New Moon in Capricorn

January 2, 2022 | 10:33 am (PST) | Keyword: Guardianship

The fleeting energy of the moon moves rapidly through Capricorn compelling you to tend to the business at hand. While you’re conservative and reliable, your instincts are not geared toward the softer side of life during this cycle. The moon is uncomfortable in the sign of its detriment; emotions are perceived as a distraction from the logical and disciplined thinking required for the precise execution of tasks. Any emotional needs are now directed at gaining authority, recognition, and respect and associating with persons of prestige.

This focus is displayed through being highly organized and utilizing your intellectual abilities, particularly in mathematics or the sciences. In the professional sphere, this can emphasize writing, communication, travel, or lecturing and teaching. Some will use their aptitude for police activity, hospital work, mental health challenges, or government affairs. Alternatively, you may have the desire to enter a creative endeavor, especially those involving flowers, art, or furniture. Others may discover mediumistic talents or a gift of prophecy where dreams provide answers. This gift for spirituality, mysticism, or fantasy may be productive in film, media, and works of fiction. Regardless of the venture, you’ll want to highlight unique achievements in ways where they’ll be seen.

Instinctively, you’re aware that the more knowledgeable you are, the faster you’ll advance. In regard to that pursuit, you may demonstrate the ability to arrive at original, practical solutions to professional problems while using knowledge and education as a means to move up the ladder of career success. As a result, an increase in earnings is possible through past efforts and added responsibilities. Additionally, you may receive beneficial help from behind the scenes or gain from superiors. Your methodical approach to tasks will not go unnoticed and this is an excellent cycle to communicate with upper level management to present them with supporting documentation of your job performance. Some may decide to retire at this time or find employment with established companies or political parties.

With a planetary pile-up in the sector of hopes and wishes, your efforts may be used to gather information or make choices in support of an important dream or goal. If you’re attempting to carefully design long range plans, you’ll need to reassess current objectives to determine whether they’re reflective of your true desires and will offer the fulfillment you seek upon completion in the future. Despite the fact that aspirations may not have the solid support of family, your own conviction and dedication is enough to go forward. In fact, criticism may even spur your motivation to achieve.

Consequently, friends become family as you detach from those who discourage you from your chosen life direction. You’re likely to confide in friends, and they in turn, are more likely to assist you in any endeavors both emotionally and financially. In fact, friends and a large circle of acquaintances, especially women, play a major role influencing you both positively and negatively. You may have more group involvement where you spend a great deal of time discussing issues or problems. These situations allow you the opportunity to experience strong emotions without bearing the burden of emotional responsibility.

However, you’re also quite independent and the objective for self autonomy may include going off to school, relocating, living on your own, becoming self-employed, or self-supporting. In some cases, help from a significant other will be denied. You may not even want their help or input and this may be perceived as a threat to the relationship. Perhaps you’ve just begun a romantic relationship after being alone for a long time and fear giving up your freedom for the demands of a committed relationship. Whatever the scenario, plans are currently in flux and frequent changes will cause some measure of anxiety because of the uncertainty.

For some, this period indicates the need to act quickly to escape from an undesirable situation. Recognize the areas of life where you’ve become stagnant or too set in your ways. Perhaps you’ve been willing to put up with all sorts of undue pressures rather than make necessary changes. This might signal the loss of a job or some other disruptive agent of change. Despite the stress, you’ll eventually realize the deliverance of freedom to liberate you from constraint and limitation.

Do keep in mind that Venus is still retrograde. This period is best used to re-evaluate the level of satisfaction you’re receiving within relationships and with regard to financial matters. However, you’re discouraged from making final decisions until Venus moves direct at the end of January.

This moon will also stimulate last November’s lunar eclipse degree to offer a long-lasting benefit, although the outcome is achieved after much frustration due to your own procrastination or the delay of others. This may be related to old family history or things from the past connected to taxes, inheritance, or debt. It can be helpful that money owed or money paid on overdue accounts will now arrive in response to a karmic situation connected to a family or societal difficulty. Enemies or those who’ve worked against you in the past may shift toward a more neutral position though you may be entirely unaware of the benevolence or good fortune bestowed upon you.

On a spiritual level, the opportunity will also present to transform or dissolve your karma providing happiness and success when you concentrate on higher ideals. The keyword for this cycle is guardianship and suggests helping or being helped out of darkness. It’s possible you’ll serve in a role to protect an individual unable to care for their own well-being due to infancy, incapacity, or disability. When the mind is raised in contemplation, you’re likely to be aided and advanced through a protective agency working through providence. All matters that have been pending for some time concerning health or work will culminate in a fruitful conclusion with great speed and you may soon receive a message or the answer to any queries. This healing influence signifies the end of an illness and the onset of recovery, and indeed, you’re likely to be treated well by health care professionals during this period.

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