1st Quarter Moon in Aries

January 9, 2022 | 10:11 am (PST) | Keyword: Resolution

Despite being in the impulsive sign of Aries, the moon cautiously plods through the sky in support of your efforts to seek answers and to solve problems. Great determination gives you the resilience to both start and finish projects to completion. There’s the emotional need for action, independence, and the desire to be first that may provoke a win-at-all-cost attitude against competitors. In fact, armed with pride and ruthlessness you can be a relentless fighter for a cause you support making you or others dangerous enemies. This might suggest a connection to military or political careers, engineering, police work, or heavy industry.

More likely, however, is the developing characteristic of a determined worker. Recognizing the power of industry, you may detest idleness. There’s the thought that putting in time with hard, dirty, or dangerous work is fine if it promises to advance your career or improve your station in life. In response to complacency, you could apply vigorous effort in the fight against any opposition in service of the transmutation of self and those who assert against you. Positively, you can be very skilled at establishing and leading a large-scale corporate enterprise and your creative ability can stimulate trailblazing in unusual ventures.

But matters are not exactly as they appear. Beware of con artists, get-rich-quick schemes, and the promises of others who may not deliver. You may be forced to confront someone who has been deceptively acting against you or your reputation.

Some of the quest for success can be motivated by a deep-rooted inferiority complex caused from being the target of a parent’s constant belittling, critical, or degrading attitude. Your mother, mother-in-law, or women in general may be opposed to your ideas or something that you wish to pursue. The response can be to lash out or rebel against authority–older people, bosses, parents, officials, or men who have power over you. You’ll have little tolerance for being tightly controlled, dominated, or supervised. The effect can also express as a difficulty in emotional expression toward the opposite sex and a need to heal from the trauma of the past. Perhaps you’re threatened by the idea of commitment due to the unconscious attempt to reconcile the tensions you experienced in your childhood. It can be challenging to express your feelings in relationships because you tend to avoid making waves, but the strong reaction to your environment can make you withdrawn, moody, or depressed. It’s important for you to learn to protect yourself, but also to examine your feelings in order to better understand them, especially if you’re used to being emotionally inhibited.

Additionally, there’s an influence inclined to danger or accidents instigated by restlessness that needs direction and control. Travel plans that tend to go awry and hiccups that prevent you from starting new ventures, entering new territory, or breaking away from old conditions can be frustrating. Overreaction can result in a mishap, stress-related illness, resentment, or a personal sense of failure. It’s best to constructively direct this energy in activities to declutter or in creative pursuits.

Nevertheless, current events may play out on the heels of an opportunity you’ve recently received where luck played a role in reaching an agreement or settlement. Situations may also involve dealings with those at a distance and the news of birth, engagement, or marriage plans. Good fortune in a personal or business endeavor that allows for future expansion may have been realized through men of wealth and influence or those connected to government, legal, or religious professions.

These developments might center on differences in perspective where you or others feel above being bound, rightly or wrongly so, by the cultural, parental, or societal strictures in place and therefore do not have to play by the rules, particularly in the management and conservation of resources. On the other hand, it could be a sense of helplessness in the face of fate with regard to matters because of an occurrence such as death by accident, in war, or from disease as the focus.

The keyword during this cycle is resolution and indicates the possibility for hostility in conflict, but also hope for reconciliation. Your awareness of the volatile nature of a situation requires you to approach with tactful deference the person or people concerned. Recognize that you may not hold a position of power to issue commands or to act audaciously or in arrogance. However, a passive stance is also ill advised. Rather, you must humble yourself and actively seek to resolve the situation. In doing so, a positive resolution will appear on the immediate horizon.

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