New Moon in Scorpio

November 4, 2021 | 2:14 pm (PST) | Keyword: Reveries

The moon is barreling through the sign of Scorpio while pushing circumstances in a new direction based on the emotional need for power and control. This may be rooted in a desire to leave a creative or emotional legacy or a focus on the life itself as a legacy expressed through a possible interest in children, religion, song, poetry, and/or theatre. This might highlight a talented individual with a special gift, a high achiever, or a leader that emerges out of a circumstance of hardship. Persons with the sign of Scorpio (sun, moon, and rising) will play an integral role in events.

Personally, you may find that you take a more energetic and aggressive approach to matters fueled by immense self-confidence and willpower. Be aware that the moon is in fall in Scorpio and has a reputation for toxicity in emotions. This moon is moving through the fiery lane known as the via combusta traditionally considered a debilitating area indicative of unfortunate or ineffectual situations. In the shadow, the objective can be to become a successful member of the “powers that be” in order to work within the system for personal gain or a love of money. Conversely, you may serve as an advocate or speak out for the oppressed. This placement also represents the deep probing required of the psychologist, shaman, or private investigator. You may choose to act on social conscience to press the established order to provide for the material needs of others. This cycle emphasizes people in need of help and support or situations where the established order prevails. This might, in some way, connect to the military, police, or entrepreneurial ventures. The focus could be on insurance, health benefits, inheritance, or resources from others. There’s a strong possibility for monetary gain through hidden sources, the reversal of a past error in your favor, or secret opportunities.

Scorpio is a psychic sign with the power to regenerate, and during this cycle, you have the willpower to tackle a goal where the odds seem insurmountable. Your tremendous vitality and energy can be used to transform existing conditions and perform great feats of strength and psychic concentration. Some may have the ability to reveal the subtle and hidden dimensions of life and could be prophetic. The wish is to open the mind to infinite possibilities while sharing lofty ideals with others. The danger is a self-righteous attitude that can provoke some to infringe on the rights of others who have less strength and power. If threatened, you may manipulate others to relinquish power in order to validate yours. On the other hand, you will not be intimidated or coerced to turn from a path you consider to be right. The ability to act decisively makes you determined to pursue your own course of action.

A restless desire to break away from the regular routine can stimulate you to participate in activities concerned with the realms of imagination, spirituality, and philosophy. Exposure to novel ideas feels exciting and this intense energy can be directed toward returning to school or taking a course of study. Alternatively, you may be teaching a subject that has real-life applications or one for which you feel a great passion. If teaching or writing, you may be asked to explain your beliefs or receive feedback from the public.

Long-distance travel or to foreign places can also provide beneficial opportunities for personal expansion. If this is not possible, you may have contact with friends or persons from other countries whose diverse backgrounds are culturally different from yours.

While not highly emphasized, some circumstances may warrant a consultation with a lawyer, the need to address a legal matter or obtain legal advice.

Broadening your consciousness will likely include spending a great deal of time evaluating your belief system to determine its relevance to your current life. Perhaps this is the realization that you’re attracted to partners who have their own independent interests and aren’t overly reliant on you. But the law of attraction is in powerful play according to what you believe about situations, experiences, and relationships. Strong opposition and differences in opinion can lead to final endings, changes, separation, or severing of ties. Deep-rooted survival instincts can cause you to fear the risk of letting go, but you should re-examine any ideology that holds you hostage to a toxic or abusive situation.

In efforts toward improvement, you may consider corrective and required changes in the work environment. There’s the potential for success and the ability to wield a positive influence over colleagues, coworkers, and the work setting with favorable results and financial gains.

You’re required to love and respect the body you’ve been given for this life experience, and this might also encourage the review of self-destructive tendencies that hold the potential to take a toll on your physical health. Digestive issues can suggest the need for protection against illnesses and ailments of the stomach. Be careful of eating to excess as you’re particularly prone to stomach upset. This would be a good time to improve your regimen through a healthy diet or exercise routine as well as to schedule medical appointments and procedures.

The keyword for this cycle is reveries and can denote your concentration on a visionary body of work destined to influence long after death. An interest may take hold of your thoughts with overwhelming absorption or you may receive downloads while in a dream state that prove significant. But the attempt to produce something of lasting value is not without struggle and many obstacles to overcome. Use your psychic and sensitive nature to allow the mind to daydream, wander, and bloom in full imagination of limitless potential. This mental flight above the clouds will bring peace and joy, even in the midst of pain.

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