1st Quarter Moon in Pisces

December 10, 2021 | 5:35 pm (PST) | Keyword: Entertaining

As the moon slowly winds its way through the sign of Pisces, you have a pronounced need to dream, fantasize, and explore the realms of your imagination. A heightened sense of beauty and refinement suggests that this can manifest through an exceptional musical or artistic talent. The work you produce may exhibit a good sense of structural composition and mastery of technique for which you’ll want to be recognized. During this short cycle, you have a strong inclination to find your purpose in life and express it through either career or through parenthood. Events are likely to include persons with strong Pisces in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising).

If career is not your primary interest, your efforts may be spent toward beautifying the home through the purchase of artistic items or objects of quality. You’re vulnerable and impressionable to the influence of the environment, and peaceful surroundings serve to support not only your comfort, but the atmosphere necessary for your physical well-being.

But fateful and intense experiences can also occur with lessons that center on love without judgment and concerns involving children, both your own and/or those under your care. In some cases, you may provide concrete assistance to enhance the security of a partnership with the mental focus directed at dealing with hard problems or financial struggles. This might include making difficult financial decisions, helping with mutual financial arrangements, or dealing with issues concerning the dead or dying.

Pisces lends an element of sensitivity to your character that can make you feel overwhelmed at times. In these instances, you may need to disengage from social involvement and retreat to an inner world of creativity that will provide the means of escape. This might also include a sport in which the discipline and commitment required teaches self-mastery and helps develop the ability to live joyfully.

For many, serenity in the domestic domain serves as the foundation for the energy you’ll actively apply toward career and public standing. As a result, you’ll experience a professional shift or change of career. You’ll tend to be more socially outgoing during this cycle, and in some cases, may actively work with the public or large groups of people in a capacity that is of useful contribution to society. The goal may involve protecting or taking care of others motivated by a compassionate nature and humanitarian instincts. Your destiny may be in physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual areas of healing where you become a powerful force in one of these fields. This worldly arena offers the venue for emotional satisfaction and can give rise to a position of authority which brings personal acknowledgement or acclaim.

You might willingly work with challenging subjects and could be looking at possibilities in the medical, research, and scientific areas or exploring the depths of psychology and human nature. This might place an emphasis on healing, the study of metaphysics, and bringing occult knowledge into the light. It could encompass working to gain the support of others as well. Although you may have difficulty opening the door to a creative field, once you do, a wider world is available to you. Whatever the pursuit, the objective is to develop good business practices in which you reform or recycle what is obsolete.

But be careful of the Neptunian influence–there’s indication that confusion, deception, or hidden elements may be tied to affairs related to foreigners, legal matters, and travel. Be sure to avoid any mistakes in judgment by obtaining all of the facts before signing binding documents.

There could also be delays in matters you’d like to move forward that might be attributed to persons with strong Gemini or Sagittarius influence. At issue is being close-minded and/or the inability to discern between useful and trivial information. You may find it difficult to express your opinions for fear of embarrassment or find yourself unable to provide the reasonable evidence to support your views. Additionally, formal job training or knowledge may seem useless. Problematic situations can manifest related to communication, transportation, education, and siblings. The overriding challenge is figuring out how to combine compassion and charity with pragmatism; dealing with reality while also honoring your vision and idealism. Be mindful of self-sabotage and choices related to service or coworkers that can negatively impact mental and physical health.

In the positive, you may stand to gain monetarily through a hidden resource, charitable organizations, or the reversal of an error. A secret opportunity could arise or hunches prove correct with an inspirational insight for making money. This week brings a one-shot opportunity to boldly exercise your initiatives to create success through innovative or creative efforts. The goal is for your name to be associated with the professional status attached to your field of endeavor where you receive higher public standing, recognition, and responsibility. Indeed, there are signs that your affairs will be brought to attention in the world at large through an awareness by the general public or dealings with individuals not personally known by you.

You’re now entering a state of completion in some aspect of life where you’ll reap the reward for your efforts. You’re encouraged to take stock of what you’ve achieved, seek help where needed, and build community as part of the process. In spite of obstacles and want of stability, you’ll be guided along a path that leads to your desires as long as you remain vigilant and not passive about the pursuit. A great reservoir of unexpressed talent and energy dwells beneath the surface. The keyword for this cycle is entertaining and you may entertain others socially or professionally, display a talent, or seek to deliver a message in a way that is well-received. This could denote a gifted individual with a wealth of imagination and an engaging manner who gives pleasure to many and will meet with applause and success.

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