New Moon in Aquarius

January 31, 2022 | 9:45 pm (PST) | Keyword: Discernment

The moon moves with high speed velocity through the sign of Aquarius with a bullet plan for improvement, and in some cases, escape from an intolerable situation. This may pertain to new approaches to family life and the home as the hub for friends as well as groups that connect to intellectual or scientific activity. There’s also an energy that creates a rapport with the public at large making this an excellent period for salespersons, speakers, bankers, real estate agents or anyone who deals with the populace. Persons with strong Aquarius in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising) will play a key role in upcoming events. You have a desire for expansion through knowledge and the capacity to use determination, adaptability, and decisive action in a well-integrated synthesis.

And while the characteristics of Aquarius can sometimes tend toward aloofness, during this period you’ll project with more emotion in your relationships. Even if you haven’t been emotionally involved with anyone new for a while, there’s a strong possibility of beginning a romantic relationship. In certain scenarios, this can trigger value conflicts related to extra-marital affairs. But whether you’re married or not, you could feel a deep and compelling emotional connection to a new person. While it may not include sexual involvement, it is a possibility. For some, this relationship will be significant as an important first–serious or sexual relationship, live-in, or the start of dating the future marriage partner. Because of the emotional depth and intensity of feeling, it’ll be difficult to keep this relationship secret or private. This may be due to an ease of expression in communicating your needs and desires openly. In fact, your mood may be very dependent on your perception of how well the relationship is progressing and whether or not you can see each other.

Your protective and nurturing instincts are also aroused and you’ll have a strong desire to take care of someone. These considerations may manifest as greater involvement with children and worry for their well-being, recovery, financial concerns, an increase in child-related expenses, or unexpected expenditures. Perhaps your children are more emotional and require extra love and attention from you, particularly if your relationship or the home environment is undergoing changes.

This is also a cycle where you may decide to focus on an artistic or creative means of expression such as painting, writing, or any activity that will provide emotional fulfillment. For some individuals, there’s a power of seership which enables one to see the true, the beautiful, and the sublime. This gift may be accommodated through the writer or researcher who speaks out as a community spokesperson. Alternatively, a project might incorporate a humanitarian element based on a practical or workable concept or you may be exploring new or different business ideas. However, with Mercury still in retrograde motion, there can be a desire to dominate intellectually although this might result in complications in the areas of communication and commerce.

Mercury’s placement in earth signifies an emphasis on security matters, practical concerns, and the most basic needs, and while retrograde in the home sector, also indicates issues that discourage buying, selling, or renting real estate. As a result, you can expect problems with paperwork, packing, and movers. Additionally, borrowing or lending is ill-advised and this may be due to changes in areas that affect resources. Alternatively, you may be rethinking a home business or reviewing whether home conditions support your goals. Since travel is likely to be an issue, it may be better to reunite with family or vacation at home.

Events will prompt new friendships and acquaintances and the possibility of partnership related to unexpected circumstances. In response, you may soon receive a message or the answer to any of your queries but the keyword is discernment and accurate judgment is necessary in relationships and regarding stipulations intrinsic to circumstances. Positively, this cycle also signifies the possible end of an illness and the onset of recovery. Ultimately, discernment should be used to find the quickest means to leave an undesirable situation including examining habitual patterns that subjugate your true nature to unnecessary pressure. The Aquarian energy of this moon will stimulate the discomfort of change in order to shake up a stagnant situation. Despite the stress, you’ll eventually feel liberated by the process of this healing influence.

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