Love Notes: Week Jan 21-28, 2022

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You’re trusting your intuition, spirit guides, or seeking out direction, guidance, or advice from others regarding possibilities related to the future. The objective is for clarity concerning where a relationship is headed either literally or figuratively. Matters might involve travel, a road trip, directions to a certain location, long range plans, or making plans together as a couple. For some, this may include exploring your own psyche and listening to the inner voice to determine if you or others actually want to be involved, and if so, to what extent. Others are in search of and trying to determine whether a relationship or plans will materialize any time soon. The key to many of these scenarios is what appears to be, at first glance, a paradox. The more you love yourself, the greater your capacity to be loved–you set the example for what you expect. As a result of healthy independence, you become very attractive to others.


  • Not interested in multiple party relationships OR free to explore options
  • Third party keeping you from taking off or interfering in your success
  • Freedom–taking off after realizing there are three people in this relationship, love triangles; one person catered to by multiple partners
  • Known for running away (you/other)
  • Multiple suitors vying for attention (you/other)
  • Plans that include party of three–may be related to pursuit, travel, or long distance (possibly foreign)
  • Successful team of three
  • In charge; something takes off–crowning achievement that puts you at the center of attention


  • Admiration for the shift in scarcity consciousness (you/other); gratitude
  • Admirer/admiration that has connection to nature or wealth
  • Someone interested that you hadn’t considered
  • You have secret admirer who may be reluctant to come forward; secret crush
  • Special someone may be unaware that they hold the key to your heart
  • Abundant admirers; someone is watching you (colleagues, friends, social media, etc.)
  • Admiration that results in abundance (financial or otherwise)–reaping fruits of efforts


  • Complications related to travel plans; complications when traveling; transportation issues
  • Problems opening the door to a situation; opening the door to something causes problems
  • Complications caused by or because of the need to relax, or for movement, or exercise
  • Difficulty in celebrating because of complexities that interfere with the flow of relationship–i.e. third parties, children/partners from previous relationships, office romance, extra-marital affairs, health challenges, etc.
  • Good news concerning a misunderstanding or after difficulty in finding your way through a situation


  • End of luck; profound and unsettling changes
  • Need for action to release someone/something; inevitability
  • Need for action to address crisis, life-threatening, or stressful situation
  • Power struggles in matters concerning taxes or debt
  • An ending or transformation that results in completely different circumstances; fortunate ending
  • Serendipitous events related to a Scorpio person (sun, moon, rising)
  • Hopes and dreams that end, transform, or regenerate
  • Results surpass expectations (may be related to large sums of money, investments, inheritance, sexuality, or surgery); unexpected gift or opportunity


  • Time out (from drinking, playing, relating, or because of illness)
  • Sexual impotence, frigidity, or lack of libido; lack of emotional warmth or depth in personal connection
  • Rejecting some form or entertainment OR need for recreation and downtime–loneliness
  • Letting loose (behavior, words) results in rejection or being left out in the cold; joking that may involve race
  • Silent treatment; relationship characterized by cold wars, silence, and aloofness
  • Not taking something/someone seriously (you/other)
  • Cooling off of relationship; luck at staying outside of the foolishness–putting clowns in their place
  • Repressed emotions–expression through joking or indirectly
  • Outdoor recreation; snow sports; outdoor bar/cafe


  • Need for change–meeting a new potential partner; a need to make changes before it’s too late in matters of love
  • Transformation of love or because of new love; opportunity for change; love is new again
  • New love (person, pursuit, object, interest) connected to following a dream; embracing a new self-identity
  • Courtship; beginning stages of relationship
  • New love is in the works or on its way; new relationship on the immediate horizon (romantic, social, business, other)


  • (Dis)agreement surrounding wearing a mask or necessity of health precautions; wearing a mask in group settings or when socializing
  • Masking emotions about the need for playfulness or socializing
  • Masking feelings for or about a friend
  • Someone very different than the attractive persona presented to others
  • Traitor in the group; presenting a false face in the relationship (you/other)
  • Deception that affects friendship; false friend, liar, opportunist, gossip, player, impostor, con
  • Not on the same page with those who profess to be your friends; person acting in pretense to have your best interests at heart; not your “group”
  • Collaborative efforts/partnership (may connect to secret agenda, ulterior motives)


  • Legacies that connect to partnership (history, character, financial, talent, etc)
  • Renewing a property lease; changes due to renovating/repairing large or historical property; moving from old residence
  • History of a partnership in focus–decision concerning renewal or moving on from the old; getting back to your roots
  • Something thought dead has new life (positive/negative)–relationship, pursuit, project, circumstance, issue
  • You/partner may come from family with a great deal of wealth, power, and influence
  • Old money; starting/ending matters related to historical wealth–generational wealth/privilege; inheritance, investments, assets, royalties
  • Partnership issues that connect to staying within perceived elevated status when dating, marrying, socializing; arranged marriage
  • Meetings with powerful individuals; matters related to traditional values, conservatism; ties to large institutions, systems, government, politics


  • Healing from circumstance involving secrets; secret allows you to heal
  • Secret to healing (emotionally, physically–inner/outer healing); connection to healers
  • Occult knowledge, psychic healer
  • Time out for healing (you/other); self-nourishment, need for self love
  • Secretly working to heal relationship; being discreet is important due to circumstance
  • Someone is keeping secrets; inability to read emotions
  • An element of this relationship may be secretive, hidden, or clandestine


  • Feeling lightheaded (may be due to aging, alcohol, long-term health condition); history of depression, mental health issues, or cloudy thinking (you/other); long-term effect of medication or mind-altering substance
  • Setting that serves wine, wine bar, wine tasting; not sure if you should drink wine
  • Need to sort out fiction from reality–may be related to parents or upbringing; lack of clarity regarding parentage–not sure who the parents are (literal, figurative) or if you’re the parent; dream of being a parent or not sure if you want to be; uncertainty as to how to parent
  • Matters related to older couple or desire to grow old together
  • Not sure of ancestry (yours/other) or age
  • Believing in your dreams–establishing long-term relationship or pursuit; magical reality–using imagination related to old/long-term projects; experience assists in making alliances
  • Unsure of whether relationship will improve over time
  • Dreaming of someone/something from a long time ago
  • Head in the clouds (positive/negative) about someone you’ve known for a long time
  • Relationship with someone much older who is likely to be more established financially; May-December romance
  • Sorting matters/relationship through evaluation of age, experience, wisdom


  • Falling down a rabbit hole due to illness/depression or need for self-care; going within; healing
  • A need to wake up–may be neglecting health and/or appearance; change–working to improve health, appearance, well-being
  • New horizons–a need for self-dialogue and rediscovery of own inner beauty; self-reflection
  • Realization concerning obsession with perfectionism in self; acceptance of flaws
  • New perceptions–may need to love and appreciate self rather than focus on relationship; need to put self first


  • Decision about opening the door when you’re alone or at night
  • Opportunity to be alone; love of solitude–a need for rest and withdrawal; re-energizing through quiet time alone
  • Opportunity arrives when you’re alone; opportunity to be alone with someone
  • Following a dream–opportunity requiring solitude (creative project, research, etc.)
  • Mulling things over concerning an opportunity; inner listening gives you the chance to create beneficial change provided that you take the initiative
  • Re-energizing because of an opportunity

Image: The Toilette of Venus, Simon Vouet

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