heart
  • Disappointment because of the foolishness of others
  • Contemplating issues that result in a broken heart (you/others)
  • Weighing options of how to address troubling situations
  • Taking stock of matters involving loss, disappointment, separation, or betrayal
  • Thinking about breaking up or the break-up of a relationship
  • Coming together with others to solve difficult issues with emotional implications


  • A transformation creates a solution; the solution is change
  • Facing the truth to find a solution
  • Waiting in vain for the key (literal, figurative); changing the locks
  • Finding the answer about why something changed or ended
  • A solution to a difficulty or challenge is imminent (may be related to an ending)
  • Discovering a clue; unlocking a secret, mystery, or enigma
  • An opportunity or someone’s heart that was formerly closed may suddenly open for you (or waiting for this to happen)


  • A need to take the initiative for a rebirth (of self, matters, or relationship)
  • Time to make some changes; taking action to create a positive transformation; relationship undergoing positive transition
  • Starting something; relationship may start again in new form
  • Diving in to a situation; relationship may reawaken desires you thought were dead
  • Good timing to re-emerge; coming out of isolation; re-entering the dating or social scene
  • Action–social butterfly; freely moving about
  • Second chances; revitalizing connection
  • Taking action to change your appearance for the better


  • Running away from the chance to make a change for the better
  • Chasing opportunity
  • An opportunity to take off–starting a journey
  • An opportunity presents to make beneficial changes provided that you take the initiative
  • An opportunity provides the right circumstance for something to successfully take off or reach new heights; new horizons
  • An opportunity that grants you greater freedom


  • Getting high related to–drugs, alcohol, pursuit, relationship, life
  • Floating in fairyland; daydreaming; magical reality
  • Imagination that reaches new heights; creativity; believing in your dreams; distance learning
  • Psychism; dreams/visions
  • Dreaming of a getaway; taking a trip or vacation; holiday
  • Whirlwind relationship; fantasizing about getting away with a partner or someone at distance; long distance relationship
  • Sorting out issues related to travel, itinerary, transportation
  • Trying to figure out if you should make the first move
  • Whichever way the wind blows (literal, figurative)
  • Sorting out fiction from reality because of a change in the wind
  • Considering whether you should go the distance with someone in a difficult situation


  • Fantasy or inaction regarding matters connected to children or something new
  • A focus on children or having children; children are impacting the relationship
  • Playfulness and childlike imagination; inner child; letting creativity loose; exhilaration of starting something new–all is possible
  • Thinking about your childhood and/or involvement with someone from childhood
  • Focused on making an announcement
  • Dating someone younger; may need to remember the exuberance of romance or become more playful in your interactions


  • The secret to romance
  • Secret romance; an element of relationship may be secretive, clandestine, or hidden
  • Secrets concerning a new relationship or taking a relationship to the next level
  • Someone keeping secrets in or concerning a romance
  • Inability to read emotions–a need to open to love
  • Being discreet concerning a romance is important due to circumstances


  • Not on sure footing in an attraction; temptation
  • The sacred dance of seduction–playing the role of seducer or seduced
  • On top of the world–need for grounding/balance in matters of seduction
  • Spiritual awakening through connection to nature/humanity; presence of Spirit
  • Holding a relationship sacred by keeping it private; secret or clandestine affair; hidden affair
  • You find a new person seductively intriguing; sexual innuendos; heavy flirtation


  • Revelations from hidden sources concerning new love
  • Finding your way in the dark related to relationship; hidden flame; self awareness in matters of love
  • Spirit messages to guide you in the direction of new love; need for contemplation, inner listening concerning new love, partnership, or relationship
  • Meeting a new potential partner
  • New love is in the works or on its way; new relationship on the immediate horizon
  • Covert exchanges; courtship; beginning state of relationship


  • Under an illusion concerning the future; the illusion of good fortune
  • Need for clarity regarding the future; refusal to see the truth (in some cases related to a prediction)
  • Illusions about the value or how much something costs (more/less); financial projections
  • Some aspect of self, relationship, or partner is illusory and not as it appears on the surface
  • Spending a fortune related to appearances–home, self, surroundings
  • Excessive preoccupation with trying to “appear” happy, financially stable, successful, attractive, etc. either as a couple or in order to attract a partner
  • Superficial relationship concerned predominantly with looks
  • Behavior reflected back in matters of fortune or in the future
  • A need to take a closer look at your good fortune, finances, or the future
  • Projecting the future; predictions; forecasting
  • You look “like a million bucks”; projecting an aura of wealth


  • Balancing emotions related to a piece of jewelry; offer or promise concerning a ring
  • Masking emotions about a proposal, getting engaged, or an agreement
  • Agreements concerning wearing a mask
  • Requiring inner/outer alignment in what you agree to
  • Agreements, contracts, unions that are legally binding
  • Successfully juggling commitments, undertakings, obligations, and social engagements
  • Need for healthy balance–partying, promises

Image: Marie de Medicis, Consort of Henry IV, Frans Pourbus The Younger

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