3rd Quarter Moon in Virgo

November 27, 2021 | 4:27 am (PST) | Keyword: Elegance

The moon slowly voyages through the sign of Virgo giving you time to plan your next course of action in advance. This may be due to the analytical nature of this sign given to reviewing conditions in order to perfect them. At this time, your emotional needs are fulfilled through helping to organize and serve others by becoming actively involved with the quality of other people’s lives. In support of that goal, you’re taking a no-nonsense approach to study situations and working hard to arrive at solutions for the improvement of something in your community.

You may be gifted with a sharp, critical mind and the exceptional ability to penetrate to the core of any problem, especially those that are work-related, and this week you may discover new ways of dealing with dilemmas by developing greater efficiency. You’re quite determined to follow through with a program where tasks are completed with thoroughness and precision. In making your assessment, you’re also examining the motives and intentions of others, and events are likely to involve a person with strong Virgo influence in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising). You can have a positive effect on those with whom you work with favorable results, but while your comments and criticisms are generally accurate, they’re not always kind and the delivery isn’t necessarily gentle. The ultimate objective may be to help people help themselves. But be careful of situations that cause you or others to operate out of a self-righteous sense of duty that perpetuates obligatory behavior, criticism, and fault-finding rather than a sincere, heartfelt desire to encourage.

Much of this energy toward improvement is directed toward your own ambitions as well as a need for the recognition of your achievements, although these considerations may be for the benefit of the group rather than just personal needs and desires. Perhaps you’re a public servant or choose to be socially useful to society in some way. To that end, it’s possible for a change in job responsibilities, a transformation of your profession, or the possibility of making a major career change, altogether. If self-employed, you may become more serious and comprehensive about business and corrective effort can bring monetary gain. There’s a greater sense of awareness about orderliness and detail that might include the purchase of tools or equipment. This is also a good time to purchase work clothing for practicality, value, and an upgrade in image and presentation.

But for many, this indicates the end of a professional cycle in which a career leaves much to be desired because you’re no longer excited about the work you’re doing. You have the capability to work well alone and without supervision, but there can be disagreements over the handling of work-related duties. Although you respect authority, you can become extremely rebellious if you feel that power has been abused, and this may be, in part, at the nucleus of circumstances. Perhaps you dislike a change in the routine, schedule, or transfer to a different department. Additionally, misunderstandings, loss, delays in receiving messages or documents, shipping or transportation issues, or failing to check facts and figures can negatively impact circumstances. Cultural differences, gossip, rumors, or news circulated by coworkers can further complicate matters. In the extreme, situations prompt legal action surrounding discrimination or health issues connected to work conditions.

Because Virgo also rules pets, problematic situations can involve neighbors, police activity, or legalities surrounding your animals.

Positively, you may enjoy the freedom of expressing yourself in unconventional ways and can be attracted to an exciting variety of activities in which you excel. This may include a need to communicate and relate to your surroundings, community, or family. Perhaps you’re a teacher, writer, speaker, reporter, or someone who expresses well with words. If so, you may find that you’re happiest when you can convey ideas and feelings and success comes by making a contribution that’s of benefit to all. The suggestion is to get creative in the pursuit of a passion; the powers of personal charisma will grant a wider influence and the ensuing transition may provide more involvement with the public, rise in position and authority, or personal acknowledgement and acclaim because of your performance. The result of more publicity surrounding your reputation can make it difficult to maintain complete privacy or how you’re perceived.

However, public attention makes this an excellent period for any kind of public relations work or sales. Use this time to focus on career development and any professional opportunities that may present, especially if you have concerns about job security or working conditions. In spite of any instability, most work-related changes are directly or indirectly within your control and as a result of your influence. In some cases, a shift in responsibilities leads to financial increase.

Not only is this influence generally auspicious for the beginning of creative projects, it also emphasizes passionate partnerships, particularly those involving sexual love. Virgo is a sign consumed with the idea of perfectionism and this may signify the fulfillment of longing and struggles in pursuit of the ideal, especially if there’s been distance or deprivation of love. While you can’t necessarily make long term commitments at this time, the emphasis is on alchemical unions that support the achievement of a heartfelt desire.

The key word for this cycle is elegance and denotes the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. Perhaps this is a contributing factor to success in a chosen arena which allows you to meet with favors and gifts from others. This might also pertain to your persona as perceived by others, the ease of delivery in communication, or creativity focused on beauty in form, color, scent, or atmosphere.

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