1st Quarter Moon in Aquarius

November 11, 2021 | 4:45 am (PST) | Keyword: Skillfulness

The moon swiftly moves through the sign of Aquarius while quickening the pace of events. Sudden, new, and exciting activity takes place through spontaneity and decisions involving friends and groups. In fact, an axis in this moon chart sits at the Aries point indicating matters coming into public awareness or persons unknown to you becoming involved in your affairs in some way. This is likely to be connected to work, health, the daily routine as well as things that have been hidden, issues of isolation, illness, and dealings with large companies, institutions, or government systems.

These situations revolve around participation as either a supportive group member or constituent with a rebellious mob mentality where organized effort works for the greater good or against it. Personally, you may be very concerned about humanity at large, although skills are lacking on an intimate level. Generally, there’s the feeling of optimism due to what appears to be a lucky streak influencing negotiations, promotional matters, and future expansion. Events that take place this week will revolve around persons with strong Aquarius factors in the natal chart (sun, moon, and rising).

Positively, the moon’s starry alignment suggests a wish to give aid to others, particularly women or children, or working to help friends. Your emotions are focused on the common good or the spiritual needs of society and your studies may bring personal insights that you use in service to others. This cycle can offer the opportunity to find expression through travel, philosophy, higher education, philosophical thought, spirituality, or publishing. You’re willing to make personal sacrifices to succeed and can profit through and from people at a distance. This can be an especially successful period for authors, writers, television, and entertainment personalities. Most of your labors are mental and you may perpetually seek to broaden your perspective or expand through education. Because of this, there’s likely to be a lot of communication and activity in connection with work and intellectual concerns. For some, a high degree of intelligence and practical ability is directed toward electronic, technological, or medical fields. This may be to further an interest in advanced healing techniques, food and diet, or metaphysical principles in healing. However, there can be difficulties with studies or the need to find solutions for expensive college tuition.

Additionally, you’ll focus on your place of residence or domestic affairs that impact your emotional needs. Security in the domestic sphere is essential for your happiness and success. This suggests external changes that are a direct result of inner transitions that point to the desire for comfort and stability supportive of physical and emotional satisfaction. This can manifest as a change to the home environment–a move, renovations, or fluctuating conditions where members of the household are coming and going. Alternatively, this can be the start of a career connected to real estate, dealing in property or land, interior design, or decorating. In some cases, caution is advised when signing legal documents concerning land or property. You may be unprepared for monetary upsets due to increases in taxes or unpaid bills.

Aside from a physical dwelling, “home” is also the symbolic reference point of your ability to feel safe, rooted, or grounded. As a result, you’ll examine the foundation of your life by taking a closer look at the influence of habits, old patterns, or past conditioning. You may feel conflicted when confronted with discrepancies in what you’re told by others versus your own intuition about what is truth. This will take into account the amount of emotional support you receive, issues of reciprocity, and what impact you make on others. Perhaps you recognize a radical approach to relationship where the desire for freedom or to maintain personal independence provokes you to create drama or detach in order to keep others at a distance.

The results of this personal assessment could mean distancing yourself from connections that fail to fulfill your needs. This evaluation can be triggered by the loss of a relative or may provoke the end of a friendship, death of an association, profession, or existing conditions. On the other hand, a generous and expansive nature makes you quick to forgive, although it might also be a strong fear of being alone or alienated. The quest is for greater intimacy in your emotional connections and this can cause you to be very protective of both self and others. In fact, you may actually attract relationships that require an element of nurturing for either of you.

The keyword for this cycle is skillfulness which indicates a show of special genius or finding yourself in a position to advance the talent of others. Some may possess a conservative nature, thoughtful, studious, and serious about training the mind and cultivating work in search of truth. Indeed, this is a period to focus on tapping into a source greater than yourself to nourish projects and endeavors of interest. The unguided reap weeds, but those who are discerning of the season, the seeds to plant, and the water of wisdom can expect growth and success.

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