1st Quarter Moon in Taurus

February 8, 2022 | 5:49 am (PST) | Keyword: Celebrity

The slow crawl of the moon through the sign of Taurus allows for steadfast resolve for establishing material security, but also wealth that is not necessarily monetary. You’re optimistic and confident in efforts to expand and this could be through an interest in religion, art, music, and practical business affairs linked to religious and educational institutions. This is motivated by a desire to consolidate status and security by building a reputation of solid membership within the cultural community. These efforts are supported through the skillful use of advertising, intelligent communication, and travel of various kinds, foreign or otherwise, to achieve prosperity.

Those who are always seeking to broaden vistas and expand education are highlighted, especially where insights are used to help other people. This may be the desire to write a book or produce something of benefit to humanity. Events taking place will probably involve someone with strong Taurus in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising).

This cycle promotes using your gifts for bringing form to desires and manifesting them to fruition. During this cycle, a one-time opportunity will present that offers the chance to find expression through travel, philosophy, higher education, philosophical thought, spirituality, or publishing. Your inspirations might also bring monetary gain and you’re likely to benefit through and from people at a distance. This possibility is linked to one of the most fortunate stars in the sky, Spica, which is a symbol of gifts to mankind. This suggests the ability to excel in a particular area and using talents for the greatest possible good.

With Sirius pairing up with Saturn you may be the founder of an institution or work diligently to lay a foundation for others in your family or community. There’s a distinct awareness of the importance of this moment in time; your efforts may be a way of achieving immortality as you view your own life as part of something bigger or in devotion to a noble cause. These pursuits may be connected to beauty, balance, fairness, and justice in some way and career choices related to real estate, dealing in property or land, interior design, or decorating.

This moon is also strongly dominant with regard to your influence over those who serve or work for you and how, in turn, you’re affected by them. This may or may not be in your role as employer. With the moon in an earth sign, this can manifest as a decided focus on achieving tangible results and the expectation for praise and material reward for efforts. Slow but thorough, change is a challenge for Taurus because it’s a fixed sign characteristically known for determination, a methodical approach, and the desire to operate within a routine. The key is finding the price by which they will gladly do almost any task assigned to meet their goal.

Additionally, your happiness and success are tied to marriage and partnership with an emphasis on the place of residence, domestic affairs, and emotional fulfillment. A nurturing impulse can make you more protective of self and possessive of those you care about. This might be in relation to assistance and strong ties to women or a spiritual relationship with someone from the opposite sex.

Negatively, dependency on the resources of others can undermine self-worth. Unexpected expenditures, impulsive spending on social functions, lending, or borrowing can create complications. However, money you’re owed from the past or overdue accounts could finally arrive or a gift is possible from a parent, older person, or authority figure.

Emotionally, significant needs compel you to examine the past and how habits or past conditioning has affected your life. Because of this review, you may play a role on either end of the emotional spectrum. You could become obstinate or behave unexpectedly as the means to cope with or react to situations that cause painful memories to resurface or you may try to disregard the pain that you either feel or cause. But seeking greater intimacy will demand that you acknowledge what you receive (or not) as well as the impact you make on others. In some cases, you’ll need to recognize how the fear of being alone or alienated has motivated your decisions. This discernment provides protection from toxic situations as you more readily detect the discrepancies of what you’re told against the truth of your instincts. As a result of life-changing objectives, many other changes occur in your life. The response may be the conscious decision to withdraw from relationships where support is lacking.

These changes will also play out within the home environment. Perhaps you decide to change residence altogether or simply focus on creating a more comfortable environment to serve as a buffer to the outside world. This might include the purchase of objects that are artistic or of unusual quality.

These transformations won’t occur without some measure of strife. However, the characteristics of Taurus endows you with the strength and tenacity to overcome adversity even in the face of chaos, hostility, struggle, conflict, or hindrance to your goals. This might signify a contest of wills or a lawsuit. Situations require restraint rather than resorting to violence, either physical or emotional. The message is to seize the day and to apply furious effort to reap reward. There is no place for fear, procrastination, or lack of ambition and there is no gain without risk. The influence denotes one who may be self-made, whose thoughts are high, and one who may rise in life while gaining command and respect. The keyword is celebrity and foresight combined with virtue enables this person to accomplish good work in the world, perhaps even making them a celebrity of sorts.

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