A Royal Flush| Charles, Prince of Wales

Solar Return| November 14, 2021

Prince Charles faces a year of uncertainties and the need to address misconceptions, both his own and those of others. He’ll radically redefine his relationship to the outside world through a strong and dramatic transition as a leader. This can take the form of a major change in lifestyle, location, or appearance during the coming year. Mutable signs sitting on the angles suggest the need to adapt and the requirement for flexibility involving social activity and communication. With the chart ruler sitting in the house of the hidden, he is a very private individual with a preference for staying behind the scenes, yet he also understands his high public profile and the role it plays for his part in society. He’s an action-oriented man with great strength and determination who has the capability to achieve results in a methodical manner, yet he may be quite overwhelmed by emotions and the influence of his environment when dealing with situations in his life that are difficult to control. He can sometimes push too hard for his ideals and must be careful that this is not at the expense of his loved ones.

But this is a year where he’ll be especially sensitive to the moods and emotions of others. He’s full of compassion and quick to express sympathy and understanding, especially to his immediate family. In this respect, Prince Charles will have strong obligations that are unavoidable. There’s a tendency to attract those in need of nurturing or assistance and he may become responsible for someone less fortunate, family members who need care, or friends in trouble who need to be saved from a difficult situation. Psychologically, the need to care for and the need to face a fear will be inextricably connected.

The challenge is allowing impulsivity or a lack of objectivity to override logic. This suggests that he must carefully consider the consequences of any decisions he makes based purely on emotion. However, his nature is secretive and he knows a great deal more than appearances. His intuitive abilities are quite strong, perhaps to the point of psychic, and may guide him in decision-making. He can also be relentless in ferreting out secret information. These instincts can prove to be a gateway to the future in helping him to actualize a dream, particularly around the start of April 2022 when activities and processes behind the scenes start to become a reality.

Given the turbulence of the last few years within and surrounding the royal family, it’s possible that Prince Charles is recovering from the emotional trauma causing him to be socially withdrawn, quiet, moody, or suffering from depression and stress-related illness. It’s quite likely that he’s reviewing past events in order to heal from old wounds as he learns to protect himself and/or those he loves from damaging situations. With Pisces rising there can be difficulties and confrontation over financial matters, but he may also receive money through a hidden source or a long-overdue benefit or inheritance may finally arrive. His experience as a world figure has taught him that acceptance of life’s ups and downs is part of the process of growing and learning and he understands that embracing difficulties is a necessary feature of his life and position. Perhaps he’s addressing anger at injustices or seeking to change the order of power. If he can overcome the tendency to suppress his feelings, this can be a year of tremendous growth that comes through a deeper comprehension of the less desirable aspects of himself and his emotions.

Obviously, his mother is a major influence in his life and much of his attention may be directed toward the Queen herself. While by all outward appearances she’s stable and conservative, in private the coping mechanism is an emotional aloofness displayed as indifference and distancing. The result is a learned pattern for Prince Charles of connecting to individuals where emotions are difficult to read which thereby leads to a state of ongoing tension. He may gain greater awareness through significant conversations or encounters that alert him to the subtleties, motives, power plays, and psychological conflicts both in himself and others. Sensitivity to criticism can spur him to prove himself through achievement.

Where he meets with delays, blockages, limitations, or restrictions pertains to relationships involving conflict. The interception of the relationship houses indicates it’s difficult to form partnerships where both parties are equal. Prince Charles may find it difficult to compromise in situations that provoke the personal struggle for individuation versus parental allegiance. A turning point occurs through a deep desire to establish his own identity and compels him to buck the system and the presumptions of society. There’s a tendency to take a ruthless approach in the black and white judgment of social issues or reject others due to differences. A rebellious attitude toward anyone who tries to dominate him can manifest as the refusal to comply or conform, and to that end, he may rationalize the use of loopholes that allow him to make moves on his own terms even when it’s against the rules.

Others may view his behavior as unreliable, unpredictable, or even out of control. Despite great anxiety in the urge to break away from old conditions, the fact that he’s uncomfortable in the present role drives him toward greater autonomy. Indeed, it will become increasingly important that he respond to the need for change rather than cling to outmoded behavior. If not, others will make choices for him that are disruptive, surprising, or have the potential to create upheaval in his life. Unexpected changes that he initiates may cause or could be in response to divided loyalties. Group power struggles are likely and he may feel the need to fight for his beliefs. He’ll be learning to deal with anger through people and situations, but this opens the opportunity to clear the air to resolve disputes. On the other hand, if a situation is emotionally draining, threatens his well-being, or a solution seems impossible, he may very well withdraw and remove himself.

Unfortunately, matters will arise of some confusion laced with elements of deception and the possibility of other people’s legal affairs making an intrusion on his personal life. It’s imperative that he evaluate alliances, friends, and partners carefully. Highly susceptible to the influence of others, it will be quite critical for Prince Charles to know exactly who the others are. Those who are self-serving or don’t have his best interests in mind can create detrimental circumstances with some connections even leading to criminal involvement. Settlements related to partnership disputes and issues centering on unexpected expenditures, inheritance, taxes, birth, and death will be highlighted. Where duplicity is involved, it may connect to an acquaintance or due to his own illusions and failures in judgment. In turn, he may be both deceiver and deceived. This has become evident in the recent cash-for-honors scandal tied to his closest longtime aide as well as Prince Andrew’s growing legal problems.

He’ll have strong differences of opinion with a key figure where he must compromise in the cooperative handling of the finances and will sometimes feel that his goals are undermined by shared efforts. While his needs and feelings are often in conflict with the expectations of others, he may fear conflict and choose to bend to the will of others in order to maintain peace. Guilt and insecurity can prevent him from taking the necessary risks needed for growth.

As a result, he sometimes binds himself in chains of his own making. It’s to his advantage to overcome these fears rather than choose the path of least resistance. The response may be to direct energy to a short-sighted goal when he’s capable of so much more. He’ll feel the pressure for tremendous change in the direction of his life, and in doing so, will be forced to analyze his situation, behavior, and actions while at his most vulnerable before he can make a new start. He may be rather indecisive and this year urges him to wait for fact-based information before proceeding or there could be consequences. Circumstances will force him to complete any unfinished business as fate brings a change in conditions and closure to some long-standing associations–final endings, changes, separation of ties, and severing of relationships. This might also include the unexpected loss of a friend or relative.

He may have a strong desire to travel, possibly related to an interest in maritime occupations or water sports. But a matter of concern is the moon’s conjunction with Scheat, a star that carries fatalistic themes of tragedy. The mundane interpretation suggests a challenge to social or business conventions or originality applied in the arts, cuisine, and matters of care. However, old texts foretell worry, loss, and gain of friends through criticism. Most foreboding is the warning concerning the danger of accidents, particularly near water. Perhaps there’s a correlation to the close relationship the royals have with the naval services. Whatever the nature of the event related to this star, sometime in the middle of March 2022 there’s a sense that Prince Charles will release something and/or allow it to move out of his life. The outcome can bring the realization that he must be of service through bringing order and practicality to a situation of chaos.

On a happier note, some aspects of Prince Charles’ life will remain the same without much change– he’s expected to experience a close emotional bond and harmony in the domestic sphere, most likely through his marriage, but also gain or assistance through the Queen and women in general. (There is the slight possibility for an extra-marital affair or unconventional relationship though I will not explore that here). Collaboration may allow him to initiate or complete a project or joint endeavor. This could be an excellent year for money-making, especially through real estate and investments. With long-term goals shifting, Prince Charles will participate in discussions or negotiations concerning jointly held resources or property and these matters will occupy his mind foremost. His mental energy will be utilized in financial planning and consolidation that takes into account public funds, a payment plan for debts, or planning for future expenditures. Speculatively, some of this will take into consideration the future role of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as Prince Harry.

There’s also concerted effort exercised in his relationships with authority figures while making choices that are important to his public standing, destiny, or both. Both earnings and his persona can favorably improve due to self-discipline, additional responsibilities, and past efforts. He may pursue highly specific goals and ambitions and favorable circumstances can attract situations and/or people that facilitate his agenda. Those in authority are favorably inclined toward granting the opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial relationship that will advance his aspirations for many years to come. Good negotiating skills can garner support for his proposals and the enterprises he begins this year may have a positive influence on the future.

However, this is not the best period for starting any new projects as his concentration is subject to distraction or interruption making it difficult to work except when feeling strong bursts of energy. He will need to fight against the scattering of his thoughts by focusing on one thing at a time so as not to lose through carelessness what he earns by labor. Most activities will not be well-planned and spontaneity is the norm as plans tend to change. Nevertheless, he will find that time spent on endeavors in the arts and other creative pursuits are fulfilling, and in fact, the influence of the year encourages him to look inward to tend to his spiritual needs or seek inspiration in creative ventures of his own such as painting or writing a book rather than push outwardly. This comes naturally as he is a skilled watercolorist, gardener, and author of several books.

Prince Charles has entered a year meant to serve as a state of completion in preparation for the harvest of his efforts. The objective is for him to come into his own as an individual and on his own terms. This cannot occur should he become passive. Despite the inevitable obstacles he’s sure to face this year, his active faith and participation in the process will bring guidance that can help him to attain his desires.

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Image: Charles Prince of Wales Credit: Mark Jones, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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