Full Moon in Cancer

January 17, 2022 | 3:48 pm (PST) | Keyword: Charm

The moon moves languidly at a measured pace through Cancer, the sign it naturally governs. The emphasis on home and family can stir your love of the familiar and sentimental attachments to things, objects, and people. This may connect to food, older homes, antiques, gardening, real estate, or your role as steward of a piece of land. The very same may also be part of situations involving delays, obstacles, or setbacks. Events that arise during this cycle are likely to include a Cancer person (sun, moon, or rising).

A heightened sensitivity makes you emotionally responsive to the influence of the environment and the moods of those closest to you and strengthens your desire to help others. Highly intuitive, you rely on instincts, right or wrong, to guide your actions and make decisions. Your intellectual curiosity may be aroused concerning the psychological, emotional, or psychic aspects of life, and as a result, you can exercise a powerful influence over large groups through the written or spoken word. For some, these skills may be applied in such fields as psychology, creative writing, and the education of small children. The current energy can also magnetize you for those in need of assistance, comfort, or nurturing. The pressure can make it exceedingly difficult to juggle both the affairs of home and career effectively. Although the home is where the heart is, you can feel restless, impulsive, or vacillate in your decisions and this may compel you to travel or change residence.

Alternatively, an excessive need for security due to emotional overwhelm can contribute to self-centered demands and codependency on others based on a sense of entitlement. If so, you may resort to manipulating others through clinging dependency, over-protectiveness, and control. But while objective reasoning can be distorted by subconscious emotional factors, it can also help you gain insight into the mechanisms of your own subconscious.

Perhaps you’re in recovery mode as you work through depression, memories of old trauma, and the pain of unmet expectations. You may need to address inhibitions forged by a critical parent or rigid upbringing. You may be suffering because of a loss, separation, divorce, or a death. Workaholic behaviors suggest an attempt to fill the void of emotional fulfillment with the distraction of hard work. However, an introspective review of your personal history and experiences may serve as a catalyst for the healing process as you attune to feel what you’ve been accustomed to repressing. The inclination to oscillate between hot and cold may be part of the challenge reflected in the inability to share in intimate relationships. As a result of the current climate, you can feel drained, neglected, unloved, and burdened by added responsibilities. The problem is also a retentive memory that never forgets a perceived wrong, but rather than making others prisoners of their misdeeds, you must learn to forgive past hurts. Trust that the process is helping you to acquire the knowledge of how to protect yourself from potentially damaging situations in the future.

Positively, this is an excellent cycle to transform any negative habits or to begin a health regimen as recovery from an illness or injury is supported. You have the potential to experience a close emotional bond, harmony in the domestic sphere, and assistance through your relationships with women. Satisfaction may come through making improvements to the home environment or an invitation to a social function. As the lunar eclipse degree of November 2021 is triggered, fateful events will alter your circumstances or a new relationship may affect you in a very personal way. This influence will also usher in the opportunity for business prosperity and possible gain through home products and real estate. This might manifest as a refund, rebate, or reduction in taxes. Hidden gains can benefit family and past issues surrounding home base or property may bring exciting developments. If you’re creative, artistic talents, interests, and gifts may be enhanced through a course of study or the purchase of an instrument.

It’s now possible for long-range and far-reaching wishes to be achieved. After depression and despair, the sadness is now fading and bringing forth conditions where your sense of power returns. This moon forms the cornerstone of a mystic rectangle requiring that you act with conscious awareness and mindful endeavors to receive the benefit. This will entail constructively dealing with control issues while bringing emotions into balance that incite a desire for final endings or severing ties. Additionally, you must work particularly hard to find a productive outlet for your enthusiasm in a practical pursuit while avoiding the risk of excess. Situations will demand flexibility and yielding according to circumstance, but the easy flow of trines and sextiles offers the dexterity needed to balance opposition.

In fact, if your desires are simple and your talents natural, this, in turn, bestows you with a peaceful life and harmonious marriage or union that comes as a result of your adaptability. The keyword for this cycle is charm which suggests the power to give delight or arouse admiration and this moon grants positive indication in questions of love and friendship. Perhaps you’re charmed by someone or by the prospect of a situation. Most importantly, your mental attitude coupled with the manner in which you live forms a magnetic point of help and sympathy where those in need may be soothed of their suffering.

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