Full Moon in Gemini

December 18, 2021 | 8:35 pm (PST) | Keyword: Indefatigableness

The moon rolls leisurely through the sign of Gemini and matters surrounding the use of communication reach a summit over the next two weeks. You have an emotional need for mental stimulation, variety, and answers to the questions of your curiosity. Right now, you’re intellectually geared toward making money and may come up with surprisingly original ways of doing so. This may be due to a gift for prolonged and intense mental focus and penetrating insight into economic trends and business affairs. This capacity proves useful concerning ideas for business, advertising, and public relations work or an interest in art, music, and things of beauty and refinement.

Whatever the endeavor, you’re probably working on a dream or long-held wish. You may be applying major effort and personal commitment directed to a project, cause, idea, or belief. Perhaps you’re in the initial stages of research and information gathering in order to make a decision or choice. This is the time to compare present and future objectives to ensure that they truly meet your needs and desires. The events that unfold are likely to include a person with strong Gemini influence (sun, moon, rising).

While you may not have the full support of family, you’ll stubbornly insist on your own point of view, though eventually you do carefully weigh all facts. Hamal, a forceful star of action, is sitting high in the heavens and indicates strength of independence with either negative or positive consequences. The determination it endows you with can be an effective ability to stay focused and direct. However, it can also express as temper or frustration and the inability to deal with authority figures whether within family or within your career.

On the other hand, you may just hear news of aggression or harsh action. The cause can be a pessimistic attitude, being judged by others, or speaking harshly. This can denote the political satirist or commentator acting in criticism of the culture or commenting on the actions of those in power. The association is with a political idea or link to a manner of education or governing system.

Situations will bring to your awareness fated friendships and groups with whom you’re destined to have a powerful and perhaps challenging association. Your involvement with these people can test your ability to love charitably, and at times, to forgive and let go of the past. This can be difficult while Mars is traveling with the South Node signifying conflict or differences of opinions where effort is required to control impatience and anger. But you’re being encouraged to resist envy or ill wishes toward anyone. This is not the time to act in revenge or file a lawsuit. Apply your energy carefully to avoid excessive strain on the body as this is also a marker that your physical health may be vulnerable.

The events that transpire can be the unsatisfactory result of of past actions, difficult relationships with the opposite sex or masculine figures, or mistakes made in launching new projects. In certain circumstances, the issues that provoke confrontation can focus on the use of “humor” in ways that are offensive. This might include sexual jokes, exaggerations of prowess about sex, or remarks that place sexual behaviors in an inappropriate cross-cultural context. There’s the attempt, personally or by others, to ignore the deeper emotional implication of sexuality and the sexual experience. For some, this revolves around violation and the destruction of self-confidence or trust in helpers or caregivers because of the sexual history. Venus is now stationing retrograde signaling an upcoming review of both resources and relationships that may highlight these concerns.

Additionally, travel or expected shipments may not work out as planned. Over-extension, job dissatisfaction, miscommunication, or scheduling snafus can create complications or require adjustments. Difficulties can also arise through relatives, neighbors, foreigners, or individuals at a distance. Sacrifice, responsibilities, or service can be required causing you to feel heavily burdened.

Regardless of the source of conflict, it’s possible that a strong leader emerges. In the positive, this can be someone with the natural ability to command respect through wisdom and the ability to take on a leadership role based on the feminine principles of intuition and mysticism. This would be a strong woman who exudes dignity and rules by the power of her respectability and honor. On a personal level, this suggests that you can rely on your own instincts to always function according to moral protocol and to know that dignity is the true source of your power. This might be rooted in a strong desire to help others move forward in life–materially or spiritually.

To that end, optimism attracts positive circumstances and connections and you may receive unexpected good news. You can benefit from a large circle of acquaintances who help you emotionally and financially to achieve your wishes, especially those geared toward humanitarian goals. You may discover something beneficial that assists you to operate more efficiently. This may be related to technology, electronics, or media. Friends and colleagues, especially among women, are a major feature influencing you both positively and negatively. These are the persons in whom you confide if you’re not receiving encouragement from family. Their stories will stimulate your imagination and motivate you to further explore your insights. This group involvement will tend to be more emotionally charged as you spend a great deal of time discussing issues or problems with the goal of sharing feelings. These situations allow you the opportunity and leeway to experience strong emotions without the burden of emotional responsibility.

However, your attachment to others, in general, is also likely to vacillate. Any opposition will tend to fuel your dedication and motivation to realize your intentions. Others may not be dependable or supportive or you may not want their assistance. Some may feel threatened by your need for independence or vice versa. While the current energy supports romance, if you’ve been single for a long time and have now entered a new romance, you may be afraid of the demands of a committed relationship and the impact on your personal freedom. Actually taking steps toward independence might include going off to school, relocating, living on your own, becoming self-employed, or self-supporting. While liberating, this effort toward autonomy will include anxiety and frequent changes in plans.

The keyword for this cycle is indefatigableness and it is through your tireless industry and discretion that you will overcome even the greatest difficulties and gain the ability to provide lasting benefits to others as well. This period offers success in endeavors, particularly for business and trade. If you ask for assistance, blessings of abundance and wealth are the assured response to your prayers. Likewise, you must respond with open-hearted generosity and graciousness to humble pleas and requests for assistance from others. It is humility that brings beneficence.

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